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Center For Peace
Work Day for
Seymour SunMoon Dance
Saturday, June 29th
Saturday, June 29th

Work Day for
Seymour SunMoon Dance

9:30 am
we will start when it is still cool

Join us as we gather to prepare the grounds for the Seymour SunMoon Dance
Please let Steve Citty know if you plan to come help. We need to know what we can plan to accomplish and that depends on your participation.
Contact us by email
or phone Steve @ (865) 300-4424
This work day can be applied to Work Exchange for the Sun Moon Dance. If you wish to use it for another dance, please contact the Chief of that dance. (Information available on the 2024 Dances.)
  • Clear trail by house
  • Clean and prepare the "Bunk House"
  • Composting toilet maintenance
  • Sweep and tidy up Sound Chamber
  • Rebuild the Sweat Lodge
  • ...more
Great way to participate in the life of the Center For Peace.
Seymour SunMoon Dance

2024 SunMoon Dance
 July 12th-15th
Center For Peace
Seymour, TN
led by: Steve Citty 
"Vibration moves in and through all things; is all things.

 At the physical essence of our existence, the atomic and sub-atomic levels, there is only vibration. We are vibration and we are constantly harmonizing with vibrations in our near presence. That is the magic of the dance. The Drum carries the vibration of the Tiwa chants of ancientness and we resonate with that vibration as we discover the potentialities of our own beingness and remember who we are."
~ echo
We are grateful to Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow for his clarity, and courage and for his magnificent gift—this way of discovering our true relationship with and in all things, and ultimately, ourselves.
The SunMoon Dance comes from a vision of Oneness and Peace. Joseph brought this vision of the SunMoon Dance to the Center for Peace and many other dance locations around the world. 
The Seymour SunMoon Dance is an intensely personal experience that allows the participants time to experience themselves as beings of light. There are no other responsibilities, and no facilitator describing the experience to you. It is your experience.
Joseph established a requested give away of $500 for the dancers. No one who is called to dance will be turned away because they cannot pay the requested give away in cash. The dance leader offers a Work Exchange Program as one way to provide your give away. Additionally there are scholarships available to assure that if you are called to dance there will be a place for you in the arbor.
For information on these programs, contact Steve Citty.
Phone: (865) 300-4424 (this is my work phone so please leave a message or simply send a text message including your name.)
If you plan to come to the dance as a dancer OR as a helper, register now. 
880 Graves Delozier Rd
Seymour, TN 37865

Center For Peace • 880 Graves Delozier Road • Seymour • TN • 37865
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