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The Response-Able Educator Newsletter #48

Welcome! This is a free newsletter about becoming a Response-Able educator who develops Response-Able students.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire, encourage, and uplift the spirits of educators so they can in turn inspire, encourage, and uplift the spirits of their students.

In This Issue

1. Quote
2. Bumper Sticker
3. Spirit Whisperer Contemplation
4. Sign of the Times
5. Article: 2006 Forecast on Education
6. Teacher Talk Tip
7. Coming Attractions
8. We Get E-mail
9. It's Not Too Late
10. Schedule of Events

1. Quote

"Knowledge cannot be found under a rock. Knowledge is what we conclude about what we see under the rock."

Barry Neil Kaufman

2. Bumper Sticker

Spotted on a red Honda Civic in Ann Arbor, MI:

I used up all my sick days.
So today I called in dead.

3. Spirit Whisperer Contemplation

If the definition of real learning is applied knowledge, what learnings are your students currently showing you by how they choose to live their lives? What are you showing them?

4. Sign of the Times

Spotted on the front door entrance and at several other locations throughout Manchester High School in Manchester, MI:

Be the Change

Eat lunch with someone new ... offer a hug ... pass on kindness ... thank a teacher ... make a new friend ... tutor a student ... offer a ride ... join a new club or group ... give someone a compliment ... open a door ... respect others ... give an unexpected gift ... pick up litter ... call a lonely person ... pay for someone's lunch ... drive courteously ... do a favor ...  plant a tree ... visit a sick friend ... forgive mistakes ... be tolerant ... give blood ... send a thank-you note ... lend a hand ... offer your seat ... read to a child ... walk a dog ... share a smile ... let another go first ... speak up ... tip generously ... listen to your heart ... celebrate each day ... cheer up a friend ... give a flower ... bake cookies and give them away ... volunteer your time ... do one kind thing a day!

Have you done something nice for someone else today?

Record your Act of Change (or one you witnessed) and deposit it in the box outside the office. Then watch the level of the Acts of Change rise. Feels good, doesn't it?

5. Article: 2006 Forecast on Education

By Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller

What will 2006 bring for the field of education? Will a new trend emerge? Will some new path lead to ways to help youngsters learn and grow? Will the winds of change sweep through state departments of education, state legislatures, and the federal government? Is there anything pending on the parent front, poised to spring forth as the year begins? Will teachers individually or as a group shift consciousness and allow that shift to reveal itself in their behavior?

No one has a crystal ball. No one knows for sure. There is no certainty when it comes to predicting the future of education. Or is there? Maybe one crystal ball shines more clearly than the rest. Maybe someone does know. Maybe those answers are here. Check it out.

In 2006 . . .

Some parents will begin to see that local control of schools is a myth. They will start to understand that the major testing companies have more control over what happens in their neighborhood school than they have as parents. The parent revolt, which has already begun, will become increasingly apparent as a courageous few make meaningful waves in 2006.

A growing number of parents will realize that if the test scores are going up in their child's school, real learning is going down. They will see that the push to improve the test scores is narrowing the curriculum so severely that little time is left to help children learn responsibility, interpersonal skills, solution seeking, critical thinking, initiative, creativity, self-expression, integrity, curiosity, judgment, cooperation, ethical reflection, mind skills, conflict resolution, or to develop their imagination.

In 2006, more teachers will realize that investing time, energy, and effort attempting to get information and knowledge into students' heads is causing them to miss valuable learning opportunities that occur naturally. These teachers will more often flow with the teachable moment, trusting their professional intuition. This stance will allow them to deviate from the prescribed plans written by textbook companies.

Legislators in state houses and national government will continue to visit schools for brief marketing appearances, create photo and video opportunities, utter self-congratulatory sound bites, and then return to their normal routine of writing education laws without the funding necessary to implement them. In 2006, they will continue to champion programs and policies that are not working in an attempt to promote an educational era that is slowly dying.

In 2006, more teachers than ever before will leave the old way of teaching-----the way based on right/wrong, competition, punishment, judgment, and obedience to outside authority. These new Spirit Whisperers will join the growing ranks of educators who are currently demonstrating their educational beliefs by using a professional teaching style based on trust, inner knowing, allowing, choice, personal power, love, and unity.

In the coming year, many schools will emphasize the knowledge that is least important for creating an educated person by adjusting the curriculum in order to improve test scores. This will result in "dumbing down" instruction and produce students who have a quiz-show view of education where they confuse intelligence with the accumulation of information.

Outlandish schemes will be devised in the coming year by administrators, educators, and school board members in an attempt to improve attendance and raise test scores. Students, who in some cases are already receiving the external rewards of food, money, computers, and cars, will be offered vacation packages, clothes, and rent-free dorm space in an effort to buy compliance. It won't be until 2009 that internal motivation is recognized as the most effective form of motivation.

