Warrior of Life
by Deicy Alarcón Espinoza
Translated & interpreted by Irma I wanted to use this poem as nonbinary, as we all are all human beings. The original poem by the Deicy Alarcón Espinoza, is written in Spanish and shared below.
Today I saw a human.
Strong, Dignified, Delicate
Like the petals of a flower
Who has fought many battles.
The wounds don’t wither.
the flower, fragile but strong
Gentle but a warrior
Always overcoming obstacles ahead
The beauty is within their Soul
Summoned with torment
The wind dragged them, transformed
the wear of the warrior
With a smile, so calm
Facing with valor and knowledge
is there name
Everyone admires them when they open
their mouth, they like to do good.
Filled with Carisma, as a sweet flower
I dedicate these verses to you.
Delicate flower
              Guerrera de la Vida 
                Deicy Alarcón Espinoza

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