Episcopal Forum of SC speaks to rising concern among Episcopalians in SC
November 8, 2006

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Episcopal News Services reports on events in SC

A second group of Episcopalians has called on bishops and standing committees to consider seriously South Carolina Bishop-elect Mark Lawrence's stance toward the diocese's continued affiliation with the Episcopal Church, as they decide whether or not to consent to his ordination.
Episcopal Forum of South Carolina's October 31 letter to diocesan bishops and members of diocesan standing committees stopped short of calling for rejection of Lawrence's September 16 election, as did letters sent to the same groups earlier in October by Via Media USA, of which the South Carolina group is an affiliate.

The Episcopal News Service - SOUTH CAROLINA: Episcopal Forum calls for caution in consent process

Via Media, USA asks bishops, standing committees to refuse consent to South Carolina bishop-elect

Via Media group asks bishops, standing committees to refuse consent to South Carolina bishop-elect

[Episcopal News Service] In letters sent October 19 to bishops with jurisdiction and all the Episcopal Church's diocesan standing committees, Via Media USA argues that the episcopacy of the bishop-elect of the Diocese of South Carolina "would represent a threat to the unity of our church and to the cohesion" of the diocese.

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An Open Letter to Episcopalians in the Diocese of South Carolina

On September 16 The Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina will elect a new bishop. This election, between three approved candidates, will affect the life of every parish, member of the clergy, and layperson. We encourage you to consider this moment in our corporate life very seriously.

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Message sent to every diocesan bishop and standing committee

TO: Diocesan Bishops and Members of Diocesan Standing Committees

FROM: The Episcopal Forum of South Carolina

We are writing as an assembly of Episcopalians in the Diocese of South Carolina who are working together to retain and strengthen ties with The Episcopal Church. We ask you to take seriously our concerns regarding the future of our diocese and the strength of our Church. We sense that there exists a broad perception of overriding support within our diocese for the direction it is taking, which is reflected in the election of Mark Lawrence. We believe that you, leaders of our national Church, should be informed about issues of critical concern, and we believe that this certainly is one of those moments.

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