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Next Meeting October 26th! Don't Miss Friday's Special Program Plus Donor Honor Roll Published for Community
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Business Matters
Chairman's Comments - Leon Abood
Special Presentation - Dr. Mark Kraus
Legal Update - Karl Wickstrom
Special Events - Helen Harralson
Fundraising - Lisa Wigley
WRAC - Ted Guy/Ed Fielding

Coalition Committee Reports
Water Quality - Mark Perry
Local issues - Mark Perry / Ed Fielding
State / Federal Issues - Kevin Henderson / Paul Gray
IRL / CERP - Kevin Henderson / Paul Gray

Donor Honor Roll!
The community is digging deep to provide funding for the historic federal lawsuit and overall campaign to save and restore the St. Lucie estuary. Following is the Donor Honor Roll now published on our Web site, newsletter and elsewhere. May we reserve a spot for you?

We can win this battle but it's obvious it will take a powerful legal fight and other activity. Let's not take it anymore! Our estuary, the most diverse in Florida or the rest of North America, deserves our determination and our angry action. Enough is enough.

Please join the Honor Roll today.

Donor Honor Roll
Rivers Coalition Defense Fund

Platinum $10,000 or More
City of Stuart
Town of Sewall's Point
Everglades Foundation
Wayne Huizenga Foundation
Frances Langford Foundation
Paul Tudor Jones
Karl Wickstrom
Hewes Boats
Yamaha Motors

Gold $5,000 - $9,999
Robert and Elsa Eustace
Chris & Lisa Wigley
F. D. "Bud" Jordan
Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley - David True
Arthur O'Hara
Kevin Henderson
Robert and Suzanne Pearson
Leon Abood
Nathaniel Reed
Mark Perry
Judy Rosasco
Lindsay Marine
Barbara Trimble
Ted Guy
Friends of the Marina

Silver $1,000 - $4,999
Frederic Ayers
John and Diane Polhemus
Robert and Frances Bangert
Chuck Powers
Wilson and Mary Baysinger
J.T. Pratt
Stephen Bohner
Clark Raynor
James & Eileen Burke
Brian Schmidt
Donna Craw
Nicholas Smith
Charles & Julie Crispin
John VanAmster
Donald Crow
John and Maryann Villalva
Dwight Davis
Stanley Walker
Charlie DeGarmo
Robert Weissman
Patricia Doyle
Gutter Guy Incorporated
Dawson Glover
Gulfstream Alluminum
John and Carolyn Hanson
Real Estate Company
James & Patricia Harter
BR Boniface Real Estate
Leslie Hoffman J
S Capital Managemnet
Joseph Lyng
The Martin County Community Foundation II Foundation Inc Baratta
James and Marsha McCormick
Seagrass Awareness Calendar
Patricia McGhee
Marine Industries Association of the TC
John and Michele Mildenberger
EZ Loader Trailers
Merrily Dee Minardi
Minn Kota Trolling Motors
Craig O'Callahan
Henry Caimotto
Robert & Eryn Pare
Blair Wickstrom
Brian Schmidt

Bronze $500 - $999
William Anderson
Margaret Richebourg
Mary Jo Askew
Peter Schmidt
Michael Ciferri
Christian and Joan Schmidt
Len Dinter
Thomas Stine
Carlos Donado
Phil & Gerry Tafoya
Robert Donaldson
Susan Valliere
M.L. Dunn
Todd and Brenda Weissing
William Durall
Sailfish Marina
William and Joyce Filip
Audubon of Martin County Inc
Lanning and Jane Fox
Citizens for Florida Waterways Inc
Peter Freudenberg
Martin County Hotel & Motel Association
Stephen and Aida Fry
Surfrider Foundation TC Chapter
Carl & Susan Granados
Rick Caroll Insurance
J.M. and S.E. Heard
Power-Pole Anchor
Peyton Hudson
Humminbird Electronics
Richard and Marsha Hupfel
Ocean Kayaks
Thomas Lusty
James Moir
Ann MacMillan

