An Online Six-Month Course
MedicineWay Shamanic Training
with Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman
Begins Sunday, September 8th, 2024
From 3:30pm - 6:00pm 
Introducing a special Online 6-month intensive MedicineWay course in Shamanic Training intended for beginners as well as advanced students, as we begin to explore different types of shamanic ways to do healings and diagnostics. This course has been created as an outreach program for all in NY, other states and countries around the world.
Inspired by many people's special request to provide this service and for those who are dedicated to immersing into an intensive shamanic MedicineWay training. Allow yourself to continue your walk on the path as a healer. Everyone is welcome, Shamanic, Reiki, Energy and Crystal healers and practitioners. I honor you with an open heart to explore the old Medicineway. The teachings are from many lineages and traditions such as the Maya, Andean, Toltec and Native American healing.  
Learning to use shamanic tools to help guide as you work with clients, discover the use of feathers, plants, crystals, stones, sound, instruments such as your drum and rattles can help clear and restore energy throughout the body, mind and spirit within.
Is it time to awaken your natural gifts and work with skills that can be learned and practiced? You will learn how to do Limpias "cleansings" and practice intuitive reading for use in diagnostics for shamanic sessions as important shamanic tools of the trade and much more.
The 6-month course will meet once a month every on Sunday beginning on Sept. 8th from 3:30 pm -6:0 pm. (Please note sometimes class might go over a half hour or so).
Our monthly online meetup will be a (2.5-hour class). The course must be paid in full, even if you miss a class.  In case a class is missed option if you would like t to do a make-up class for an additional $305.50, but it is not necessary.  
I have enclosed the cost, rates, payment-plans, dates.
Feel free to review them so you can get a sense of the work being taught & practice from another perspective.
MedicineWay Shamanic Training Cost $1222
Registration Deposit Fee due by Sept. 5th, 2024 for $305.50)
After the registration deposit fee is paid the balance may be paid as a 3-month plan ($305.50) due the months of Oct. Nov. 2024 and ending in Jan 2025.
*If this program is calling you, feel free to reach out and write to me, you can email me at
You're welcome to speak to Irma about payments or private payments and we can come to some sort of agreement.
2024 Sept. 8th, Oct. 6th, Nov. 3rd, Dec. 8th
2025 Jan. 5th, Feb. 2nd
This program is not Recorded.
About Irma:
Following the tradition of her lineage of Mayan Curanderas and Medicine Elders, Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman is a MedicineWay (Shamanic) & Crystal Teacher and Karuna Reiki Master, Toltec Dreamworker & Ordained Minister.

Irma StarSpirit Woman, is an energy healer in the Mayan/Toltec tradition, using music, sound, crystals and working with plant medicine, and assisting as a dream guide.

Having accepted gifts from early on, StarSpirit Turtle Woman had lucid dreams, animal totems and intuitive gifts blossoming by the age of 3.

Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman worked closely with plants and nature healing small animals and birds as her gifts developed during adolescence. Although her connection to nature, plant medicine, dreams and visions deepened there was a sense of compassion for families and children in abusive situations that began to lead her towards re-connecting people and mending their spirit with their heart path and aiding them by bringing them into balance and wholeness.
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