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Perception & Transformation * April 2007 * ENews #16 * Mary Yoga

Changes; Changes

So many people I know are going through deep inner and outer life changes. Stargazers say Pluto reversing its orbit now urges changes from inner promptings, rather than external circumstances. The powerful position of Uranus propels whatever changes we make: so hearing and following our highest guidance matters now more than ever.

The Brow Chakra is our doorway to perception. "Ajna" in Sanskrit means "to perceive". Its "Yantra" or image is a single eye shape at the brow center. Its color is indigo or violet; the mantra "Ksham" energizes it. Affirming "I have the right to see" challenges the demon of illusion, which often manifests as denial, forgetfulness, or an inability to see patterns right before our eyes.

Congested Ajna can create headaches and excessive mental images, including nightmares. Weak Ajna can create disorientation and confused memory. Chanting "Om" helps to balance and open Ajna's energy.

All inversions, including Down Dog, Rag Doll, and Legs Up the Wall, help bring fresh blood to Ajna and Sahasrara, the Crown Chakra. All Restorative poses where the forehead rests on a block, or has an eye pillow resting on it, help calm and balance energy at the Third Eye.

Meditation polishes the window of the soul. A physical practice, breath work, and mindful living all prepare the body and mind for a quiet, one-pointed focus. Try it: a few minutes at first; see if it doesn't become the most centered spot in your day. See if 20 minutes morning and evening doesn't create peace filtering into the rest of your day and night.

Its benefits are incremental, whether you have a pleasant session of quiet focus one day, or a fraught one the next. You may find flashes of inspiration or simply a deep contentment. You may feel nothing, and wonder if you are "doing it right." Like the Cub Scouts' "Do Your Best" motto, the practice is the goal. Trust: "shraddha". Let your discernments and perceptions at this time of transformation be informed by moments of stillness focused on your Third Eye.

Mere Change: or Transformation? The stars say change is inevitable; hearkening to your inner guiding "star", Ajna chakra, can help your changes to be clearly perceived and chosen ones now.

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Transformative Links

* As I did two years ago, I recently donated 10" of hair to Locks of Love, a non-profit group that makes wigs for sick children who lose their hair. Insitu Salon in Gramercy Park offers free cut and style for Locks of Love donors. Thanks Kristen, I love my haircut!

* Goodsearch is an online search engine like Google, fast and efficient, AND it donates a penny to your favorite charity every time you "goodsearch".

* Landmark Forum is a three-day educational journey deep into your inner processes of living, thinking, and acting, to maximize your potential in all areas of your life. The free intro evening session challenged and provoked me enough to take on the weekend course, May 4-6! Courses run year 'round, as do intro evenings. LMF has proved transformative for many.

Locks of Love


More Transformative Journeys

Wholly arbitrary, personal recommendations this month:

* Know a woman over 40 living her life gloriously - or wishing to? My friend gave me a year's subscription to "More" magazine and it's delightful to see the beautiful 40+, 50+, 60+, 70+ women who are recreating themselves to become even more of who they are.

* Yoga retreat and training in Bali this summer with Rachel Zinman and Emil Wendel; email me to forward information.

* Journey to India in August with Yogiraj Alan Finger and Ishta teachers Mona Anand and Sarah Platt. Yoga Works and Ishta sites both have details.

* Dharma Mittra's Maha Sadhana DVDs; I have Level II and just ordered Level I also!

* Nischala Joy Devi's "The Secret Power of Yoga: A Woman's Guide to the Heart and Spirit of the Yoga Sutras" includes applied practices as well as translation and commentary. Deeply moving talk at NYYTA recently. Nischala's positive, nurturing interpretation emphasizes the affirming and Tantric spirit of Yoga, and is definitely not for women only. Her goal, to help yogis use the Sutras in daily life and practice, is timely and welcome.

* Yoga Today's online classes - when you are stuck in a hotel room, at work or at home, and miss having a teacher and fellow students! Choose from free classes daily!

Yoga Today Online


Perennial Favorites

* Heifer International: Your recipients can have beautiful cards sent to them. You "gift" families around the world with training and livestock; this continues to give back to their communities. Four-way gifts: you, your recipient, a needy family, the globe. One of the best!