In 2006 more teachers than ever before will recognize the Spirit Whisperer energy that exists within them. These teachers will know in the core of their being that real education has nothing to do with covering content. They will know that education is now and always has been a drawing out of what is already within the student rather than a putting in of what they see as necessary to fill perceived deficiencies. These teachers will know in their hearts that the main purpose of education is the creation of who and what we choose to be. They will teach accordingly.

Look for more educators in 2006 to tell the public, boards of education, legislators, and their administrators that the emperor has no clothes. Spirit Whisperers will become Spirit Shouters and speak up where they see the educational life being pulled out of schools by those who believe that completing work quickly is more important than doing it in depth, that the product is more important than the process, and that knowing facts and learning isolated skills are more important than applying what is learned to real life situations.

This will result in more quality teachers and administrators staying in the profession. The drill- sergeant, memorization, no-active-learning mentality that is encouraged in test-prep-centered schools, and that drives good educators out of the profession because of its emphasis on the least significant kind of learning, will loosen its grip even more in 2006. As more and more educators speak up about their concerns with current educational practice, even more will be encouraged to do so.

A new curriculum will begin to get attention in 2006. This curriculum will stress personal power and personal responsibility while helping students learn the relationship between cause and effect. It will help youngsters become emotionally intelligent and articulate, recognize that being is as important as doing, and help them learn "a foreign language"---the language of self-responsibility.

Professional development will continue to be underfunded. Not enough school budgets will include an adequate line-item amount for in-service education. 2006 will see some professional teacher unions negotiate a staff development budget into their contracts because their members realize that as motivators they need to be motivated, and as educators they need to be continually educated. Once again, the educators will lead the way.

Will these predictions prove to be true in 2006? Time will tell. What will you do to affect the shape of education in 2006? The choices you make today about your professional practice are critical. They will influence the shape of education for years to come. Remember, the decisions about how you teach in this moment are influencing the direction of education for 2006 and beyond.

Happy New Year

Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller are the authors of The 10 Commitments: Parenting with Purpose. Chick is also the author of Spirit Whisperers: Teachers Who Nourish a Child's Spirit. They are two of the world's foremost authorities on raising responsible, caring, confident children. They publish a free monthly e-zine for educators and another for parents. To sign up for it or obtain more information about how they can help you or your group meet your educational or parenting needs, visit their websites today: www.chickmoorman.com or www.thomashaller.com.

"Spirit Whisperers: Teachers Who Nourish a Child's Spirit"


6. Teacher Talk Tip: "Let's take a break."

When a student is caught up in strong emotion or in a highly agitated state, any Teacher Talk verbal skill you engage in will be minimally effective. The student is simply not in an emotional space conducive to hearing, solution seeking, or communicating effectively.

Use time-out the way it was originally intended to be used and is most effective. Suggest that the student take a few minutes to calm him- or herself. Suggest that he use this quiet time to get himself under control emotionally and then think peacefully, free from distractions. Allow him to close his eyes, put his head down, or stare out the window if he wishes.

If students calm themselves before they talk with you, the talk you do have will be more productive in terms of time invested and solutions generated.

"Teacher Talk: What It Really Means"


7. Coming Attractions

2006 will be an exciting year for us at Personal Power Press. In addition to continuing to offer staff development programs for educators and parents and publishing our popular newsletters (over 14,000 subscribers), we expect to come out with many new products.

E-courses: Our first e-course will be offered to all our subscribers shortly. Entitled Good Praise/Bad Praise, this will be a three-week electronic course for parents and teachers who want to improve how they praise children. Participants who sign up for the course will receive three lessons, delivered to your e-mail address at the rate of one a week. The material will go beyond what we have written about the perils of praise in Parent Talk and Spirit Whisperers and will give participants practice activities and assignments designed to transform their style of praising so that children build self-esteem and confidence, and develop an internal standard of excellence.

Other e-courses will follow.

Special Reports: Over 40 special reports are now available online for interested parents and teachers. Offered at a minimal price, these reports can come directly to your e-mail account and will be topic specific. To access these special reports, CLICK HERE.

CDs: Many CDs are planned for the coming year. The first to be produced will be a collection of over 60 parenting articles written by Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller. Teachers and school administrators will find this an invaluable resource to draw from in their work with parents. Reprint permission will be included with all articles so educators can reprint them in school newsletters or run off individual articles to give to a parent struggling with a particular issue. Think of it as a Greatest Hits CD from Chick and Thomas.

