The Need

Every day I hear parents use Parent Talk that shames, ridicules, discounts, and belittles their children.

“Shut up!”

“Big boys don’t cry.”

“Stop acting like a sissy.”

“That was a stupid move.”

“Knock it off!”

I choose to believe that these parents love their children. What they do and what they say as parents, they do and say in the name of love. These parents simple do not have the verbal skills necessary to talk to their children win ways that uplift, inspire, nurture, and affirm. They are not unloving parents. They are unskilled parents.

It’s a shame that so many children are growing up in families where the parents lack the verbal skills to inspire their children to become responsible, caring, confident children.


That’s where you come in.

You can help change that. You can help parents learn the necessary skills to become the parents they always wanted to be. You can take advantage of the opportunity described below and become a certified Parent Talk Trainer.

My Commitment

I have recently recommitted myself to training more trainers in the Parent Talk System, so they can help heal the planet by helping parents raise successful children.

So I set a goal and I’m hoping you will help me reach it. I want to have Parent Talk System trainers in 50 states and 50 countries by the end of the decade. Presently there are 17 states and 5 countries represented by our 200 plus trainers. Why not join them and help parents become the parent they have always wanted to be?

Make a Difference in the Lives of Parents and Children in Your Community, Church, or School.

·        Do you feel called in your soul to help parents consider the possibility that there might be a better way, an enlightened way to parent?

·        Are you interested in helping parents move from a fear- and shame-based parenting style to one that is love-based?

·        Would you consider helping the parents in your community make a shift in perception that would allow them to become the change that will change our world for the better?

·        Are you ready to make a giant leap forward to actualizing your potential as a healer of the planet?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this email is clearly getting through to you and the dynamic, up-coming three-day training seminar in the Parent Talk System is definitely for you!

Program Specifics:

The Parent Talk System Facilitator Training

Facilitated by Chick Moorman 
Limited to 35 participants

Dearborn, MI
July 27 - 29, 2006

A Rewarding Experience Awaits You.

By attending this training and becoming a Parent Talk Facilitator you will join the growing cadre of over 200 facilitators now practicing in seventeen states, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Spain. This select group is working diligently to improve family life in their communities.

I received the following communication recently from newly trained Parent Talk facilitator, Nica Eaton-Guinn of Santa Barbara, CA. Nica writes:

“I just finished teaching my first class tonight, and loved it. I have 10 participants, and they felt they gained a great deal from the class, including the teacher and the ‘skeptic.’ Thanks for the clear way in which the facilitator’s manual is laid out, and for the wisdom you have given us to teach! It is an honor to share this information with people and to make the world a better place, one family at a time! The teacher in the group already raved about ways in which she could use this in the classroom and is talking about having me come to her school to teach this. So, I acted as if.... and it worked!”

You might be thinking, “But I don’t have any experience presenting to people.”

I promise you that if you take this training you will leave at the end of three days with the skills, tools and confidence to present this life-changing material to others. You will learn:

1. The Parent Talk System, including the 6 two-hour modules that teach parents the verbal skills necessary to raise responsible, caring, confident children.

2. Strategies that allow you to teach the verbal skills with expertise and confidence.

3. Promotional and publicity skills/tools to attract interested participants.

You will receive:

·           A facilitator’s manual

·           15 parent workbooks (starter kit)

·           One supplemental CD

·           Parent Talk book (hard cover)

·           Graduation certificate

·           Access to the Parent Talk facilitator’s section of my web site

·           Special monthly trainer’s newsletter

·           Ongoing technical assistance

Begin or Enhance Your Speaking Career with a Proven Delivery System.

I get really frustrated when I hear other speakers present on parenting issues and all they do is talk about general philosophy and give pie-in-the-sky examples. Often the parents attending those sessions leave more confused that when they entered. Many times they leave with nothing they can go back and put to use immediately.

If you learn the Parent Talk System, you will insure that your participants will leave your trainings with specific skills they can begin implementing the same night.

You could spend hours designing, researching, and writing a parent program of your own. What for? There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Eliminate the many field tests it would take to ensure your training would get the results you want. Know that the model you teach is research –based and skill oriented. Be confident that it delivers real skills to parents that work with real children.

Jump start your speaking career or give it that needed shot-in-the-arm by learning the Parent Talk System, a model that is already being implement successfully around the world.

Space is limited.

Sign up today to reserve your space in the next Parent talk System Facilitator’s Training.

Training includes:

·           3-day seminar and participant packet..............$500 value

·           Facilitator’s manual.......................................$300 value

·           15 parent workbooks (Starter Kit)....................$105 value

·           One Supplemental CD.....................................$30 value

·           Parent Talk Book (Hard cover)..........................$25 value

·           Continental breakfast and lunch provided...........$40 value

·           Access to Facilitator’s webpage......................facilitators only (no fee)

·           Special Facilitator’s Newsletter (monthly).........facilitators only (no fee)

·           Graduation certificate......................................priceless

Total Value...............................................................$1,000.00

Price to participants for total package.....................$695

Early Bird Special……..$595.00 (If received by June 15th)

Credit option: Two hours graduate credit is available for Spring Arbor University for an additional fee of $130. Don’t miss this opportunity. Sign up today.  

Phone (toll free): 877-360-1477



Talented and Experienced Trainer

Chick Moorman is the author of the Parent Talk book that started it all. He is a 40 year veteran of working in the field of education. He raised 4 children and single parented 2 grandchildren for 3 ½ years. Chick is the author of numerous books and has presented to over 300,000 parents and educators. He is one of the world’s foremost authorities on raising responsible, caring, confident children.

The Parent Talks System helps you:

By providing a 150 page trainer’s you don’t have to redesign or create a parent training.

By providing you with easy to follow directions for teaching the 6 modules, including questions to ask, possible answers, and additional information not available to the keep you one step ahead of the parents, feeling confident and in control.

By giving you a supplemental CD to use for the major lecture burst pieces of the you can catch your breath and review what you are going to do next.

By including 21 verbal skills in the parent ensure parents exit with a full tool box of possible strategies to use when they leave your training.

By providing you with registration forms, evaluation forms, sample advertisements, business cards, copy ready logos and you look and feel like the professional parent trainer that you will become.

By supplying you with 8 ready-to-go transparencies to help keep your participants on task.

By providing on-going technical assistance and help with answering you questions and those of your that you have support and encouragement at every step through out the process of being a Parent Talk facilitator.


One more thing.

People who take this seminar will have all the fun.

·          They will meet and network with a cadre of like minded participants who are committed to promoting enlightened parenting in the world.

·          They will learn the skills and confidence necessary to move ahead in their careers by learning how to quickly and easily enter the field of parent training.

·          They will receive affirmation and appreciation from participants such as:

·          “Thank you for doing this. You helped me reestablish my connection with my son. He even lets me hug him now.”

·          “Your efforts have helped me immensely. I haven’t yelled at my daughter in weeks. I like who I am as a parent now.”

·          “I didn’t realize what I was doing to my children. You have helped my open my eyes and my heart. Thank you.”

·          They will go home at night feeling happy that they have helped heal the planet, one family at a time.

Don’t you want to have some of that fun? There is still space available in the Dearborn, MI Parent Talk System training.

I want to have you join me in Dearborn, MI on July 27 - 29 so you can learn how to spread enlightened parenting to those in need.

Please sign up today. 

Take care. I hope this got through to you so you can help me get through to so many others.

Chick Moorman
Director, The Parent Talk System
toll free, 877-360-1477


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