A New Online Six-Month Course or Individual Class
Mastery of the Obsidian Smoking Mirror
with Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman
Begins on Saturday, September 21st, 2024 - February 28th, 2025 (The Last Class will be the Exception it will be the only class on Friday)
7:00 pm - 9 pm EST
"One is made whole by embracing our shadows within the smoking mirror"
Is it time to take action and bring inner perspective change by identifying what we really want from our life? To be able to release the powerless frozen mental states that occasionally fill us. The illusion and hopelessness feelings of being stuck, they can be broken.
The obsidian smoking mirror presents itself to develop your inner knowledge and skills and create an opening to overcome all challenges. As you re-focus and change situations in your life allowing transformation and building a relationship with your passions and goals.
The challenge is for you to take, learning several breathing techniques and mirror positions to assist you in breaking the old patterns. Stepping back to allow clarity of vision and letting go of shame, past failures, ancestral inertia, procrastination on your goals that are important to you and the truth within the mirror we see clearly and learn to release emotions that may be physical and spiritual harmful. Peer into the depths of your greatness and gaze into the change and power of obsidian smoking mirror. 
This course can be taken as a six-month course or individual class. The class will consist of shamanic journeys, meditations, sound activations, shapeshifting, stalking our energy, gazing and recapitulation techniques. 
Topics covered:
  • The Balancing the Dual Energy
  • Moving the Water of E-motions
  • Totem Doctoring
  • Reclaiming Energy
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Making Peace with the Past
Tools needed for class, a 5-inch obsidian mirror or a black bowl or pot with water, a candle, sage or copal, a notebook designated for this class, an open brave heart.
Some other tools might be included per individual class. If you need help in finding a mirror, please email me.
To Register or for more information email irma @ starspiritwoman@gmail.com
Official Dates:  Sept. 21, Oct. 12, Nov. 2nd, Dec 21st, 2024, and Jan. 25th, Feb. 28th (only class on Friday) Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm EST (please allow an extra half hour in case class goes a bit over for shares).
If you would like to join us as an Individual Class, the cost is $195.00 per class.
Exchange for the course is $1111.11, a deposit is due by Sept. 20th for $277.78 afterwards three payments of $277.78 due in Oct., Dec. 2024 and Jan. 2025. 
A commitment to take all classes is requested, if you miss a class, you can do a make-up class if you wish to for a separate cost of $185.00, but the complete course must be paid in full.
* Please note: No refunds on Deposits nor for the 6-month training program. A committed payment for the entire series is due, regardless of any class missed.
This course will not be video recorded
Personal Note from Irma:
I am so happy to present this work as a series, working with the obsidian smoking mirror for more than 26 years. The work has truly expanded, and I am listening to my students, they expressed to me that they want more intensive work with the obsidian mirror. 
The time has come, and we continue the old medicine ways of healing. Thank you all for keeping me inspired.
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