Fred the Mouse: For those of you who delighted in Fred the Mouse: The Adventures Begin, you�ll be happy to hear that the second volume in the series will be ready for delivery sometime this year. Author Reese Haller has a busy 2006 schedule, and speaking dates are filling up fast. Those of you thinking about bringing Reese to your school to talk with teachers or students need to act quickly. Call 989-686-5356. or email reese@reesehaller.com.

DVDs: Many of you have told us that you cannot travel from your current locations to our workshop sites. And we agree. Living in Australia, Singapore, England, South Africa, Germany, Uruguay, and other locations prohibits your getting here for our one-day and evening seminars. We have listened and we are responding. Later this year you can expect that several of our exciting and transformational lessons will be available on DVD. It's just around the corner.

Keep an eye on your e-mail. We will inform you of every new opportunity that could help you become the teacher or parent you always wanted to be. This is an exciting time in our lives, and yours too, we hope.

We're planning to create an exciting 2006. We want to help you do the same.


Chick and Thomas

8. We Get E-mail

Dear Chick and Thomas,

I have a request of you. I have taught first grade for many years, and now I am teaching pre-kindergarten for at-risk kids. I am an avid "Teacher Talk" user, and have utilized that book and the verbal skill it contains for the past 5 years. I found it to be incredibly effective with my first graders. I was super successful with that age group helping them learn self-responsible behaviors.

I must say, that I am a bit rusty with the 3 and 4 year old age group, and find myself going back to refer to where they are developmentally. This is a new experience, and I need some ideas of how to manage them with responsible behaviors.  I have children who do not understand simple choices (you may sit here or there), nor the relationship between cause and effect. How much longer does it take children of this age to "get" choice theory? Any insight you can share would be most appreciated! Thank you so much and have a great holiday.

Sue from Dallas


Hello Sue from Dallas,

Some four-year-olds do have difficulty understanding that they are able to make
decisions for themselves. It seems they either have well-developed decision-making skills or none at all. So, in the school setting, teachers find themselves having to work both ends of that continuum. They invest their time reeling in those who need help making responsible choices and expanding the opportunities for those who have had more experience. Sounds like you have a bunch that fall at the low end.

Four-year-olds typically will be able to make a choice (if given only two options) by the December break. Of course, this comes after practice, practice, practice...and continually using the language of respect, telling them that you know they will make the best choice for themselves. Give them small choices first where you can accept either choice they make. That makes it a win/win situation for everyone.

Patience is the key here. And repetition.

Hang in there. It will come.

Hope you are refreshed and energized from the break.

Chick and Thomas

9. It's Not Too Late

There is still time to make a difference in your community by signing up for our Parent Talk System: Facilitator Training

We are looking for interested parents or teachers to become local facilitators of the Parent Talk System's Language of Response-Able Parenting model.

GOAL: To help the parents of your community, school, or church group learn effective verbal skills to use with their children.

Take a giant step toward helping the parents in your community. Become a skilled facilitator of the Parent Talk System by attending our January facilitator training. Join the growing number of people from around the world (USA, Mexico, Spain, Australia, Canada) who have learned how to help parents raise responsible, caring, confident children. We will help you learn to put the highly effective Parent Talk skills into the hands of parents in your church, school, or organization.

You will leave this three-day training with the skills and confidence to touch the hearts and minds of parents in your community!

Parent Talk System Training Schedule:
January 26-28, 2006

Grand Rapids, MI
Spring Arbor University

Facilitated by Chick Moorman and Sarah Knapp.

Limited to 25 participants.

Graduate credit available.


10. Schedule of Events

Jan. 16, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, Celebrate the Spirit Whisperers Presented by Chick Moorman, Dearborn Heights Montessori Center, Dearborn, MI. For information contact Shelley Boatright at 313-359-3000 or email sboatright@dhmontessori.org.

Jan. 16, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm, Parent Talk: Words That Empower, Words That Wound Presented by Chick Moorman, Dearborn Heights Montessori Center, Dearborn, MI. For information contact Shelly Boatright at 313-359-3000 or email sboatright@dhmontessori.org.

Jan 16, 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm, The 3 Best Parenting Strategies You'll Ever Need Presented by Thomas Haller, MacGregor Elementary, Bay City, MI.

Jan. 26 - 28, 8:30 am - 4:00 pm, Parent Talk System: Training of Trainers Presented by Chick Moorman, Spring Arbor University, Grand Rapids, MI. For information and/or registration email ipp57@aol.com or call 1-877-360-1477.

Chick Moorman

Contact Chick at 1-877-360-1477 (toll-free) or email him at ipp57@aol.com.


Thomas Haller

Contact Thomas at 989-686-5356 or email him at thomas@thomashaller.com.


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