June 3, 2024 Newsletter Update
Warm Greetings to you from Israel.
Last week, I flew to Israel from Florence to speak at the INSPIRATION 2024 conference at Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv with Brain researcher Dr. Ayal Ballan on the subject of the Shaman's Mystic Brain.
This is the 3rd annual in-depth and comprehensive conference where the best lecturers and researchers present to over 2K healers more of the amazing potential of complementary and integrative medicine. We were happy to receive very positive and wonderful feedback from the audience.
I will hold a few other events in Israel before returning to New York. Some are already sold out and some are for professional healers only. Please inquire.
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Please help us support our beloved Andes Shamans!
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 Stay Tune for the FREE coming up Online events:
⊕ June 8th - Podcast on Dr. Lotte's 'Divine Spiritual Essence'  - Free Online.
⊕ June 3-14 -  Breath of Gold Festival 2024 - with Adrienne Riviera- Free Online.
⊕ June 7-13, 2024 - The Goddess Evolution Summit - With Shantana Telise - Free Online.
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Please take a moment to check out all the upcoming events below,
take a leap of faith, and join me on this beautiful journey we call shamanism.
Each event is designed to help you unlock and reach your fullest potential.
Shungo - from my heart to yours.
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Don't miss out on these life-changing Shamanic Events: 
Online webinars, in-person workshops, and trips abroad.
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 June 3-6 - Breath of Gold Festival 2024 - FREE Online
This is your call to go within, to deepen your connection with yourself through the portal of your breath., It's time to discover all of the ways that breathwork can support you to feel and heal. It's time to connect to the wealth of WISDOM within you. I want to have the space held for you so that you can BREATHE deeper.

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⊕ June 7-13, 2024 The Goddess Evolution Summit - With Shantana Telise -FREE Online  

Beginning June 4, 2024, you'll have access to the interviews, a two-day live stream and a replay! Learn how to channel divine energy, heal past lives, and jump timelines for your soul's evolution. Register below to receive seven days of invaluable free gifts!
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⊕ June 8th - Podcast on Dr. Lotte's 'Divine Spiritual Essence'  
-FREE Online 
Please listen to my podcast with Dr. Lotte: Science With Soul, the podcast that transcends the boundaries between science and spirituality.
Prepare to be uplifted, transformed, and awakened to create a path to healing your own life physically, emotionally and spiritually by bridging the gap between science and soul.
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⊕ June 9 - The Secret Garden workshop-   מפת הגשמה עצמית- הגן הסודי של הנשמה -  Israel
.אתם מוזמנים לסדנא מיוחדת בהובלת מורה השמאן שלנו יצחק בארי שמבקר בארץ.
בסדנא חווייתית זו נלמד להכיר את הגן הסודי של הנשמה, מקום בו כל התשוקות והרצונות שלנו נמצאים ומבקשים להתממש. מקום זה משקף את המציאות, מייצג את מי שאנחנו באמת ואיך אנחנו יכולים לממש את עצמנו כאן.
דרך שער מיוחד נכיר גישה לעולם פנימי ולרבדים העמוקים של הנשמה והנפש.
נלמד להבין לעומק מה קורה שם, נבין איך לפרש כל מיני התרחשויות ואיך הן משפיעות על החיים, מה חסר לנו ואיך להשיג את זה. למה הדברים קורים לנו בחיים כמו שהם?

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⊕ June 23, 2024 - The 7th Annual Shamanic Andes Summit in Mindo- Ecuador ONLINE
Let’s co-create a new, heart-centered way of experiencing our world.
At Amaroo Sanctuary in Mindo’s Cloud Forest, Ecuador
Shaman Portal warmly invites you on a journey filled with spiritual, mystical, and healing experiences in the breathtaking Andes of Ecuador.
Our gathering will be guided by renowned shamans, including Don Manuel Calazcon and his Taschila tribal family, Kichwa Taita Yachak Don Jacho Castelo, Yachak Don Pedro Cabascango, Jose Zambrano, Mama Maria Juana, Don Raul Yambrela, and others.
⊕ June 24 -24h Fire WISDOM DIALOGUE DAY: Illuminating Consciousness - Free Online.
The GREATER the CRISIS, the GREATER the Opportunity
A second step of a journey from Head to Heart to Hand
Global Silence & Dialogue movement gathering Wisdom from all corners of the World

Join ANYTIME for free - Monday, June 24th- From June 24th 6:00am CEST / 12:00am EDT until June 25th 6am CEST / midnight EDT

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⊕ July 9;10;11 - Eco Shamanism: The Convergence of Science & Spirituality–Dr. Thieu Besselink & Itzhak Beery - Online Workgroup 
Join Dr. Thieu Besselink—visionary and Leonardo Award recipient, Amsterdam—and Itzhak Beery—shaman and Peace Ambassador recipient, New York—in this enlightening online panel. Together, they will explore what the future might look like and how Shamanic principles can offer unique insights into contemporary issues such as the global climate crisis, eco-collapse, crisis of meaning, placelessness, regenerative cities, and social and political disparities. This challenging and thought-provoking webinar invites you to gain new perspectives and clarity on our current volatile times, discovering the vital role each of us can and must play in shaping a humanly sustainable future.

