Online Event:
Mystical Portals
3 Journeys with Mother Creatrix,
Eve/Earth Consciousness & Breath of the Rose
with Maya Minwah
January 19th, 2024 - 7pm - 9pm
As we move through these times of chaos and wonder, often beyond our capacity to comprehend, we also find our way to be with the unknown, create in the dark, take risks, and allow. For we feel in the Heart a beginning, a New Horizon stirring in our Soul – a Call within, to listen, receive, imagine.
I am inspired by Guidance to hold the space as we journey through 3 Mystical Portals: The Mother Creatrix, Eve/Earth Consciousness, and Breath of The Rose.  These journeys and the Guides that present, offer us an opportunity to restore and balance, to be present with our physical vessel and Heart through the evolutionary changes and exchanges of Light we have received, and inspire us forward.  I am also guided to share sacred Anointments, noted below, that support our journey. 
Journey with Mother Creatrix: ReSourcefulness
Mother Creatrix offers an immersion into deep space: a meeting of your awareness and the Divine Portal that lives in you, to Awaken new ReSourcefulness.  There is nothing you need to know:  Simply open to receive the immersion of energies. Anointment: Oil of The Mother*
Journey with Eve/Earth Consciousness:  Resilience
Eve/Earth Consciousness invites us to open the petals of our Heart to feel a deeper connection with Earth.  Her Divine Offering is the Gift of Resilience as it invites us into the Elemental Portals of creation, to revitalize our physical and subtle bodies in harmony with Earth. Anointment:  Eve’s Earth Elixir.
Journey with Breath of the Rose:  Return to Wholeness
The Rose – mystical essence and ancient consciousness – calls us to the Portal of the Divine Heart.  In this journey we are invited to receive the gift of Rose, to open the inner pathways of the Heart. I am guided to call upon the Divine Solar Consciousness, The Magdalene, “Breath of the Rose.” and the words She shares: “This Portal of the Divine Heart offers us wholeness, union and deep peace: to breath in the sacred essence that Rose Is, That Love Is.” Anointment:  Rose Otto Dilution.
Thank you for receiving.  I look forward to sharing the Mystical Portal Journeys with you.
Maya Minwah
* * *
Please take time to prepare your sacred space with crystals, oils, and water to drink. Suggested blends: Rose Otto dilution, Oil of Magdalene, Eve’s Earth Elixir.  For other Ascended Master Oils, see links below.  
*Note: Oil of The Mother is not available online at this time. I will be preparing a free sample for those who register for this class.

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Contact Maya:, Text/voice 570.468.7350.
Cost: $55
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About Maya Minwah:

Maya offers intuitive guidance, energy attunements, and the alchemy of essential oils with Mayasblends Aromatherapy for Awakening, since 2002, creating aromatic treatments and anointments infused with love and Divine consciousness. She channels Ascended Masters and Creatrix energies, and was called to her work with The Magdalene in 2020, to bring through the mystical practice, 8 Points of Awareness; published in 2021: 8 Points of Awareness Guidebook, from The Magdalene Teachings. She lives with her partner, Thomas Deerheart, in the woods of Northeastern PA.
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