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* Courage, Effort, and Peace * Mary�Yoga�E-News * Issue�#8 * August 2006 *

Calling All "Mothers Courage" & Fathers Too

Midnight at Belvedere Castle in Central Park: Opening Night party of Brecht's "Mother Courage And Her Children." We just saw Meryl Streep as the archetypal Mother Courage, using all her strength and wits to try to preserve her three children through the war on her front door. Courage doesn't always succeed, but for nearly four hours we sit awestruck at her gutsy and passionate efforts, at her not looking back. Trying is all. Results are beyond us. Mother Courage understands this at the bone-deep level. ABHYASA and VAIRAGYA - "best efforts, and surrendering the results" - Verse 12, Book 1 of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras: "Abhyasa Vairagyabhyam Tannirodhah" teaches us "By practice, and non-attachment, we restrain [the whirlwind of the mind]." Her commitment leaves no room for regret, only for her pure keening lullaby over her child, in which we join for the children of the world.

My son is 10 now and got to attend the Opening and party, due to daddy being in the show. But long before his birth, during our first 12 married years as free-wheeling actors, we felt the call of those world children torn by war, inequity, plain need. We researched sponsorship agencies and chose one we liked because it trains local field workers, to keep the work in the communities and costs lower.

Now a family ourselves, so many years later, the photos and reports from our sponsored sons' families all these years put a humbling perspective on our own perceived needs. It is so easy to reach out a hand to a child - or 10, or 100 - to join the world parental team. There are so many ways to be mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers courage. And might that committed effort - that Abhyasa - help make room for some Vairagya - release - in our own minds, some restraint of the whirlwind of our own mind - maybe ultimately of our world?

Children International


Autumn and Winter Teaching News

* New York Health and Racquet Club: 23 St., Tuesdays 1:00-2:10 Vinyasa Flow, Open Level.

* Yoga Works East Side: 3rd Ave. & 76 St., Thursdays 12:00-1:00 Level 1 ISHTA.

* Yoga Works East Side: 3rd Ave. & 76 St., Fridays 10:45-11:45 Level 1&2 "Sweat & Restore" - half a class of vinyasa followed by half a class of restful restorative stretches. Yang and Yin. Effort and Peace!

private and corporate classes by appointment

Yoga Works East Side


February Retreat in Caribbean

Think you'll need to escape the winter blahs by late February? I know I'll feel that way! So, come check out this paradise retreat in St. Lucia with me. Patricia Perkins used to teach school stateside and fell in love with the Islands and has made a career of facilitating yoga retreats at her favorite locations, with her best hand-picked local guides and service providers, and she's on-hand to personally customize each group's retreat to their utmost delicious taste!

How does that sound for seven unforgettable days - and twice daily Yoga with Mary, too! Make it a vacation. If needed I may divide class levels. Only 9-14 spaces, so reserve early; it is you who come will determine the make-up of the group! Small friendly circle, regardless.

Check out the web page for prices (very reasonable, and early bird 10% by Oct.), dates, adventures, and rooming options. Call or Email Trish with any retreat questions - that's what she's there for!

Tropical Escape with Mary


Mantra for Students and Teachers

This mantra means "Welcome, Saraswati, spirit of arts and education and learning." Mothers in India chant it for their kids to achieve good grades. Saraswati is the feminie spirit of learning, often shown smiling with books at her feet, a musical instrument in one hand, and prayer mala beads in the other.


[Ohm, I'm, Sarah-svah-tee-yay, Swah-ha]

Healing Mantras


July Thunderstorm in NY

The photo above is by "Courage" cast member George Kmeck, catching a July thunderstorm from his window. If you need headshots:

George Kmeck Photography


Feel Free to Pass; Pass On

I never share my email lists so feel free to forward or respond or to ask to be dropped from my email list anytime.

Om Shanti! Peace, Mary

Mary's Ishta Web Page

ISHTA Web Site!

ISHTA Yoga has its own new website - search for ISHTA teachers, trainings, events, or read about its lineage.

See my teacher page at top of All Teachers List!

Ishta Website


New York Yoga Passbook

Sometimes you want to sample studios. The NY Yoga Passbook is 325+ passes to over 120 NYC Yoga, Dance, and Pilates Studios, for $75.

Good per calendar year, so buy for 2007, unless you have a few months off to play. Share with friends! See link for studios and details. Also in LA or Chicago.

NY Yoga Passbook


New York Yoga Teachers Association

Not for teachers only, NYYTA [Neat-a]'s goal is to create a New York Yoga community through events, resource sharing, and communications, and welcomes all friends of yoga.

My health plan is through NYYTA; there are many group discounts, and I've taken workshops with Shiva Rea, Rodney Yee, Rod Stryker, and others, through NYYTA.

New York Yoga Teachers' Association


Tooth of Crime 1983: LaMaMa Revival

My hubby was "Doc" in this show the year we met & married; now Ellen Stewart revives it for La MaMa's 45th Anniversary; check it out Sam Shepard fans, rock 'n roll theater fans and downtown theaterphiles.

Shepard's "Tooth of Crime"


Women in Transition

Women, not just children, need help too:

"InMotion makes a real and lasting difference in the lives of women�low-income, under-served, and abused�in New York City by providing them with legal and social work services to help them access justice. It's a very special place and their approach is to empower their clients -- a great approach to life."

They seek to offer ongoing pro bono yoga classes; any teachers reading this who desire to help, please contact:David Yu, 646-442-1174

inMotion for Women

Children International

inMotion for Women

NY Health & Racquet Club

Yoga Works Monthly Promo

Mary's Caribbean Retreat

More Healing Mantras


NY Yoga Passbook

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