* New York Cares: Choose short or long term volunteer projects, in the areas that interest you. Wholly non-denominational and non-judgmental; and you will find some of the most faithful of every path, giving their time and learning of themselves.

* America's Second Harvest: Rated 98% in Forbes' 2006 survey of 200 major charities, this non-profit organization reduces hunger by reducing waste. They plan the packing and shipping of donated foods from growers, retailers, manufacturers and restaurants, to places like food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, senior centers. Less landfill, less hunger in America. Your $15 translates into $450 worth of food shipped to hungry Americans, that would daily go to waste.

* Daily Clicks to Donate: The Animal Rescue Site is currently experiencing a low volume of FREE daily clicks on their site, each of which generates a donation from their corporate (animal friendly) sponsors. It costs nothing, and there are 5 sister sites (Hunger, Breast Cancer, Literacy, Rainforest, Child Health) ALL of which it took me under 60 seconds to click and "freely" give to. The sponsors have cute gift items, too! Click daily. :-)

* Gifts That Give More: the "Daily Clicks" above also offer gifts "for"your friends. A Teacher's Salary in Afghanistan=$40, Feed A Rwandan Family for A Month=$45, Shoes for Girls in Rural Africa=$14. Joyfully transformative "window" shopping! Take your mother/daughter "shopping": Dolls for Refugee Children=$20! Buy your boyfriend a wild horse: Feed a Rescued Wild Horse=$22!

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My Classes & Retreats

My Website has class descriptions, ENews log, and links. I update constantly, and welcome questions and feedback.

*My Friday May 4th "Flow & Restore" class at Yoga Works East Side will be subbed by Vinyasa & Restorative teacher Anna Dioguardi as I take 3-day Landmark Forum course.

Possible summer weekend retreats: (1) Upstate New York (a Benedictine monastery), (2) Long Island, if I find the right place!

Possible combination retreats: (1) Yoga and Writing; (2) Yoga and Art; (3) Yoga with Massage Therapist.

Family & Friends Winter 2008 Escape: February 16 to 23, 2008! Bring friends, bring family; meet us in St. Lucia. Possibly Dominica! Details on Web, & ENews. Start planning and saving air miles and vacation funds now. You'll be sitting pretty when cold November winds hit, and you are all set & booked for winter retreat.

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Photo Credits

Photos in this ENews are by: Karen Lee, Doug O'Neill (here in Tolasana), Charles Lee, & yours truly.

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Changes; Changes
Transformative Links
More Transformative Journeys
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My Classes & Retreats
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Yoga Works
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Locks Of Love Salon
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NY Yoga Teachers Association

Yoga Works

Ongoing Teacher Trainings, Workshops, Retreats, New Student Specials, Pilates, Nutrition Works - plus me twice a week on the current East Side schedule!

Level 1 Thurs. at noon, Flow & Restore Fri. at 10:45.

Yoga Works New York


NY Health & Racquet

Never think gyms can't "do" Yoga! Two of my HRC students have already trained and become teachers; a third is doing so in Thailand. Many more work in healing and spiritual arts and education.

And there's the yacht, pool, sauna, and now Restoratives!

NYHRC 23 St. Spa


Locks Of Love Salon

Insitu Salon at Irving Place donates "Locks of Love" haircuts. Karma all around. Gracious & beautiful place. Loved 'em two years ago; love 'em now.

"Locks" Insitu Salon


"Google" to Give

You search; they donate. You set your favorite charity, which then gets more attention, or accept their featured charity of the day.

I made this my home page, for fast & easy search 'n give.

"Goodsearch" Engine


NY Yoga Teachers Association

For students as well as teachers, NYYTA is a warm and wonderful New York Yoga "Sangha" - community - a network for sharing information, events, invited speakers and presenters.

May discounts on products and services.
I've taken free NYYTA workshops with: Rod Stryker, Rodney Yee, Shiva Rea, Ellen Saltonstall, and others.

My health plan and my son's are through NYYTA.



Heifer International

New York Cares

America's Second Harvest

Animal Rescue Site

Gifts That Give More

Tropical Escapes: my Caribbean Retreat Partner

Adventure Retreats: my Yoga Works Retreat Partner

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