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Hypothyroidism Part One

We have been seeing quite a few patients with low thyroid and normal lab tests. We know these people are low thyroid because they have delayed reflex time as measured by a sophisticated lap top computer instrument called the Thyroflex that we have in the office. In addition, they have fatigue, depression and multiple other symptoms which we pick up on a very complete thyroid questionnaire.

After obtaining baseline thyroid labs with TSH and T3 and T4 levels, we prefer to use natural thyroid rather than the synthetic thyroid medication called Synthroid.

The Thyroflex was developed by two doctors, Konrad Kail and Daryl Turner at Western Research who I met at a large medical meeting about two years ago. The idea is that it measures muscle reflex time in milliseconds. Reflex time has been used by clinicians for over a century as an accurate guage of thyroid function.

The following is a testimonial from a patient after treatment for low thyroid:

"I highly recommend Dr. Dach to anyone that is frustrated with thyroid issues. For years I bounced from doctor to doctor - each giving me prescriptions for levoxyl and cytomel. Even when my test results wouldn't budge below 5, they wouldn't prescribe higher doses because I was "within range" and "too high a dose will cause osteoporosis later". Who cares when I can't get out of bed now?!

Dr. Dach was recommended by a friend and he's been a lifesaver. He spent over an hour with me on my first appointment (I have Hashimoto's) and switched me to a bio-identical (Nature-Thyroid) in addition to testing my vitamin D levels (I was severely deficient). Not only does he listen, he opened my eyes to a lot of issues that all of my other doctors never even mentioned.

I've been going to him for about a year now and the change has been nothing short of amazing - I can get out of bed and be a functional human whose hair isn't falling out! He is kind and caring and highly informative.

I highly recommend Dr. Dach to anyone frustrated with their current treatment! He will make you feel well!"

signed LowThyroid

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Bio-Identical Hormone Testimonial
Here is another testimonial from a grateful patient started on bio-identical hormone treatment:

" After seeing Dr. Dach, I recently started bioidentical hormone medication because I was very depressed and anxious. Additionally, my memory was failing me throughout the day. I was ill equipped to function as a stay-at-home Mom with three small children.

After getting on the correct dosage with Dr. Dach's help it is truly amazing how quickly I felt like myself again! My world went from a very dark place to a bright light! It was so wonderful to feel happy again!!! Thank you so much Dr. Dach for everything!

My deepest gratitude,
Signed GratefulPatient"

Jeffrey Dach, M.D. TrueMedMD

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