Online Event:
The Allies of the Balaam Jaguar Wives
with Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman
Friday, May 10th - 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
We enter the world of the Balaam Jaguar "The first Jaguar Super natural beings", as we voyage with the Feminine energy of the wives of the four Balaam Jaguars and open a road to a softer beautiful and powerful path. "They who remember" as we learn to sow our life, where do we apply the honor & respect as we turn ourselves inside out, refreshing our life with life living energy recognizing our humanity and humility.
We journey around the Feminine Jaguar Medicine Wheel, as the four Balaam Jaguar Wives and their allies teach us how to look within ourselves and what is in need of change. 
Jaguar's Spirit is a teacher and guide it can devour the anger, fear and grief and clean up and transform those thick heavy energy fields into light.  Being able to see through our dark shadow self and bring well being, balance, and unity. 
The four Balaam Jaguar wives assists us with the cardinal directions and their power totems teach us through storytelling as they also connect us to the elements and help our luminous energy fields to recharge and activate. 
Come into the center of the Balaam Jaguar medicine wheel which is a place of awakening of your sacred Jaguar heart. 
Cost: $195
To Register or for more information email
An Online Event: 
The Cave of Balam Kitzé Jaguar, Bone Woman & Chaac
​ with Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman
Friday, June 7th, 2023 * 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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