Imbolc Newsletter 2005

In This Issue:

The Wise Woman program at NC School of Holistic Herbalism

The much loved Wise Woman program is now being offered by North Carolina School of Holistic Herbalism. The NCSHH offers a nine month, 250-hour in-depth program which follows their three month, 65-hour Fundamentals program. In addition to folding the 65-hour Wise Woman program into their school, NCSHH is now designing with Corinna another nine month 250-hour, women only program in Herbal Medicine and Women's Mysteries. Instuctors are anticipated to include Whapio, Corinna Wood, Ceara Foley, Jessica Godino, as well as other herbal faculty members of NCSHH.

Corinna's current 65-hour Wise Women ways and the 250-hour woman only course of study constitute a parallel course of study to the 65-hour and 250-hour programs that NCSHH has offered for over 12 years. NCSHH is known as the oldest and most popular herb school in the Southeast. Either 65-hour program will serve as a prerequisite for either 250-hour program.

There are two ways to participate in the 65-hour Wise Woman program: four weekends, one weekend a month April through July; or as a week long immersion in June,

Wise Woman Ways of Herbal Medicine: 4 Weekends  April 22 & 23, May 20 & 21, June 17 & 18, July 15 & 16

Wise Woman Ways of Herbal Medicine: Week-long Immersion June 22-29

For more information, or to register, go to:

Imbolc: The candle burns stronger

Imbolc is the cross quarterly holiday that is the halfway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. It is the Holiday of Brigid, a Celtic goddess who brings light and abundance. Though it is still a cold time of year, the longer days are now becoming noticeable.

Also known as Candlemas, candles at this time lift our spirits and remind us that spring is near. Here at Earthaven Ecovillage, the children will be making candles on Imbolc to carry the light through the remainder of the winter. It is a classic time for spring cleaning, in preparation for the new growth to come.

The "Dawn of Hope" image above right is by Nancy Bright, whose art decorates the walls at Red Moon. To see more of her work, visit:

Red Moon continues to expand

As we reflect on the last year at Red Moon, we are pleased to realize that we had more growth than we anticipated. Our product sales in 2005 increased 30% over 2004, mostly in our North Carolina and Southeastern sales. Wholesale accounts were also a large part of this growth. Many customers buy our products through stores and food coops such as Greenlife Grocery in Asheville, Greenlife Grocery in Chattanooga, Knoxville Food Coop, and French Broad Food Coop in Asheville.

The Southeast Women's Herbal Conference is another whole area of growth for Red Moon, and we are busy planning the upcoming conference for this September (tentatively set for September 22-24). The increase in sales combined with the resounding success of the conference, has resulted in growth to our staff. We have three new Earthaven women on staff including Kimchi (pictured above), who has returned as the Red Moon PR goddess.

In addition to coordinating the PR for both the conference and the products, Kimchi also reps the wholesale accounts. We hope to continue to build wholesale accounts in the Southeast, especially North Carolina. If you know a store you would like to see offer our products, contact Kimchi at:

See our current staff, visit

Tanya sews Moontime Pads at Earthaven

Red Moon is proud to offer Moontime Pads made by Diana's Daughters. Diana's Daughters is a local business run by two mothers, Tanya and Morgaine, who believe in nurturing the sacred cycles of our lives. Tanya Rose lives at Eathaven, and Morgaine Thames lives in Asheville N.C.

Diana is the Roman goddess of the Moon, which pulls the tides of the oceans and our bodies. As "Diana's Daughters," they seek to empower girls and women to develop closer relationships with their bodies. They offer a reminder that there is nothing to be afraid of, feel embarrassed about, and no need to hide what is totally natural and healthy.

The idea for Diana's Daughters came to Tanya while she was sleeping, a little over two years ago. In the dream she was pregnant, and financially supporting herself sewing Moontime Pads. She shared her vision with Morgaine that next day while they were walking. Morgaine and Tanya decided to follow this inspiration. The debut of their product occurred at a craft bazaar Earthaven holds every winter. Corinna saw their handiwork at the bazaar and began carrying them through Red Moon.

Since then , Tanya has moved from the town of Black Mountain to Earthaven, married long time Earthaven member Brandon, and had another baby. Through it all she has sewed Moontime Pads to help support her family financially.
Her dream has come true, and now the pads are made on a machine that is powered entirely by hydro power!

Learn more about our Moontime Pads, including a photo and ordering info, at:

Red Moon Herbs (888) 929 0777