December 8, 2007
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TONI PRICE : : Talk Memphis

In the pantheon of American music, there are great performers of blues, rhythm & blues, rock & roll, pop, jazz, and country, but who can do them all except Toni Price? What makes Toni unique is that she knows only one way to do things -- her way. She sings only songs that she can sincerely relate to.

She does not play a musical instrument; she is a musical instrument. Toni sings with all the power of what she calls "a lot of pain I had to let out." "I'm about songs and singing", Toni says. "It's a two-way gift. I give my energy to people and they give theirs back to me." In this album, she says, she's "exploring further different kinds of American music."

Click the LISTEN button below to hear the title track from TALK MEMPHIS by Toni Price.

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Last year the Phantom Blues Band stepped “Out of the Shadows” from behind their longtime employer and musical leader Taj Mahal to deliver their Delta Groove debut.

Although individual members have remained in high demand (Mike Finnigan was recruited for Joe Cocker’s recent tour, Denny Freeman is now employed by Bob Dylan, and Johnny Lee Schell, Joe Sublett, Darrell Leonard and Tony Braunagel have been playing dates with the Blues Brothers featuring Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi), the band still found the time to come together in the studio and cook up another inspired and soulful recording. The resulting effort is an all new platter that serves up a savory and zesty blend of Gospel, R&B, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Jazz and Blues.

With a proven track record that includes two Grammys and a W.C. Handy Award for their previous work with Taj Mahal, as well as countless appearances by individual members on recordings and in concert by such heavyweight artists as Bonnie Raitt, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, Andrew Tosh, Eric Burdon, Smokey Robinson, Buddy Guy and the Rolling Stones, you can expect the Phantom Blues Band to continue to follow in the “Footprints” of sleeping giants and leave their own impressions behind for the world to discover.

Click the LISTEN button below to hear the opening track "Look at Granny Run" from FOOTPRINTS by the Phantom Blues Band.

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Monster Mike Welch is one of the East Coast's best-loved Blues guitarits, and at 28 years old, already a fifteen year veteran of the international Blues scene. Mike burst onto the Blues scene at the age of thirteen, when he was publicly given the nickname "Monster Mike" by Blues Brother Dan Aykroyd at the opening of the first House of Blues club.

Mike's varied career has seen him lauded as a teen virtuoso, valued as a supportive sideman, and respected as a maturing Blues artist. Recent years have found Mike dividing his time between guest stints (on CDs by Sugar Ray & the Bluetones, Nick Moss, Johnny Winter and more) and his own work in the European Blues Scene.

JUST LIKE IT IS finds Mike returning to the North American blues market stronger than ever, and his trademark biting guitar and clear,soulful volice delivering eleven new originals and two covers.

Click the LISTEN button below to hear the opening track "She Makes Time" on JUST LIKE IT IS by "Monster" Mike Welch.

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Enter this contest and win!

Working on the next contest - keep watching for the announcement.


The Blues Festival Guide Staff Wishes All Of You A Joyous and Musical Holiday!

The Blues Foundation Announces 160 Acts to Compete in 2008 International Blues Challenge

Don't miss another record-breaking year! A total of 160 acts will participate in the 24th International Blues Challenge on historic Beale Street. This year, we will see 100 bands and 60 solo/duo acts competing in Memphis, TN. Make sure that your face is in the place-- January 31-February 2, 2008.

The finals will take place at the ornate Orpheum Theater at the top of Beale on Saturday and Cassie Taylor and Gary Clark, Jr. will be the co-hosts of the Band finals in the afternoon.