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⊕ Sept 6-9 - Transformational weekend of teaching, healing, and ceremony in Boulder, Colorado.
Itzhak works from a space of warmth and joy that is contagious.  You will learn about and experience the following traditions during this weekend retreat:
-The Dark Side: Attachment, possession, energy vampires, empaths
-Cord Cutting: Sever toxic relationships. Facing the Demon / Energy Vampire
-Psychopomp: Guiding the departing souls
-Shamanic Art of Holding Space – Empath’s challenge to support, not help

-Soul mending: Trauma, retrieval, and integration, embracing the wound
-The Gift of Trauma: Finding your soul/life purpose through trauma narratives.

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FREE- LISTEN TO MY NEW PODCAST - Plant Medicine Podcast
With host David Drapkin- An honest and sometimes controversial discussion about the history and modern integration of Plant Medicine into medicine and its influence on Shamanic communities and cultures.
Psychedelics Today- Shift the narrative. Unlock the potential—the planetary hub for individuals, practitioners, and professionals exploring psychedelics.
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Arley: A 10-year-old Siekopai hero that dares to change the world. He needs your support! - CALL FOR ACTION!
Arley Payaguaje is only 24. So far, he has researched, seeded, planted, cultivated, and distributed over 10,000 Amazonian fruit-bearing trees to his Siekopai community around the Aguarico River territory. All grown on the fertile land surrounding his family's modest stilts wooden house. Encouraged, he plans on seeding and planting 15,000 more while researching ways to improve harvest production and even bring back native trees and heirloom seeds from other communities and Peru, their ancestral land.
Reforesting the Amazon with native fruit-bearing trees supports both sustainable economic development and the preservation of the forest's biodiversity. Supporting my Siekopai-Secoya friend Arley's project (see below) helps protect the Amazon and its ecosystem from the destructive impact of big corporations, and give them a chance of survival.
(read my article).
Listen to Jenny LePage podcast with Arley and our group. 
Listen to Jenny LaPage podcast with Shaman Don Basilio.

Read more and contribute to save the Rainforest
Give the gifts that last a lifetime: My Books, Publications
"These books changed my entire perspective on science and spirituality. Get them now!" – K.F.

"I want to personally thank you for writing your books and influencing me in a deep way towards spiritual growth." –S.L ​
"I love how the universe speaks and moves in the beautiful, magical way it does 🙏 I’m reading your book at the moment and then we are aligned!! Hello and how are you? Your beautiful story, guidance and inspiration and teachings are a gift in each page, thank you 🙏" –S.F

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Book a Personal Healing Session or consultation
As opposed to Western scientific medicine, which focuses solely on curing symptoms, the Shamanic healing method is an all-encompassing system of physical and non-physical components that are interested in diagnosing and healing the root cause of the ailments’ symptoms. 
1. Personal Shamanic Healing - 90 min. session -In-person or Zoom
2. Shamanic Counseling - 90 min. or 40 min. sessions -On line- Zoom 
Book a Personal Session 
Read Healing Testimonials
⊕ On-going monthly & annual events
The New York Shamanic Circle  (Founded 1997).
We offer monthly Women's Circles (1st Sat. each month) and Open Circles (2nd Sat. Each month), plus workshops, and community events.
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⊕ Enjoy our Online ongoing webinars and shamanic events
Shaman Portal Wisdom Webinars.
I have created this webinars program as an offering to the growing worldwide shamanic community. Christian Thurow and myself are offering regular webinars featuring respected teachers who deliver thought-provoking and experiential lessons. We are dedicated to expanding shamanic knowledge and practices as we strive for global harmony and sustainable wisdom.
June 11

Shamanism and the Wisdom of Mental Illness with Jez Hughes

July 9

Utiseta – The Northern Vision Quest – A three session event through Shaman Portal with Andreas Kornevall

Shaman Portal site - Please visit and join in.
I have been committed to preserving the rainforest and its people's wisdom since 1997, I founded this website as a fulfillment of that promise.
Become a member to access our wide range of resources. Whether you are a shamanic teacher, healer, or simply interested in this fascinating practice, there is something for everyone here. If you are a shamanic teacher or healer, please consider adding yourself to our listings and contributing your articles, blogs, and more. We would love to have your insights and knowledge to share with our community. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive a FREE SPQR Magazine.
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