November 15, 2023 Newsletter Update
Let us all pray and work toward peaceful resolutions of all human wars and conflicts
by connecting our hearts around the globe.
Let each day bring you new opportunities for self-discovery and growth. 
Join me in planting the seeds of our peaceful future transformation. 
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There is still time to register:

Sparring with Spirits: Tools for Depossession,

Attachments & Psychopomp

Online with the Colleges of psycic Studies, London, UK

Sparring with spirits is an ancient art requiring respect, caution, and a deep understanding of the supernatural realms. In the realm where the material meets the metaphysical, the battle against spiritual attachments and possessions unfolds. This unique endeavor requires a blend of ancient wisdom and modern understanding.
Psychopomp, the guide of souls, helps navigate the transition between the living and the spirit world. Sage and incense, as cleansing agents, create a protective barrier against malevolent entities. Crystals like obsidian and amethyst amplify one's spiritual strength, shielding from psychic intrusions.
Ritualistic chants and mantras invoke positive energies, repelling unwanted attachments. The shamanic drumbeat is a rhythmic conduit for journeying into the spirit realm. Meditation and mindfulness act as the armor that fortifies the mind and spirit.
Ancestral connections provide a lineage of wisdom and protection against wandering spirits. Dreamwork unveils hidden messages and aids in the release of lingering attachments. Divination tools like tarot cards and pendulums unveil the unseen, guiding the way.
Emotional healing through therapy and self-reflection dissolves vulnerabilities that attract spirits. Crystalline grids serve as energetic maps, directing lost souls toward the light. Protection amulets and talismans carry the power to ward off malevolent spirits.

Let me know if you are interested in joining a Tuesdays support group during the Israel-Hamas War.
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The Healer training in Ecuador is all sold out. 
If you took my Shamanic Palms Wisdom- Palm diagnostic readings
and wish to join us for a practice class on Monday, December  18, register here.
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See below for other events.
Shungo – From my heart to yours,
Itzhak - Taita Yachak. Pajé. Somba Uni. Hau’oli Kāna.
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 Visit: Spiritual Awakening, Planetary Shift in Consciousness, Adventure, Healing, and Finding Your Life Path.
Click to listen to this podcast by Jenny LaPage
- Itzhak Beery: La Limpia, Prophecy, Palm Wisdom, and Ushai 
(the Fifth Element) 01:28:24
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Calendar of Events
Please Join Me. Online webinars, in-person workshops, and trips abroad.
​⊕ Nov. 16; & 23; 30 - Sparring with Spirits: Tools for Depossession, Attachments & Psychopomp –  Thurs. online - London, UK
Walking the path of a shamanic practitioner is not always easy, especially when encountering difficult spirits. In this 3-part livestream workshop, you will learn how to prepare for such encounters.

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Nov 27 - Dec 01 -The Gathering at the Cosmic Fire Summit 2023- Hosted by Shamans Directory - FREE Online 
I am honored to be speaking in this five day global online event featuring 30+ honored shamanic earth-based leaders, healers, and teachers from around the world. They will guide us on a journey into the ancient and timeless, ever evolving nature of shamanism.
Wisdom and medicine will be shared for creating wholistic health and wellbeing, harmonious living, sustainability, and the potential for both personal and global change — illuminating heartened solutions for the problems of today’s world that are suited to each one of us.

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​⊕ Nov 28, - Nov 29- Death, Life, and the Afterlife. Shamanic Exploration - Zoom
This transformative workshop delves into the profound themes of life, death, and the afterlife from a shamanic perspective. Participants are invited into a safe and open space to deeply reflect on these fundamental aspects of human existence, drawing from their own experiences to nurture a richer understanding and reverence for the riddles of life and what might await us beyond what we perceive as dying.

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​⊕ Dec. 7 & 15 - Shamanic Remote Seeing of the Unseen – Thurs. online- London, UK
Shamanic remote seeing - or diagnostic seeing - has been used for centuries to gain information about a person's physical or mental health condition. You'll learn how to do it and refine your practice in this advanced 2-part online workshop.

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​⊕ Dec. 21 - Winter Equinox Celebration - Online- Alternative Events
Thurs. online- London, UK
Let's come together, light a candle, and sing from our homes all around the globe to celebrate the Winter Solstice
In indigenous traditions, it marks the year's shortest day, symbolizing life's cyclical dance of death and rebirth. It calls us to cherish the light amid darkness within and outside us. It calls us for deep introspection, urging us to release our old stall energies and embrace renewal and hope. It is rooted in nature's cyclical rhythms and emphasizes our bond with the Earth and its cycles.