For information, tickets and IBC shirts contact

1. Arkansas River Blues Society, Cosmic Biscuit
2. Asociacion Civil Amigos Jazz Ensamble, MO' BLUES - Argentina
3. Atlanta Blues Society, Tommy Brown
4. Baltimore Blues Society, Nothin' But Trouble
5. Baton Rouge Blues Society, 'Lil' Ray Neal Blues Band
6. Billtown Blues Association, Black~n~Blues
7. Black Swamp Blues Society, Chris Shutters Band
8. Blue Ridge Blues Society, Little Rodger & The Cheap Thrills
9. Blues Alliance of the Treasure Coast, The Nouveaux Honkies
10. Blues Blowtorch Society, Kim Massie Band
11. Blues for Peace, Roy Young-Israel
12. Blues in Britain, Oli Brown Band - Untited Kingdom
13. Blues Lovers United of San Diego, Aunt Kizzy'z Boyz
14. Blues Society of Central Pennsylvania, Don Johnson Project
15. Blues Society of Northwest Florida, Darren J Trio
16. Blues Society of the Ozarks, A.B.S.Blues Band
17. Blues Society of Tulsa, Little Joe McLerran & The Big Three Trio
18. Blues Society of Western New York, Blueshounds
19. Blues Society of Western Pennsylvania, Jill West and Blues Attack
20. Blues Sur Seine, Awek - France
21. Blues, Jazz and Folk Music Society, The Jimi Vincent Band
22. Boise Blues Society, Hoochie Coochie Men
23. Boston Blues Society, Bruce Marshal Group
24. Canal Bank Shuffle, Fathead - Canada
25. Cape Fear Blues Society, Chickenhead Blues Band
26. Capital Area Blues Society, 6 Hands Down
27. Cascade Blues Association, Franco and the Stingers
28. Charlotte Blues Society, WSNB
29. Cincy Blues Society, Jon Justice
30. Colorado Blues Society, Erica Brown Band
31. Columbus Blues Alliance, Patrick McLaughlin
32. Connecticut Blues Society, The Mike Crandall Band
33. Creekside Blues Society, Big Gil's Blues & His Funky All-Stars
34. Crossroads Blues Soceity of Mississippi, John Horton
35. Crossroads Blues Society (IN), The Paxton Norris Band
36. DC Blues Society, Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings
37. Detroit Blues Society, Front Street Blues Band
38. Diamond State Blues Society, Lower Case Blues
39. Frederick Blues Society, Blues on Board
40. Friends of Rentiesville Blues Inc., Jennifer Marriott
41. Greater Twin Cities Blues Music Society, Cadillac Kolstad and the Flats
42. Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, Garrett Mason & The Vibrations
43. Houston Blues Society, Thrill Hill and the Real Deal
44. Illinois Central Blues Club, Darrein Safron and the Soul Sensations
45. Iowa Blues Societies, Matt Woods and The Thunderbolts
46. James River Blues Society of Sedalia, Clarence "The Blues Man" Turner
47. Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues Foundation, Moose & The Bulletproof Blues Band
48. Kalamazoo Valley Blues Association, TC & the Roadmasters
49. Kansas City Blues Society, Trampled Under Foot
50. Kentuckiana Blues Society, Velveeta Jones Band
51. Kentucky Blues Society, The Fender Benders
52. Lake of the Ozarks Blues Society, Johnny G and The All Stars
53. Lehigh Valley Blues Network, Sarah Ayers Band
54. Long Island Blues Society, JP Blues Band
55. Madison Blues Society, Bobby Bryan and The Original Downtown Players
56. Magic City Blues Society, Todd Simpson and Mojo Child
57. Mahoning River Blues Society, Willie Phoenix
58. Maine Blues Society, Matt & the Barnburners
59. Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society, Jaimi Faulkner Band - Australia
60. Memphis Blues Society, Eric Hughes Band
61. Mid North Michigan Blues Society, Big Daddy Fox & The Krewe
62. Mississippi Delta Blues Society of Indianola, Mickey Rogers and the Soul Master Band Featuring Barbara Looney
63. MO Blues Association, Doghouse Daddies
64. Monterey Bay Blues Festival, Volker Strifler
65. Natchel Blues Network, The Michael Clark Band featuring Tracy Clark
66. North Central Florida Blues Society, Used Blues
67. North Texas Blues Society, James Hinkle
68. Northeast Blues Society, Tas Cru and the Slow Happy Boys
69. Oklahoma Blues Society, Snakeshakers
70. Orange Blossom Blues Society, Smokin' Torpedoes
71. Ozark Blues Society of NW Arkansas, Drawing Back Featuring Daniel Conti
72. Paris Blues Soceity, The Triptones
73. Phoenix Blues Society, Big Daddy D and The Dynamites
74. Piedmont Blues Preservation Society, Big Road
75. River City Blues Society (VA), RYLO
76. Sacramento Blues Society, Delta Wires
77. San Angelo Blues Society, The Jeff Strahan Band
78. San Luis Obispo Blues Society, Pryor Baird and The Deacons
79. Santa Barbara Blues Society, Blue Stew
80. Santa Clarita Valley Blues Society, Laurie Morvan Band
81. Sierra Blues Soceity, Leah Tysse
82. Sonny Boy Blues Soceity, Big Red and The Soul Benders
83. South Florida Blues Society, J.P. Soars & The Red Hots
84. South Sound Blues Association, Red Hot Blues Sisters
85. Southern Arizona Blues Heritage Foundation, Train Wreck
86. Southern California Blues Society, Andy Walo Band
87. Spa City Blues Society, The Brethren
88. Space Coast Blues Society, Josh Miller and the Bad Mules
89. St. Louis Blues Society, Marquise Knox
90. Suncoast Blues Society, Sack O’ Woe
91. Sydney Blues Society, Ray Beadle Band - Australia
92. Texarkana Blues Society, Diddley Squat
93. Toronto Blues Society, Shakura S'Aida - Canada
94. Triangle Blues Society, Contagious Blues Band
95. Vicksburg Blues Society, Scott Albert Johnson
96. Washington Blues Society, Hudson Blues Band
97. West Michigan Blues Society, Crossroads Blues Band
98. West Virginia Blues Society, Billy the Kid & the Regulators
99. Wichita Blues Society, RKO
100. Yesterday & Today's Rhythm & Blues Society, CJ Vaughn & Highway 58