Grassroots $100 - $499
John and Kathryn Adamiak
Ralph and Deborah Grant
Jan Adams
Samuel and Virginia Gray
Michael Alford
Mark Greenberg
Lee Antonelli
Peter and Irene Hansen
David Arndt
Janet Harding
Thomas Arnold
Helen Harralson
Thomas & Margaret Aydelotte
Janis and Jeff Hart
Robert and Carol Baratta
William and Margaret Hart
Loren & Kathryn Bell
Douglas and Janet Hatton
Janice and John Belwood
Franke Hayden
George and Anna Bergalis
Pam Helmick
Barry and Marylou Berhoff
Patricia and J.K. Henderson
Margaret & Roger Bernot
Clark and Sylvia Hodges
Pamela & George Besemer
David Hodgson
Mary and William Bobb
Kenneth and Janet Hoffman
Edwin & Patricia Bolander
John Honan
Betty Brain
Dennis Hoorn
Tom Brown
Shari Hoover
Robert Burton
Edward and Susan Hughes
Robert and Carol Calder
Lawrence Ieropoli
Stanley Campbell
Valerie Janganant
Raji Caputo
Kevin Kelly
Dan Carmody
Daniel and Karen King
Marty Carmody
Paul Kleinfeld
Robert and Gayle Caston
Mary Klien
Charles & Brenda Cavallaro
Phyllis Kovacs
Susan and Frank Cecilia
Tim Krentz
Chad and Natasha Chadinha
Donald Kurtz
Robert Chapman Jr
Gary Lemon
John Chlopek
William and Patricia Lichtenberger
Fran & Nancy Clark
John and Rose Lillich
Richard Cohn
Noel Lindsay
Inglis Collier
Marsha and Geoff Livingstone
J. Allen and Therese Como
Charles Locke
James Coogan
Edward and Shirley Losch
Robert and Cheryl Cook
Rene Loyola
Leon & Kathleen Cort
Michael Lustgarten
James & Theresa Coryell
Natalie MacDonald
Daniel Cowan
Suzanne Matlack
Robert & Margaret Crandall
James and Elaine Matts
Lester Crawford
John and Bernice Maurer
Anthony and Judith DeSantis
Frank and Susan Maxwell
Rob and Lori DesRuisseaux
Nancy & John McCoy
Kimberly Dettori
Barry and Martha McCrudden
Barry and Virginia Douglass
John and Barbara McDaniel
M. Evans David and Demise McKinney
Peter Falco
Jerry McWilliams
Mark Fedele
Richard and Edna Lee Melosh
Kathleen Fleming
David Meyer
Frank & Elizabeth Froehling
Richard and Carmel Miele
Robert and Carol Furman
Jack Miller
Henry and Mary Ann Gans
Gerald Millstein
Nancy & John German
Steven Minkler
Brenda and Robert Gibbons
James and Barbara Moore
Yvan Girard
Willett Moore
Ernest & Gertrude Godshalk
William Moore
Marvin and Elizabeth Goldsmith
John and Bobbie Moran
David and Marilyn Morris
Richard and Helen Sigler
Gwendolyn & Thomas Morris
Elizabeth Simmons
Leslia Morrison
Steve and Patricia Singer
Jim Moselund
Edward and Patricia Smith
Serena O'Connor
Robert Smith
Robert Odgers
Susan Smyth
John & Erin Odwazney
Paul Spring
Robert & Inge Owens
Joanne Swann
Jo Ellen and Hugh Panton
Henry Taylor
Ralph and Jean Parks
Jacqueline Thurlow
Gary and Nancy Parlin
David & Elaine Tifft
Jane Peck
Anne Treadwell
Eric and Marsha Pfeiffer
William Tuttle
Jerry and Nancy Pfitzner
Harvey & Nancy Ulano
John & Jane Phillips
Karen Varbalow
Jay Potsdam
Jim Vogelsong
Maxwell Quackenbos
Robert and Karen Voisinet
Susan Reynolds
Harry & Loretta Walch
Sheila Rimer
James & Betty Ward
Scott & Kelli Roads
Nancy & Robert Ward
William Roberts
Scott Watson
Paul & Christa Roberts
Lee Weberman
Luther Rogers
Gerry Weisenseel
Mary Rollins
T. W. Werpshaw
Michael and Sally Rosenberg
Sherri and Ed Westervelt
Charles Ross
Meg Whitmer
Paul and Dorothy Rumbaugh
William Whittaker
Anne Ryan
Drew Wickstrom
Sheila Sanders-Shawver
Eric Wickstrom
Philip and Dorothy Schein
Catherine Williams
David Schilke
Pamela Williams
David and Suzanne Schiller
Andrea Wood
Kenneth and Cynthia Schirmang
Tim and Valerie Wright
John Ziegler
Suzanne Sheilds
Paul Zorra
Bruce Siegel
Aesthetic Dentistry of Palm City Inc
William Scott Dental
Crowder Rods
Christopher Dillon
Jessica Briske

We also thank the many citizens and groups who have given less than $100 (everything helps) as well as certain anonymous donations in various categories.
List updated as of October 22, 2007

Will you act today?

Presentation by Veteran Everglades Expert Set for Public Rivers Coalition Meeting
Ways to stop damaging discharges from Lake Okeechobee into the St. Lucie estuary will be explored Friday in a special public program presented by one of the state's foremost experts in Everglades restoration issues.

Dr. Mark Kraus will cover the continuing environmental crisis in an appearance before the Rivers Coalition at 11 a.m. Oct. 26 at the Realtors Association auditorium at 43 SW Monterey Road., located at the northwest corner of Monterey Blvd. and Kanner Hwy. The public is invited, at no charge.

Kraus is chief operating officer of the Everglades Foundation, which is the only entity devoted exclusively to addressing Everglades problems that have plagued Florida for more than a half-century and now reached new levels of degradation in most recent years.

The Everglades Foundation is a powerful supporter of the Rivers Coalition Defense Fund's federal lawsuit against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The group is responsible for more than $100,000 in funds for the lawsuit and provides important evidence of what advocates say is an unconstitutional "taking" of riparian values.

"This is a solid case that could have outstanding ramifications not only for all of Martin and St. Lucie Counties but the west coast and other areas as well," Kraus said.

Rivers Coalition Chair Leon Abood urges citizens concerned about the damaged estuary to attend Friday's presentation and to provide more financial support for the case, now progressing with pre-trial phases in the Court of Federal Claims in Washington. The full text of the complaint and other information is available at Rivers

"This community must have a determined and full commitment to stopping the terrible discharges from the lake," added Coordinator Karl Wickstrom, "because the plain truth is that nothing else will save and restore this estuary. Nothing."

Lots of river advocates are talking about Dr. Grant Gilmore's extraordinary presentation about what makes the St. Lucie Estuary so special.

So now we've put together a 26-minute DVD on this amazing program that the noted fisheries biologist put on for the Rivers Coalition membership.

Among other facts, Gilmore showed how the St. Lucie is home to more species of fish than any estuary in North America! The fisheries experts have counted 800 different species, far more than in Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, the Bahamas or anywhere else. And yet the discharges of turbid excessive freshwater wipe out the estuarine character.

(This year, of course, the river is much better off because the discharge gates have been shut tight, but you can be sure the the onslaughts are coming back. Only court action can stop it, from all indications.)

The DVD's are available to donors and for group showings, so let us know if you'd like one.

Contact us to request your DVD.

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