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 Special Edition
Overview: The Great Shift and its Astrological Underpinnings
The Great Shift to the Age of Aquarius
Yes, the hippies were right (!), and we are now officially in the midst of the Great Shift, moving from the Earth's Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age.
Most people know that the Sun moves through one zodiac sign every 30 days, and the energies on the planet change accordingly. But did you know that the Earth moves through one zodiac sign every 2,160 years? Earth and Humanity have not gone through a shift of the Ages in 2,160 years, since the Earth moved from the Age of Aries to the Piscean Age, and Earth has not experienced an Aquarian Age for 26,000 years! Of course, if you pause and reflect, you'll realize that we have been feeling the incoming energies of the Aquarian Age for decades, and possibly centuries (the American and French Revolutions strike me as responses to Aquarian energies, with the ideals of liberty, equality, and brotherhood).
It is a momentous time on planet earth, indeed! In the years surrounding the infamous December 2012, there have also been many other cycles of varying lengths beginning and ending, all at the same time. The Mayans and other ancient indigenous people knew this was coming. We just happen to be the lucky ones who are here to experience it. And don't kid yourself: "Buyers' remorse" notwithstanding, on a soul level, we all chose to be here for this exciting, amazing once-in-26,000 years event! (Seemed like a good idea at the time!)
The thrust of this Great Shift is to move—individually, collectively, nationally, and globally—away from the old ways of doing and being and toward new and better ways. The idea is that, while the old ways favored the select few, the new ways will benefit the many to a much greater extent, so we can all live in peace, joy, and abundance on this beautiful planet, expressing the Divine Creator Beings that we all are. Based on the vision given to me during my NDE, I see us moving from the Hell on Earth we've created over the last 2,000 years (for 99% of the world, anyway) to creating Heaven on Earth for all. That isn't going to happen overnight, of course! We've got about 30 years of demolition and rebuilding to get through first, and those who have consolidated power and wealth aren't going to share willingly!
Because we had Pluto in Capricorn involved (2008-2024), the status quo, the power structures, and the major institutions and systems have all increasingly come under scrutiny and are being forced to change. Because we had Uranus in Aries involved (2011-2018), we've had sudden, revolutionary change, and new technology is likely to play a major part in the process. Then Uranus moved into Taurus (March 2018 to July 2025) and there will be issues related to the earth, land, money, and security. Finally, after Pluto in Capricorn dredged up all the dirt, corruption, unfairness, and unsustainability of the hierarchy, patriarchy, and plutocracy, Pluto moved into Aquarius in January 2024 to bring the new, revolutionary energies of collaboration, fairness, and power to the people, anchoring in the energies of the Aquarian Age.
Just look around, and you will see countless examples of the energies of Pluto and Uranus at work: We have worldwide economic upheaval, stirrings of revolution around the world, scandalous and outrageous revelations about abuse by authority figures in government and religion, and an explosion of technology on every level.
On an individual level, we have all experienced dramatic changes in the way we interact with others and conduct our daily lives! Thanks to the Uranus influence, we all depend on technology today that was inconceivable 20-30 years ago! And we will continue to benefit from exponential shifts in technology (if our heads don't explode trying to keep up)!
And moving forward, as Pluto moves deeper into Aquarius (2024-2043), we will have many more technological breakthroughs, just as we will begin to have a return of power to the people! That's the good news!
The "bad" news is that since 2000, and increasingly so after 2012, we each have been required to do deep examination and revision of our lives and everything in them, including our homes, where we live, our jobs, schools, churches, relationships, and possessions. Even harder, we will continue to be forced to examine and revise our thoughts, our beliefs, our habits, our assumptions and expectations, our prejudices and judgments, and the level of integrity we bring to every aspect of our lives.
There will be no getting around this process, as Life will relentlessly present us with situations that provide us the opportunity—or necessity—of participating. And that will continue, helping us to release layers and layers of all manner of things that no longer serve us. This will continue until about 2030 but will peak in 2024 and 2025.
