An Online 4-month Course
Sacred Balaam Jaguar Medicine Series
with Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman
Fridays, March 15th, (only this class is on Sunday) April 14th,
May 10th & June 7th, 2024
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm EDT
We enter the world of the Four Balaam's "The First Jaguar People", as we cross to the place of "They who remember".
The Jaguar is highly respected and venerated by the Maya people. The Maya believed that the jaguar had the ability to cross between worlds - between the living world (which was associated with the day) and the spirit world (which was associated with the night).  Jaguar also known also as the “tigre Mariposa”, the spotted pattern found on the jaguars conjures images of butterflies and freedom of self-transformation.
Your invited to take this Jaguar intensive journey to work with Balaam Jaguars, their wives and allies. Enter the power of the Jaguar in order to learn how to sow your life, where we apply the honor & respect of our own personal power within. We turn ourselves inside out, refreshing our life with universal living energy recognizing our humanity and humility here on the planet. There will be many shifts and realms of personal healing with the Balaam Jaguar family as guides as they awaken the Jaguar Spirit within.
We explore the multi-dimensional planes of our heart.  Jaguar is here to assist you, it is a time to heal and let go of separation, blame, fear and hold no judgment but to live with our creative passions, build, connect and explore transformation by the sacred Jaguar medicine and family.
As part of the course, we will work with soul retrieval, shapeshifting, clearing the darkness of our shadow self with recapitulation, dismemberment, cord-cutting, working with the bones of our ancestors, thunder & lightning the energy of the power of life, and restore with sweet harmony as we find our place within the cosmos.
What you will need for some of the classes, a bandana (eye covering), water, black clothing or jaguar spotted print clothing, a five-inch obsidian mirror or a black bowl or black pot filled with water. A journal for the 4 weeks that we met.
To Register or for more information email Irma at
Cost for the Course: $777.00
A Deposit of $250.00 due by March 13th, 2024 followed by 3 payments of $175.67 due for April, May and June, 2024.
*If you need a separate payment plan, please email Irma 
Note:  There is a non-refundable charge for deposit or cost for class.
This course will not be video recorded, if you miss a class and you would like to do a make-up class for a class that has been missed, you can schedule a make-up class for an additional charge of $200.00.
It is not necessary to attend all classes to complete the course, but complete course must be paid in full.

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