1. Arkansas River Blues Society, Dan and Al
2. Atlanta Blues Society, Nathan Nelson
3. Baltic Blues of Eutin, Ian Parker-Germany
4. Billtown Blues Association, Brennon John
5. Black Swamp Blues Society, Pat Lewandowski
6. Blues Alliance of the Treasure Coast, Ben Prestage
7. Blues Blowtorch Society, Barb Hamilton Band
8. Blues Society of Central Pennsylvania, Matt Wigler & Mike Aubin
9. Blues Society of Northwest Florida, Memphis Annie
10. Blues Society of the Ozarks, The Cotton Boys
11. Blues Society of Tulsa, Perry Thomas/James Watts
12. Blues Society of Western New York, Cale Hawkins
13. Blues Society of Western Pennsylvania, Jeff Kelley
14. Blues Society on Taiwan, Mike Officer and Kory Montgomery
15. Blues Sur Seine, Mountain Men-France
16. Cape Fear Blues Society, Tony Rogers
17. Cascade Blues Association, Alice Stuart
18. Charlotte Blues Society, Wicker and Jones
19. Cincy Blues Society, Ricky Nye
20. Colorado Blues Society, Lionel Young
21. Columbus Blues Alliance, Walter Tore's Spontobeat
22. Connecticut Blues Society, Dan Stevens and Chris D'Amato
23. Creekside Blues Society, Woody Pines
24. Detroit Blues Society/ Canada South Blues Society, Mike Espy & Yakity Yak
25. Downstate NY Blues Association, Jon Short
26. Friends of Rentiesville Blues Inc., D.J. White
27. Grand County Blues Society, John-Alex Mason
28. Greater Twin Cities Blues Music Society, James Samuel "Cornbread" Harris Sr
29. Houston Blues Society, Stevie DuPree and Jack Saunders, The Delta Flyers
30. Illinois Central Blues Club, Robert Sampson
31. Iowa Blues Societies, Willie Mac & Alan Smith
32. Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues Foundation, The Dalton/Feiles Duo
33. Kansas City Blues Society, Rich Berry
34. Kentucky Blues Society, Michael Gough and John Martin
35. Klamath Blues Society, Doctor Mongo & Harry Harpoon
36. Lake of the Ozarks Blues Society, Howell and Eis
37. Lehigh Valley Blues Network, Donovan Roberts
38. Long Island Blues Society, Steve Robinson
39. Magic City Blues Society, 2blu
40. Mahoning River Blues Society, Kristine Jackson
41. Maine Blues Society, Pat Pepin
42. Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society, Miss Suzannah Espie & Big Boy Lemonade-Australia
43. Mississippi Delta Blues Society of Indianola, L.C. Ulmer and Chase Holifield
44. Mojo Station, Rude Blues - Italy
45. Natchel Blues Network, Bobby "BlackHat" Walters and Larry B.
46. North Texas Blues Society, KM Williams
47. Ozarks Blues Society, Adam Posnak
48. Paris Blues Soceity, Diamond Jack and Johnny C. Lately
49. Rowan Blues and Jazz Society, Blazin Blues Bob
50. Sacramento Blues Society, Ron Cook & Pinkie Varner
51. Santa Barbara Blues Society, Karen Tyler with Bruce Krupnik
52. Santa Clarita Valley Blues Society, Cody LePow
53. South African Blues Society, Clark and Steel - Africa
54. Spa City Blues Society, Jelly Brown
55. Suncoast Blues Society, AL "Coffee" McDaniel
56. Texarkana Blues Society, Mark Searcy
57. Toronto Blues Society, Danny Brooks
58. Triangle Blues Society, Andy Coats
59. Vicksburg Blues Society, Sherman Lee Dillon
60. West Virginia Blues Society, Izzy & Chris

