Let the Animals Speak through Me

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Participants:

I write to share two wondrous occurrences. These impacting and awe-inspiring events recently occurred at Soquel Sanctuary.

Each Tuesday I give a miracle teleconference to a group of people around the country. I am blessed to sit among many trees and vines, while I connect with people all over the USA (and it looks like all over the world, soon. Stay posted people around the globe!)

Near the end of the teleconference, I offer an animal message. When it is time for the animal message, I close my eyes and emerge into trance. I offer my heart and voice as a vehicle for any animal who feels a desire to speak through me. The message is always as much a surprise to me as to the group of tele-participants.

Two weeks ago, when the time for animal message arrived, feline Jessie Justin Joy approached me intently. A smell of vanilla was in the air. When I am deep in prayer, sweet nectar smells tend to appear out of nowhere. Do some of you relate to this?

Jessie's gaze felt palpable in my heart. My ears were washed clean with the beating wings of a glittering humming bird who came near. I begin to speak out loud to the listeners, translating Jessie's' words of inspiration. He spoke of a world with compassion for all. "This world is here now, Mom," he said!

Immediately, my two hawk friends and two Raven friends flew near and circled above my head. The sweetness intensified in my own ears, eyes and heart. Ripples of golden energy surged in my chakras taking me to Heaven within my own body.

Raven-couple and hawk friends sent a strong message about learning to embody world LOVE by allowing the animals to share their wisdom. They flew with intention toward creating a world in which animals and people work and play together as equals. As I held their messages in my heart, my bird friends took my spirit into flight. I felt as though I was being flown on wings of grace.

I would like to share something personal. The personality type with which I was born is called "visionary." My visions have lead my life since I was seven years of age. As a child, I facilitated kids and parents in the neighborhood as well as the local town in protests for the environment, huge artistic events for the upliftment of people, financial raising events for animals and wake up call events which drew in the media and my USA congressman. Life was an adventure for me from early on. I was born knowing my vision was first for me.

The uncomfortable part of my personality is that I can easily forget to put my own needs first. As I have grown into my forties it has become clear that I must receive as much as I give. I made a vow last week to receive all I need on every level, first and foremost. Such a vow had always scared me in the past. What if I become selfish, complacent and lose my vision, I once worried. What if I lose my spiritual aspiring?

The opposite occurred upon making my vow. I share this as I know many of you are visionaries, healers and great givers. I became stronger then ever. New television doors, long time prayed for began to open. An agent, with my values who had assisted people who have been able to help millions called out of nowhere. Without seeking opportunities they began coming to me, faster than ever, because I agreed with life to allow them in. The appreciation I felt when visiting with long time friends multiplied. The warmth that permeates my own home with my family grew even warmer!

I am sharing this exciting experience because is possible for all of you. Of course, the opportunities that you desire are unique. Whatever you dream about can be yours for the asking. When you agree to let the highest interest of all life everywhere be your guide, and to receive all you need on every level, great gifts shall approach you!

The day after I made that vow was the teleconference Tuesday I look forward to. On that day, I went outside and my two raven friends were calling me. I looked up and saw that party was being conducted. Six birds circled over me around and around. After a few minutes, a raven named Jowel excused four other birds as they completed the dance. Then Raven-Jowel began to fly toward me with his partner. As he did, he made three flips in the air over my head. I was so overjoyed with the moment of creation that I could not speak. I could only feel the great ONE LOVE of which I am.

When words came back to consciousness, I asked, "What do you share with me this moment, Raven friend?"

"If you see what others do not, open the curtains for them..."

And so I continue to offer you the Animal Communication Seminar on scholarship. For those who already registered, many animals celebrate! Remember to secure your spot via phone after you email in.

For those who are considering, there are a few spaces left. We will work intimately with nature and animals. You will have my undivided attention at the Soquel Sanctuary. You will learn skills for

seeing, hearing, and feeling your animal friends
seeing, feeling, and hearing wildlife friends
seeing, hearing, and feeling your animal totems
seeing, feeling, and hearing the dolphins and whales from within
seeing, feeling, and hearing species supervisors
seeing, hearing, and feeling the deepest part of your sacred heart

Your 2006 scholarship is a gift I created from my vow to let the animals speak through me. They wish to talk. They have great wisdom to share. The animals taught me processes by which therapy can be shortened form 5-10 years down to anywhere between one hour and one year. They taught something much greater. They taught me to achieve the experience each day of living in Heaven on earth which is available to you.

The angels approached me in the bath tub and said the new world fabric is woven with generosity. We had a big laugh. Yes, LAUGH! The animals have taught me a laugh that begins deep in my belly and surges up through my heart and ripples out of my throat. The animals are masters of FREE expression which is my greatest joy. Come learn their wisdom.

May 6, 2006 at the Soquel Sanctuary in Soquel, California, from 10 am till 6 pm you will be given the secrets for speaking with animals simply because you ask for this gift. You are worth the plane flight and hotel! Remember, you are probably saving the cost of both combined with your Seminar scholarship. Are you worth it? You are to me and you are to the animals who have called this event into being!

If you haven't already, sign up now as there are a few spaces left. Email your scholarship request to:
AnimalsSeminar@DrLaurieMoore.com. It is yours for the asking. It is yours for being you.

If you are feeling a desire to benefit from animal communication, gift yourself now. How many times in life will you have the opportunity to attend a course like this as a gift to yourself FREE?

I reiterate that the new world paradigm is based on generosity. I was approached by angels in my bath tub who told me to operate in this way and watch the web that is woven across the globe.

Learn more with me, Dr. Laurie Moore as I offer my heart as a spokes person for many animal species.

Mmmm´┐Ż that sweet nectar sent feels the office now. Ready for that?

Say YES to the improvisation of LIVING!

Aloha, new LOVE WORLD

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator

Dr. Laurie Moore

If you haven't already, reserve your spot while a few are left.

• • • •

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