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Center For Peace
Women's Web of Life Dance - Work Day
May 18th Work Day
Working hands
Work Day for
Women's Web of Life GATHERING

May 18th, 2024
Join us as we gather to prepare the grounds for the Women's Web of Life Gathering.
This workday can be applied to Work Exchange for the Web Dance or the Sun Moon Dance. If you wish to use it for another dance, please contact the Chief of that dance. (Information available on the website.)
Contact us by email Women's Web Gathering
  • Split and stack firewood
  • Prepare the Dance Arbor
  • Mowing needs to be done
  • Clean the composting toilets (sweep, empty trash, replenish supplies, clean seats, look for wasp nests etc)
  • Weed eat around meadow, Sound Chamber & arbor
  • There is also work to be done at the house, such as cleaning the kitchen and gift shop.
  • Sweep and tidy up Sound Chamber
Great way to participate in the life of the Center For Peace.
880 Graves Delozier Rd
Seymour, TN 37865

Center For Peace • 880 Graves Delozier Road • Seymour • TN • 37865
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