50th Grammy Awards Nomination List -- AND THE NOMINEES ARE!

Category 66
Best Traditional Blues Album (Vocal or Instrumental)

-Pinetop Perkins On The 88's - Live In Chicago/Pinetop Perkins [Sagebrush Productions/Vizztone Label Group]
-Live...And In Concert From San Francisco/Otis Rush [Blues Express, Inc.]
-10 Days Out: Blues From The Backroads/Kenny Wayne Shepherd Featuring Various Artists [Reprise Records]
-Old School/Koko Taylor ¨[Alligator Records]
-Last Of The Great Mississippi Delta Bluesmen: Live In Dallas/Henry James Townsend, Joe Willie "Pinetop" Perkins, Robert Lockwood, Jr. & David "Honeyboy" Edwards ¨[The Blue Shoe Project]


Category 67
Best Contemporary Blues Album (Vocal or Instrumental)

-Into The Blues/Joan Armatrading [429 Records]
-Is It News/Doyle Bramhall [Yep Roc Records]
-The Road To Escondido/ JJ Cale & Eric Clapton [Reprise Records/Warner Music Group]
-Truth/Robben Ford [Concord Records]
-The Scene Of The Crime/Bettye LaVette [Anti]


Live at the Boston Blues Festival Volume II Features Honeyboy Edwards and Many Others!

For over a decade, the Blues Trust has treated the city of Boston to two days of free Blues music each September by the banks of The Charles River. Live at the Boston Blues Festival Volume II is a sampling of some of the outstanding Blues talent showcased at the event.

Featuring live performances by Blues Trust Lifetime Achievement Award recipients Honeyboy Edwards, Lazy Lester, Louisiana Red, Hubert Sumlin and Chick Willis, there are also stellar performances by Duke Robillard, Sugar Ray & The Bluetones, Darrell Nulisch and The Love Dogs. Others performers include David Maxwell, Kid Bangham, Monster Mike Welch, Dwight Ritcher, Lydia Warren, Hot Tamale Brass Band and Dennis Brennan.

The original live recording, A Beanpot of Songs, is a sold out collector's item. Volume II is distributed through Burnside Distributors and is available at your favorite Blues music store or online direct at All sales help Blues Trust Productions present and promote Blues music and the musicians who perform it. Treat yourself and your friends to a copy or two for the holidays and assist this public charity broaden the appeal of the Blues through the free festival, which helps keep the music accessible to all.

Grand Opening of Rock Wine & Blues in Humble, TX

This weekend should prove to be great with the official Grand Opening of Rock Wine & Blues. RWB is a brand new upscale blues/jazz/motown live music venue - over 7,100 sq ft of elegance! The unique interior design and upscale atmosphere are beautifully crafted and sure to appeal to music lovers & wine connoisseurs.

With over 230 seats and holding capacity for 500+
patrons, RWB has a New Orleans theme and vibe both inside & out! They feature some of the best Blues/Jazz/R&B performers every week and offer an incredible, relaxing atmosphere. 

