January 29th- February 10, 2024

February 12th- February 21, 2024
Come with Us to Ecuador!
Join Dra. Rocio Alarcon, Curandera and Ethnopharmacologist, of the IAMOE Center, (which promotes bio-diversity in the Ecuadorian Amazons/sacred plants/cultural preservation) and fellow MedicineWay sister, Letizia "BraveSpirit of Ancestors Who Sing" in 2024. The retreats are kept small and reasonably priced as all funds is to fundraise for The IAMOE Center’s preservation programs (https://www.iamoe.org/projects). 
There are two Eco-Spiritual Retreats focusing on Healing You with:
* "Healing the Healers” (in the Amazons) Jan. 29th to Feb. 10th, 2024 
* "Healing With The Hummingbirds"  Human Metamorphisis (in the Cloudforest) Feb. 12th to Feb. 21st, 2024
Isn’t it time you start the process of spiritual cleansing, remove the emotional trauma, and initiate the much-needed change you desire?
Eco-Spiritual Retreat with Hummingbird Medicine:
Hummingbirds are especially powerful in healing emotions, as they can create energetic changes in your body. Their extraordinary iridescent colors, their fast and almost invisible movements, and their sounds, sharp and shrill, all contribute to their ability to shift humans' recurring thought processes and are able to calm the mind. Bringing the mind into a calm and meditative state helps you to develop a fuller life in the present moment, leaving the past behind, fixating less on the future, and feeling worries decrease.
For More Details, Itinerary with Daily Activities & Workshop Investment, (it includes room/board and workshops), please write us at Discoveriamoe@gmail.com
Early Bird special is until November 15th, 2023, and space is running out soon sine groups are small and personal for this healing journey.
Feel free to contact Letty for questions on the retreats as she has attended both of them as part of her journey to heal from grief and evolution. 
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