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January 2- 18, 2024 -- Shamanic Healing Training for Healers, Andes & Amazon -Ecuador. For healers only. -WAITING LIST ONLY
(Certification for completing the program will be available)
For the 2nd year, I offer a 16-day intensive apprenticeship program to deepen your knowledge, gain new skills and enhance your understanding of the traditional Andes and Amazon shamanic healing methods. We are planning this healing trip for a select group of healers who wish to use the Andes healing methods in their practices. We hope you can offer it with more authenticity and power to your folks in the future.

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​⊕ May 10 -18, 2024  - Bedouin Medicine - Sinai Desert Healers Expedition - Israel/Egypt - A few spaces left
Embark on a shamanic journey led by Bedouins through the stunning desert mountains of Sinai, Egypt. Marvel at the sunrises on Mount Sinai, where Moses is said to have received the ten commandments. Engage in a true vision quest in true silence and connect with the great mystery, as generations of sages have before you. A Bedouin team and elders from the Jabaliya tribe will share their rare knowledge of natural medicines, cultural heritage, and folk stories. email us for an application form.
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June 16-22, 2024 - The 7th Annual Shamanic Andes Summit in Mindo- Ecuador 
Let’s co-create a new, heart-centered way of experiencing our world.
At Amaroo Sanctuary in Mindo’s Cloud Forest, Ecuador
Shaman Portal warmly invites you on a journey filled with spiritual, mystical, and healing experiences in the breathtaking Andes of Ecuador.
Our gathering will be guided by renowned shamans, including Don Manuel Calazcon and his Taschila tribal family, Kichwa Taita Yachak Don Jacho Castelo, Yachak Don Pedro Cabascango, Jose Zambrano, Mama Maria Juana, Don Raul Yambrela, and others.
Arley: A 10-year-old Siekopai hero that dares to change the world. He needs your support!
Arley Payaguaje is only 24. So far, he has researched, seeded, planted, cultivated, and distributed over 10,000 Amazonian fruit-bearing trees to his Siekopai community around the Aguarico River territory. All grown on the fertile land surrounding his family's modest stilts wooden house. Encouraged, he plans on seeding and planting 15,000 more while researching ways to improve harvest production and even bring back native trees and heirloom seeds from other communities and Peru, their ancestral land.
Reforesting the Amazon with native fruit-bearing trees supports both sustainable economic development and the preservation of the forest's biodiversity. Supporting my Siekopai-Secoya friend Arley's project (see below) helps protect the Amazon and its ecosystem from the destructive impact of big corporations, and give them a chance of survival.
(read my article).
Listen to Jenny LePage podcast with Arley and our group. 
Listen to Jenny LaPage podcast with Shaman Don Basilio.

Read more and contribute to save the Rainforest
Enjoy my Books, Publications, Drumming CD
"These books changed my entire perspective on science and spirituality. Get them now!" – K.F.

"I want to personally thank you for writing your books and influencing me in a deep way towards spiritual growth." –S.L ​
"I love how the universe speaks and moves in the beautiful, magical way it does 🙏 I’m reading your book at the moment and then we are aligned!! Hello and how are you? Your beautiful story, guidance and inspiration and teachings are a gift in each page, thank you 🙏" –S.F

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FREE- Podcast 
Sam Liebowitz oThe Conscious Consultant Hourdiscuss about indigenous wisdom and what it has to contribute to today’s world, with Shamanic Teacher, Healer, Speaker, Community Activist, and Author Itzhak Beery. (Feb. 2023 58:54)
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Book a Personal Healing Session or consultation
As opposed to Western scientific medicine, which focuses solely on curing symptoms, the Shamanic healing method is an all-encompassing system of physical and non-physical components that are interested in diagnosing and healing the root cause of the ailments’ symptoms. 
1. Personal Shamanic Healing - 90 min. session -In-person or Zoom
2. Shamanic Counseling - 40 min. session -On line- Zoom 
Book a Personal Session 
Read Healing Testimonials
⊕ On-going monthly & annual events
The New York Shamanic Circle  (Founded 1997).
We offer monthly Women's Circles (1st Sat. each month) and Open Circles (2nd Sat. Each month), plus workshops, and community events.
This Saturday, join Herman Olivera in exploring Spring Medicine.
Please email us here to be included in our mailing and Zoom lists.
⊕ Online webinars and shamanic events
Shaman Portal Wisdom Webinars.
Offering regular webinars featuring respected teachers who deliver thought-provoking and experiential lessons.
We are dedicated to expanding shamanic knowledge and practices as we strive for global harmony and sustainable wisdom.

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Shaman Portal site - Please visit and join in.
I have been committed to preserving the rainforest and its people's wisdom since 1997, this website is a fulfillment of that promise.
Become a member to access our wide range of resources. Whether you are a shamanic teacher, healer, or simply interested in this fascinating practice, there is something for everyone here. If you are a shamanic teacher or healer, please consider adding yourself to our listings and contributing your articles, blogs, and more. We would love to have your insights and knowledge to share with our community. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive a FREE SPQR Magazine.

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