Brother 2 Brother (a blues band from Houston, Texas) will be performing both Friday and Saturday nights beginning at 9pm and the wonderfully talented Vicki Hendley, co-owner of RWB, will be sitting in both nights!

Also, the Houston Blues Society will be there on Saturday, December 8 for give-aways and HBS Memberships!

Rock Wine & Blues is located in Orleans Square Shopping Center at 18321 West Lake Houston Pkwy, Suite 140 Humble, TX 77346.
Remember: To Avoid Turning into Rust; Going Partying is a Must!!
Peace and Love and a Thousand Hugs!!

Cropper and Dunn To Tour With Guy Sebastian

by Paul Cashmere - November 5 2007
photo of Steve Cropper by Ros O'Gorman

Stax legends Steve Cropper and Donald 'Duck' Dunn will tour Australia in March backing Guy Sebastian. Sebastian recently recorded his 4th album in Memphis with the soul stars.

Guy Theodore Sebastian (born October 26, 1981) is an Australian singer-songwriter and winner of the first Australian Idol TV talent competition quest in 2003. Since winning the competition, he has released four top four albums and seven top twenty singles and has sold over a million albums and singles in Australia alone. He has also had substantial success overseas with number one hits in New Zealand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Cropper and Dunn were the backbone of Booker T & The MG's, featured and starred in The Blues Brothers movie and collectively performed on hundreds of soul songs recorded for the Stax label. Cropper co-wrote the classics '(Sitting On) The Dock of the Bay', 'In The Midnight Hour' and 'Knock On Wood'. Sebastian recorded his new record 'The Memphis Album' with the legends earlier this year. The album was released on November 10th.

Famous Guitars Lost and Found

Guitar Signed By Legends Lost In The Mail

A guitar signed for charity by rock legends Eric Clapton, Brian May, Jimmy Page and Mark Knopfler has been lost in the mail.

The autographed Fender Stratocaster was set to fetch $40,000 at auction to raise cash for a children's hospice, but in a catastrophic mix-up it vanished after being mailed from London to Leicestershire, England.

The mail company responsible, Parcelforce, has agreed to give $30,000 to Rainbows, the charity concerned.

Brian Jones' Guitar Found In Dentist's Office

Music legend Brian Jones' first-ever electric guitar has been discovered more than 40 years since it went missing - at a dentist's office in London, England.

Jones, who died aged 27 in 1969, used the Harmony Stratotone on the first Rolling Stones hit, Come On, and is said to have taught Keith Richards to play on it.

The guitar vanished in the early 1960s, and the family of Basil "Tug" Wilson, a dentist, has come forward to reveal he was given the guitar to cover a bill.

Bought for $60 in 1959 by the original Stones manager, Dick Hattrell, the guitar is now thought to be worth $500,000.

NBA Memphis Grizzlies Looking for Blues Music

Do you know of a Blues song that would be appropriate to use at an NBA game? You know--a song that has a few seconds that can be used to pump up the home team or buck them up on defense? The Memphis Grizzlies are looking for such songs to use on Blues Night at the FedEx Forum January 30, the night before the International Blues Challenge begins.

You have all heard the standards sport songs, e.g., We are the Champions, Another One Bites the Dust, etc. and if you have been to a NBA game lately, you know that current rap and hip hop songs have been added to the list. Send your ideas to The Blues Foundation (

Maybe the classic "Got My Mojo Working" by Muddy Waters or perhaps "Somebody Shoot that Thing" by Super Chickan?

Remember, at the game, only a few seconds will be played and it has to stir the crowd and team to greater glory!

So. Cal Musicians Impacted by Wildfires Can Get Help From AFM

The AFM Musicians Disaster Relief Fund is facilitating the administration of funding efforts for any musicians who may have been impacted by the wild fires in Southern California. First we would like musicians who have experienced loss due to these tragedies to contact their local union. The locals have all been notified and are prepared to assist.

Contributions are deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code as the fund has tax exempt status under section 501c3. As funds are distributed to individuals it is a requirement to keep case histories showing the recipients' names and addresses; the purpose of the money; and manner of selection.

