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Guard Your Daughters from Gardasil

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Dear Friend or Colleague

Guard Your Daughters from Gardasil

A number of friends and family members have asked me to comment on Gardasil, the new vaccine for HPV human papilloma virus, a sexually transmitted virus which causes genital warts and precancerous lesions of the cervix.

The Merck Gardasil vaccine story broke into the news Feb 3 when Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry issued an executive order, bypassing the legislature, and mandated vaccination for all 11 year old school girls. The media had a field day with disclosures of Merck�s financial ties to Perry and other lawmakers.

Fortunately, Governor Perry�s Gardasil executive order was blocked by a 119-21 vote of the Texas House. Instead of making the shots mandatory, they will be strictly voluntary and NOT required for school attendance. Facing this type of growing opposition, Merck disclosed that it has suspended mandatory vaccination lobbying efforts, which was dubbed by some as the �Help Pay for Vioxx Litigation Campaign�

Proponents of the vaccine say things like:

Rep. Cleo Duncan, R-Greensburg, held back tears as she told the committee "This is the first vaccination that we have ever had that will kill the virus that causes a cancer," she said. "What a wonderful, wonderful accomplishment. And for us to be here trying to debate whether we're even going to let our families know that this wonderful marvel is here is just beyond me."

Opponents to Gardasil say things like:

"This vaccine should not be mandated for 11-year-old girls.... It's not been tested in little girls for efficacy. At 11, these girls don't get cervical cancer�they won't know for 25 years if they will get cervical cancer. Giving it to 11-year-olds is a great big public health experiment." Dr. Diane Harper, lead researcher, HPV vaccine development

Objections Listed:

1. The vaccine is costly. ($360 for series of three shots)

2. Lack of testing in 9�13 yr olds.

3. Lack of evidence of duration of protection (estimated duration of 5 years).

4. Efficacy has not been demonstrated and is unknown. In fact, there's already been talk of the need for booster shots.

5. Benefit of Gardasil to 9�13 year olds is dubious. Cervical Cancer affects 45-55 year olds, 40 years later.

6. Questionable Safety when used in conjunction with other vaccines (Hep B and Meningitis ).

7. High rate of vaccine injury: the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System is showing considerable serious injury from this vaccine, especially neurological and immune dysfunction. Included are reports of collapse, paralysis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, dizziness, vomiting, rash, syncope, seizures and headache.

8. Gardasil may actually cause an increase in cervical cancer due to a false feeling of security in the females who receive it and decline PAP smears.

9. Gardasil does not guarantee safety from HPV: Regular Pap screening tests with their incumbent costs will still be needed.

10. The incidence of cervical cancer is low, and it would cost $360 million to pay for vaccine to prevent only 1�2 deaths.

11. HPV is usually benign: The virus clears up on its own within 8�12 months.

12. Pap screening already works and has been very effective in reducing cervical cancer rates.

13. Gardasil give the wrong message to kids about sex and may encourage promiscuity.

For a summary of objections to Gardasil, see this page at the Vaccination Risk Awareness Network. And, you might find this video interesting.

More information can be obtained at the National Vaccine Information Centre . And at the Alliance for Human Research Protection .

Are Mandatory Vaccinations really mandatory?

No, there are three types of exemptions:

1) Medical exemption (all states)

2) Religious exemptions (47 states)

3) Philosophical exemption (only 22 states, not including Florida)

In Florida, a waiver called DH Form 681 can be printed from the internet to decline mandatory vaccination using the religious exemption.

The DH 681 Form can be printed from the Internet, and is presented when registering for attendance at a Broward School.

For Vaccine Exemption Forms for all other States go here .


References and Useful Links:

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(3 ) Sherri TenPenny MD Vaccine Information

(4 ) HPV-Gardisil Page by Dr. Tenpenny

(5 )Merck Ends Lobbying For Cervical-Cancer Vaccine

(6 )Merck Suspends Campaign to Make Gardasil Vaccination Mandatory

(7 )Texas House May Block Mandatory HPV Vaccine Order

(8 ) Merck GARDASIL Web Site: the only vaccine that may help guard against diseases that are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) Types 6, 11, 16, and 18

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(12 ) FLORIDA - IMMUNIZATION EXEMPTIONS by State (includes current statutes, letters & forms)


Important Cancer Breakthrough

Nixon's �War Against Cancer� was a failure. But we have this new article , entitled Chromosomal Chaos and Cancer, by Peter Duesberg, Professor of Molecular Biology UC Berkely, which describes the recent real progress in cancer research (Scientific American, May 2007, Page 53). I recommend it for anyone interested in Cancer Research.


Virgina Tech SSRI Rampage

SSRI Antidepressants Again?

Another tragic senseless murder rampage at Virgina Tech by a lone gunman, a 23 year old senior named Cho Seung-Hui has been linked to antidepressant medication. (I assume it was an SSRI ). Is this a coincidence, or was the event induced by the SSRI medication? My previous article discussed that it is not a coincidence. Another 1400 similar stories are cataloged on this page. Unfortunately, the recent SSRI induced rampage by the lone gunman, Cho Seung-Hui at Virgina Tech, is another to be added to this long list. article (1) article (2)

Jeffrey Dach, M.D. TrueMedMD

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(7) Dach J, Patel N, Patel S, Petasnick J. Peritoneal mesothelioma: CT, sonography, and gallium-67 scan. AJR Am J Roentgenol. 1980 Sep;135(3):614

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