Online Event:
The Art of Stalking Personal Energy Series;
Explore Soul Retrieval, Fragmentation through Perception, Regression, Release and Integration
with Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman 
A 6-Month Course Begins
New Dates: Jan. 26th - June 22, 2025 - 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm EST
2025 Dates are: All on Sunday, once per month,
Other dates: Feb. 23rd, March 16th, April 27th & May 18th
Enter a place of healing and freedom from emotional scars which you may still continue to suffer from the past. Emotional scars from this life, past life or from our lineage and ancestors, Learn and understand where they come from and how to clear them, tapping into a new system of belief.
Awaken your inner knowledge of the recordings of past responses, habits and patterns that have been created. Clear the roots of issues where you get stuck emotional and create unwanted behavioral patterns. It is time you stop blaming external circumstances. Recognize the heavy energy that you feel and base your past conditioning.  Realize, you must take responsibility for yourself now to be able to have access to a clear future.  

Stalking your own inner freedom from conditioning of the past within the known and the unknown. Awakening to clear perceptions and begin to understand yourself in much deeper levels.

This workshop series we will study and develop several techniques to regain and restore your inner light, within a clear state of mind and being. No longer resist whom you choose to be, allow all attachments and possessiveness to drop from your psyche.

As a six-month series as we go in depth to work with issues as near death experiences, physical trauma, sexual trauma, past life, self-deceiving mechanisms such as drugs, alcohol, hallucinogens and other habits, spirit possession, entity attachments, psychic attack, spirit separation, distorted behaviors, unbreakable patterns and nightmares.

If you are a Reiki, Crystal or Shamanic healer, Energy or body worker, this class is important for to discover the many layers of the Spirit, Soul, Mind, Psyche, and Body. Highly recommended to shamanic practitioners to benefit in their soul retrieval services.

Covered will be techniques of mind negation working through conscious and unconscious self and reaching the true essence of being not only for yourself but for your clients. Discovering freedom from past accumulated memories.  If we allow these memories to act in the present and destroy our creative hope, how can we bring fears into our future?

We only live the present moment, allow yourself to let go of preconceptions and belief systems that work through illusion of recognition, the involuntary responses of memory.  Freedom from the past means living in the now the movement of freedom is untouched by the past.

Let go of the root cause of all the past conditioning and bring clarity to act in complete harmonious accord within ourselves now.

In Toltec knowledge developing perception is done through the skill of seeing with the help of our second attention, our ultimate goal is to master the skill of our third attention, Freedom.
Join us to find the center of the second attention as we begin self-discovery and the shift into the perception of freedom. Become the warrior of knowledge through the act of creative thinking, self-observation using (recapitulation) and stalking inner awareness of the outer as well as the inner psyche. Gathering all energy and knowing you have no limitations in this lifetime. Awaken your higher self to go beyond it all and open the door to a higher perception of being.
We will be working shamanic journey work, meditation, Toltec recapitulation (writing, drawing and reflection), group integration work and group discussion.
Exchange Cost: $1222.00 
Previous Students repeating this course can attend for half-price.
Deposit Due by Jan. 20th, 2025, of $305.50 thereafter 3 separate payments due on March, April 27th and May 2025, of $305.50
* Reach out to Irma if you would like to discuss a personal plan.
Dates:  All classes will be one Sunday per month
2025 - Jan. 26, Feb. 23rd, March 16th, April, May 18th and June 22nd
Note:  There is a non-refundable charge for deposit or cost for class.
This course will not be video recorded, if you miss a class and you would like to do a make-up class for a class that has been missed, you can schedule a make-up class for an additional charge of $203.00.
It is not necessary to attend all classes to complete the course, but complete course must be paid in full.
For more info or to Register email:
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Shamanic Fire Reiki  •  P.O. Box 720384 •  •  East Elmhurst, New York 11370

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