The tragic events surrounding the destruction and havoc created by these fires have affected thousands of people in Southern California and created a disaster of epic proportions. It will take many months to clear the debris and rebuild the homes and businesses. We look forward to the day when the citizens of these areas will be able to move back into their homes but until then, they need help.

All checks and money orders should be sent to:
AFM Musicians Disaster Relief Fund
1501 Broadway, Suite 600, New York, NY 10036
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Sahid Fawaz at 212-869-1330, ext. 229 or send an e-mail to

Denzel Washington Hand Picks Songs For New Film, The Great Debaters

Atlantic Records has announced details of THE GREAT DEBATERS - MUSIC FROM & RECORDED FOR THE MOTION PICTURE, the original motion picture soundtrack to the forthcoming Weinstein Company theatrical release. Due in stores on December 11th, the album features an extraordinary roster of modern artists - including Sharon Jones, Alvin "Youngblood" Hart, and the Carolina Chocolate Drops - performing pre-1935 blues, folk, jazz, and gospel classics. Directed by and starring Academy Award-winner Denzel Washington, The Great Debaters is set to open in theaters nationwide on December 25th.

The pre-1935 songs were hand picked by Denzel Washington for the various on camera scenes from over 1000 songs from the period. Recorded largely at Memphis world-renowned Ardent Studios, THE GREAT DEBATERS - MUSIC FROM & RECORDED FOR THE MOTION PICTURE centers around Grammy Award-winning blues singer/guitarist Alvin "˜Youngblood" Hart and Brooklyn-based soul sensation Sharon Jones, who are featured both as solo performers and in collaboration with The Carolina Chocolate Drops.

Bob Putignano's "Sounds of Blue" #1 in blues at

Sounds of Blue radio show just went to # 1 as the most listened to blues radio program at

Overall genres it is in the top 100, and there are over 10,000 stations broadcasting at Broadcaster Bob Puntignano is pictured above with Hubert Sumlin.

Potential listeners can tune in by clicking:

Live365 has just announced its service is now available on all smartphones, pocket PCs, and PDAs running Windows Mobile 5 or 6, on all carriers worldwide, via its Radio365-Mobile software.
Blues Brother Dan Aykroyd is selling his famous Hollywood Home

Dan Aykroyd and his wife, actress Donna Dixon, have placed their 5,000-sq.-ft., Cape Cod-style home of 25 years in the Hollywood Hills on the market for $4.2 million.

The private, gated estate is set on lush, isolated and densely foliated grounds of more than three-quarters of an acre. Built in 1951, the residence contains five bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms and a large country-style kitchen with adjacent staff quarters.

The extensive master suite has an attached office and weight room/gym. French doors from the den lead out to the swimming pool and English gardens. There's also a library/studio and fireplaces in the den, master bedroom, kitchen and dining room and six fireplaces in all.

The home, which is listed with Barry Sloane of Sotheby's International Realty Beverly Hills, also comes with plenty of "soul," having served as the site of numerous parties in the '60's when previous owners included Ringo Starr, of the Beatles, and then "Mama" Cass Elliot, of the Mamas and the Papas.

According to Aykroyd, 55, whose movies include Trading Places, Driving Miss Daisy and The Blues Brothers, the Mamas and the Papas' iconic hit "California Dreamin'" was actually penned in the house.

Aykroyd also leased it out for the past few years to such tenants as Rosie O'Donnell and John Goodman.

Interactive Gig Calendar at

Imagine Google with nothing but Live Music, and that's what you'll find at We're here to support live music, and that's why we invented the Interactive Gig Calendar, a promotional power tool for bands and venues to place their gigs on a national music calendar! And it's free to all bands!!

Now it's been made even better - we've added profiles, for bands and venues to create their very own profile page. Bands can now upload their bio, photo, and music, and venues can even upload their menus and more. If you're a gigging band, STLBlues is enrolling Street Teamers, which lets you make easy money hooking up venues with the calendar. For more info, call STLBlues at 314.378.0659, or drop an email to

Dave Beardsley
STLBlues, A Music Promotion Co.
11469 Olive Blvd., Suite 163,
St. Louis, MO 63141
c. 314.378.0659


Ruf Records announces the signing of guitarist/singer Anthony Gomes and a February 19, 2008 release of his label debut CD, LIVE.