We are all in the process of re-inventing ourselves, whether we want to or not, consciously or unconsciously, gracefully and easily or kicking and screaming as we get dragged along! The Great Shift and the Uranus/Pluto square (see below) are demanding it, with no exceptions! We will participate in the great transformational process one way or another, and the more we cling desperately to the old, the harder the Universe and Life will shake us to force us to let go. Letting go and going with the flow are truly the words to live by! And the more we can do that, the easier our lives will become.
One of the most important things I learned from my Near-Death Experience (NDE) is that the concept of separation is the Great Illusion. It is an Illusion that we all agreed to experience (seemed like a good idea at the time)! In Reality, we are all One, we are all Family, we are all connected and, to paraphrase Ben Franklin, if we don't hang together, we will surely hang separately! As we move deeper into the Pluto in Aquarius energy—that will uphold and support the people—let's hold hands, support each other as we wade into the deep end, and try to have some fun and share some laughter as we go! 
The Astrological Underpinnings
The major astrological configuration of our time—the transformative planetary transit that is instrumental in moving us through the Great Shift—continues to color the landscape or, to put it more baldly, shake us ruthlessly out of our comfort zones. And it isn't going to end anytime soon, so hiding under the covers, sailing down the river of denial, or sticking your head in the sand until it passes very likely are not good plans! The great Uranus/Pluto square that we lived through 2012-2015 just keeps on keeping on, as we used to say in the 60's. It may be officially over, but its influence and energy have a long reach! This was the first interaction—the first square—of these two major planets since they first got together to kick this major transformation into high gear back in the late 60's and early 70's, when they met in conjunction.
Whether or not you remember those days of social unrest, breaking out of the box, recognizing the flaws of the established order, and demanding that we "give peace a chance," for the last five decades we've all been living in a world deeply changed by that Uranus/Pluto conjunction. Contrary to a common impression, the 60's generation (the hippies, flower children, etc.) did not fail in their mission. In fact, they anchored the energy of Change and planted many, many important seeds during that time, and many of them have taken root and are really starting to thrive now, despite the immense backlash that followed throughout the 70s and 80s.
Because of the Uranus/Pluto square, these seedlings are coming back to our attention now, to be pruned and weeded and watered, or possibly replanted, if they didn't take root. Some of them still need a lot of attention and care, while others are thriving on their own. What are some of those seeds? Think about alternative medicine, meditation and exposure to Eastern philosophies, ecology, organic farming and food, equal rights, living in community, and the peace movement. None of these ideas was on anyone's radar before Uranus and Pluto decided it was time to help humanity transform. And we've been at the point of looking at all those ideas again, as these two planets basically ask us:  How're you doing with that??? 
Uranus and Pluto came into exact square seven times between 2012 and 2015. These influences are very strong, hitting us all on deep unconscious levels, and they form the background energy for everything that is happening now on the personal, national, and global levels, and everything that will happen until around 2030. The deep changes we have undergone since that planetary opposition are slowly manifesting in the outer world, tempered and expanded by further movements of those outer planets into other signs.
The good news is that as the planets create the energies—and Life creates the situations and events—to literally force us to re-invent ourselves (or uncover and discover who we really are!), they will also provide the energies, solutions, answers, and wherewithal to not only re-invent ourselves, but to come out in a better place, with more self-love, joy, and abundance.
But change is hard and often terrifying for humans, and the greatest test we face may well be trusting the process, trusting ourselves, and trusting Life to make sure we land on our feet! We also must contend the incredible backlash from those who are terrified to move forward along our evolutionary path; those who fear the loss of power, control, wealth, and privilege; and those who fervently wish to turn back the clock for all of us.
Of course, there are other planetary influences that are helping us, and there are many excellent astrologers online who can provide more in-depth and up-to-the-minute information. If you read my Tunnel Vision newsletters, I'll keep you informed of the ongoing energetic forces.
What I Learned from Dying
It took me awhile, but I finally realized many years after my Near-Death Experience that my mission is to provide information about what I learned during my NDE. Hundreds of studies have shown that there are many common elements in NDEs experienced by thousands of people, and those who have had NDEs generally agree on a number of things they learned as a result of the experience. These are ideas that tend to be contrary to what most of us have been taught, and make us see ourselves and each other in a very different Light (pun definitely intended)! I believe that this information is essential to the massive transformation that Humanity is undergoing, because it is now time for humans to re-discover, and remember Who They Really Are! You can find the complete list of "What I Learned from Dying" on my website, but here are a few of the crucial discoveries:
  • We are all Divine, Powerful Beings, creating our world moment-by-moment, consciously or unconsciously!
