resilience practice
River 瑩瑩 Dandelion
turn up the lived memory in your mind
scrunch your toes in the smooth soft sand
inhale the breeze from ocean of this land
let your heart release its tight clench
feel clavicles of your chest expand
awaken the pulps of excitement
collecting in the jar of dread
flip it upside down
‘til memory seeps from lid instead
smooth away your hands
sticky with resilience juice
lick honey from your fingertips
serenity exudes from the depths of you.
About River:
River 瑩瑩 Dandelion is a practitioner of ancestral medicine through writing poetry, teaching, energy healing, and creating ceremony. As a poet, he writes to connect with the unseen and unspoken so we can feel and heal. He is a trained reiki practitioner who helps clients move through transition and transformation. River also facilitates creative writing workshops, where participants connect with their own inner and collective power. A Tin House Resident, Lambda Literary Fellow, and Kundiman Fellow, River is the author of remembering (y)our light, an illustrated poetry chapbook. You can support River and order your copy here. For more, visit:

River's Poetry Book
Be sure to check out River's poetry book: remembering (y)our light, which was just published in October! It would link to this page: so people can get their copy if they are interested.
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