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Summer's Sweetness * July 2007 * Svadhisthana * Mary Yoga ENews * Issue #19

Sweet Summer Sensations

Sweetness is the name of 2nd, or Sacral Chakra. Svadhisthana in Sanskrit means literally "Place of the Self". "Sva" means Sacred Self, Divine Spirit, as in Svadhyaya, "Self Study". This sacred sacral chakra, located in the low belly, hips, low back, is truly tantric in that it reveres the cradle of life, our pelvic cradle, as connected to the sacred divine. Sacral Chakra governs sexuality and emotional creativity, and it glows an elusive flame-orange, midway 'twixt red and yellow: sunset, sunrise, papaya, mango, yams. Sensuality, creativity, and feeling are its provenance.

The blockage of Guilt can begin at age 6-18 months, when Svadhisthana grows. The vowel "oooo" helps to unblock, and the vibration "vam" helps balance the chakra's energy. So too can the affirmation "I have the right to feel, and to want." Poses that open the hips free Svadhisthana: outer hips (Pigeon, Lizard) inner hips (Cobbler); front and back hips (Rag Doll, Crescent Lunge, Hanuman). Mulabandha and breath of fire also engage 2nd Chakra, along with the 1st and the 3rd, respectively.

This month, notice where you are open to discovering your unique likes and dislikes, as personal as your fingerprints, experiencing your freely blossoming, sweet Sacral Chakra.

Anodea Judith on Chakras


Biking for Peace & Pleasure

My client Ted held a joyous July 4 BBQ in Northport where I practiced relishment, the right of Sacral Chakra, and also met many fun fellow guests. Norman introduced us to Time's Up, which leads free bike rides and tours all over the NY area. My husband and son did the Central Park Moonlight Ride the first Friday last month.

We all 3 did the downtown Peace Ride this Sunday morning, which began at Gandhi's statue in Union Square and led us through a score of enlightening sites including the labyrinth 'neath Jerusalem Pines in Battery Park, Vietnam Veterans' Plaza, Irish Hunger Memorial, St. Paul's, Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth sites. Rides vary in mileage and difficulty, interest and theme! Time's Up also promotes bike repair workshops and bike safety and education, including the addition of bike lanes.

Time's Up: Bike Group


Masters Among Us

We in the West are in no way impoverished for Yogic wisdom. We have Yoga studios in our major cities on every other corner, and even the smallest town, if we persevere and seek, harbors at least one studio and several certified and registered yoga teachers.

In the recent Summer Solstice "Mind Over Madness" Yogic celebration in Time Square, witness this spectacular photo of living master Dharma Mittra - of the classic 908 Yoga Poses Poster - who is only one of the multiple rich resources of Yoga in our city!

Dharma Mittra Yoga Center NYC


St. Lucia in February

My St. Lucia Retreat last February was so delicious, I am happy to announce the next, February 16-23, 2008, at boutique hotel Harmony Suites in Rodney Bay. We'll have the harbor, swimming pool, new Yoga room, A/C, TV, award-winning restaurant, on-site spa and short walk to town and beach. All levels, including your yoga neophyte friend or loved one, are welcome, as "Ishta" means "individual" and class levels will adjust for both newbie and experienced yogis. It's not too early to check it out now especially for airfare deals!

Caribbean Retreat Partner


Forward; Reply

Please feel free to forward to friends, reply directly with comments, and of course you can always Unsubscribe below. I do not share email addresses, but maintain this monthly means of maintaining Sangha, or community.

Maha Shanti!
Much Peace,

Mary's Website

Scaling Your Fears

Zen & Beginner's Mind at Colorado scout camp:

"You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face ... You must do the thing you think you cannot do."

Eleanor Roosevelt

Support Scouting for Youth


Summer Yoga Schedule

My summer classes:

NYHRC 23 St., Tues. 1pm Vinyasa Flow Open

Yogaworks East Side Fri. 10:45 Level 1 Ishta

NYHRC 23 St. Spa


Yoga Horizons

If you can't fly to Colorado, you can still take daily classes from Wyoming!

Get Yoga Today's weekly menus, or use the archive link below at your own leisure.

Yoga Today Weekly Archives


Photo Credits

"Success in life consists of going from one mistake to the next without losing enthusiasm."

Winston Churchill

Photos and models in this issue courtesy of: Doug O'Neill, Karen Lee, Dharma Mittra Center, Charles Lee, Scout Josh, and myself.

Yogaworks 2 Week Unlimited Deal in NYC


Thai Massage Workshop

Yogaworks hosts Ronni Ford, Thai Yoga Massage Therapist who will lead two Thai Yoga workshops:

Aug. 5 at Yogaworks' Westchester Studio in Irvington, and

Aug. 12 Downtown Yogaworks.

Thai Massage at Yogaworks

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My Caribbean Retreat Partner

Eco-Barge on the Hudson

Monks' Sand Mandalas for Sept. 11 Healing

Chiropractic & Massage Spa

Sacred Center NY Interfaith Church

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