  • God loves us unconditionally, no matter what we may have done in our lives that we might consider to be "sins." God does not judge us; judgment is a uniquely human activity (and that stems from fear)!
  • We are not our bodies. We are expansive powerful Beings, temporarily pretending to be humans. When our bodies die, we leave them behind on earth and go Home to unconditional Love!
  • There is No Death! We truly are immortal Beings who continue on long after these bodies have turned to dust. And if we pay attention, we will see that those who go Home before we do will always make their continuing presence known.
I hope you will find some interesting and inspiring information at Check out the article on the right to find out what's there!
Who is Ellyn Dye?
I am an Intuitive Coach, Public Speaker, Author, Reconnective Healing® practitioner, and a Practical Mystic.

A Near-Death Experience (NDE) in 1985 expanded my psychic abilities and created an ongoing link with some very loving—and humorous—Guardians of humanity and the ancient wisdom, who gave me a huge amount of information about life and the evolution of mankind, and who continue to guide me.

I bring this knowledge and connection to my clients and audiences, along with over 30 years’ accumulated wisdom and understanding of metaphysics, life on earth, and Who We Really Are.

I am the author of the metaphysical fantasy novel, The Search for the Crystal Key—an adventure about believing in yourself and the power of Love, with information about life that I received during my Near-Death Experience. And I have made presentations at the annual conferences of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS), at the annual Reincarnation and the Afterlife conference at Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), and on numerous popular podcasts.

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The Great Shift to the Age of Aquarius
The Astrological Underpinnings
What I Learned from Dying
Who is Ellyn Dye?
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Whether you know a lot, a little, or nothing about the Shift of the Ages and the great Uranus/Pluto Square that are driving the deep transformation of humanity, all you have to do is look around to see the evidence that significant change is underway on every level.
This special issue gives an overview of the Shift from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, and the influence of the Uranus/Pluto Square. For those who think the infamous December 21, 2012, came and went and nothing happened, think again! Everything changed! The portals opened and we all moved through to the NEW. We just haven't figured that out yet, because we are still clinging to the OLD, so that's all we see.
But things are starting to "heat up" energetically, and we are increasingly feeling the pressure to let go of the old and embrace the new. The next few years are likely to be "action packed" as the outer planets continue to move, and I hope I can provide some helpful insights and tips as we all move through this.
Don't forget to be gentle and loving with yourself and others, and keep your eyes and your attention focused on what you want, rather than on what you don't want!
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As we move into the Great Shift, life is getting more and more challenging. Time is going faster, relationships are getting more complex, and the old paradigm is crumbling around us as we wait for the new.
Emotional issues, health issues, and economic issues are all coming up to be healed, as we are bombarded with Love, Light and Information for our bodies, minds, and souls to assimilate. Some are undergoing huge, dramatic external changes. Others are experiencing deep, life-altering internal shifts. Even if we are lucky enough to move through it all relatively unscathed, everyone around us is dealing with difficulties, traumatic events, and tragedies, and we must navigate through their reactions.
We find that the old ways of assessing, analyzing, understanding, and coping with situations no longer work, and we must not only let go of those old ways, we must find new ones that work in new ways, on different levels.
Sound familiar???
As an Intuitive Coach, I can help by offering insights into what is happening around us, why everything seems to be falling apart (it really is all to the good, even if we can't see that right away!), and the best way to ride the waves of change, rather than being slammed by them! 
I can feel into the energy and give you a new perspective and advice about situations you are facing.
I can help you connect the dots between unhealed trauma, pain, fear, and erroneous beliefs and disharmonious events that are showing up in your life.
I can help you peel away the layers of your training and programming to help you find the amazing YOU that has been hidden underneath and is ready to shine.
And, as a practical mystic, I can give you not only an understanding of the Bigger Picture of what's going on "out there," but also tools that really work to bring about the kinds of shifts you want in your life.
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