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Heal Yourself to Heal the Earth: Journey to Atlantis 

with River 瑩瑩 Dandelion
May 18th , 2024 - 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm EDT
Calling all Atlanteans! Have you ever felt like your soul is connected to a place beyond your present time? Do you feel you remember living or breathing underwater? Do you hold an inner pull to swim in open bodies of water? Or are you afraid of swimming in deep waters now, but the ocean still calls you?
In this shamanic drum healing workshop, you will be guided to journey to the waters beyond. Using sound waves as a guiding tool, you will travel in the spiritual realm to connect with a life memory of living deeply connected to the seas. Together, in this group past life regression, you will be guided to heal an aspect of your relationship to water, be it the ocean, or what water represents for you: relationship to emotions, to intuition, to all that lives in between. After the drum journey, you will be guided to tap into your own inner writer to remember and commemorate this experience through writing.
This workshop is for: those looking to greater connect with and heal a past experience with water in order to be more connected with the element in this lifetime; those looking for introductory connection to past lives or the spiritual realm beyond; those wanting to connect more with their inner voices and power; those looking to connect writing with shamanic healing; those who love or fear open waters.
This journey will be shaped by you and your own readiness to heal that which you seek healing for. It is beginner friendly for those who are participating in drum journeys for the first time. You will be guided and held throughout. Let us grow together in community. Everyone is welcome here.
Cost: $ 50
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About: River 瑩瑩 Dandelion

River 瑩瑩 Dandelion is a practitioner of ancestral medicine through writing poetry, teaching, energy healing, and creating ceremony. As a poet, he writes to connect with the unseen and unspoken so we can feel and heal. As a healer, he is an energy healing practitioner who helps people move through transition and transformation. River also facilitates creative writing workshops, where participants connect with their own inner and collective power. A Tin House Resident, Lambda Literary Fellow, and Kundiman Fellow, River is the author of remembering (y)our light. River has facilitated workshops, trainings, and healing clinics at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Restorative Justice Initiative, Lambda Literary, and Alliance for Quality Education. He loves to swim and does this work for queer and trans ancestors and descendants to come. For more, visit:
River has such a gentle perceptiveness that really encouraged me to lean into truth through our session. From when he sent me my prep information to when we wrapped up, my spirit felt deeply sheltered and honored in its needs. It can be so easy living in the world to be distracted and lose sight of the compass of our hearts, working with River restored my sight of myself and was so sharply clarifying. Furthermore, River's channeling and transference of reiki energy feels distinctly linked to his work as a writer. It's a poetic making of something saturated in the dynamism of his presence and dedicated assurance.   
— rhizophora X, Writer & Translator
River's workshop was one of the most meaningful writing workshops I've attended. I felt safe & held enough to write from a profoundly honest place, and I produced work that I've been needing to get out for years. River was a gracious and skilled facilitator who established an atmosphere of simultaneous vulnerability and security. I'm so grateful to have experienced it.
— Ariana T., Writer
My session with River was unlike any other I've had before. I love how interactive it was. It kept me focused and grounded in the present moment. I needed that intentionality in my healing. He heard what I needed and created the space for that in our session. It felt like a tremendous weight was lifted when we concluded. Many happy tears were shed. I would recommend River to anyone looking for a safe container for their healing work.
— Candice M., Artist
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