LIVE was recorded February 27 of this year at The Triple Door in Seattle, Washington, and features four new songs, five songs off his previous album, Music Is The Medicine, and a sizzling cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Heartbreaker.” The album was recorded live to 2-track without any musical overdubs.

"Little Charlie" Baty, Junior Watson, Richard Innes and Larry Taylor will appear on JW Jones' fifth recording BLUELISTED. Fellow Ottawa native, Dan Aykroyd the original blues brother himself will be writing the CD liner notes for the CD due out in early 2008 on the Northern Blues label.

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RICH COHEN:from Brooklyn, NY

When it comes to the guitar, Rich Cohen can do it all. He is a hybrid artist who can effortlessly connect the strains of hundreds of influences into his own sound. Killer Blues, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Pop, RnB etc... epitomizes his eclectic electric approach. Soulful heart-felt vocals and mature songwriting reflect his singer/songwriter talents, while his instrumental acoustic playing traverses territory as diverse as Blues, Jazz, folk, Celtic, classical, Indian, Brazilian and African.

"Sour Mash", Rich Cohen's 3rd release in two years, is yet another display of Rich's awesome diversity; this time hopping around various flavors of the Blues with a rocking take on the classic Slim Harpo tune "Shake Your Hips", Rich's jump-swing flavored instrumental "Bounce and Burn", the gospel-tinged Sleepy John Estes tune "Floating Bridge", a swampy vamp on Tom Waits penned "2:19" and other rocking originals by Rich.

Having spent many years as a touring musician and session guitarist from a wide variety of genres, Rich takes the wheel by returning to his blues roots with the release of SOUR MASH featuring harmonica virtuoso Jason Ricci. Rich called upon some great cats from New York's blues scene to assist in the rhythm section: Barry Harrison on drums, who played with Johnny and Shemekia Copeland, George Papa George on organ plays with everybody from Mighty Sam McClain to Melvin Sparks, Rod Gross who plays with Bo Diddley also helped out on drums on a few tracks.

Killer blues, soulful vocals and fluid guitar work...
That's what Rich Cohen provides with his earnest mix of fusing blues, jazz and rock n' roll. Seasoned by an underlying vibe that conveys equal parts tribute and interpretation, Rich Cohen delivers on the promise of dropping jaws with his blazing heart-felt guitar and passion filled vocals.

Rich Cohen performance and recording credits include:
Ricki Lee Jones, Ted Hawkins, Chuck Jackson, Buddy Miles, Lucky Peterson, Billy Branch, Magic Slim, Phoebe Snow, Gavin Degraw, Was (Not Was), Randy Jacobs & The Boneshakers, Jason Ricci, Majek Fashek, Alvaro Torres, NooVooDoo, Sweet Georgia Brown, Bill Simms, Gwen Cleveland, French Cookin'Blues Band, Moose & The Bulletproof Band, Slam Allen, Mason Casey, Gerry Gibbs, Ari Ben Moses, Blue Machine and numerous others.

Great originals, classic traditionals and a healthy dose of good time jumpin' swing.




The Grand River Blues Society Sponsored 2007 BITS Tour

The All About the Blues Series - Blues in the Schools programs with Fruteland Jackson ended the 2007 BITS Tour season in Kitchner/Waterloo/Cambridge, Canada. Fruteland presented 12 lecture performances (Blues 101) in the tri-city school district reaching some 2000 middle school students. A teacher's BITS programs was held at the Children's Museum in Downtown Kitchner. The All About the Blues Series - Blues in the Schools programs reaches some 50,000 students and adults annually.

The Grand River Blues Society and the Kitchner Blues festival organization sponsored the music education programs. Schools visited included: Lackner Woods, Elgin,WG Davis, Lincoln Hts, AR Kaufman, MacGregor, JF Carmichael, Manchester, Saginaw, and Hillcrest.

Fruteland specializes in performing acoustic blues, from contemporary to traditional, from the blues of early field-holler songs and work songs to Delta and Piedmont Blues, as well as his own original works. Fruteland is one of a select group of Americans dedicated to gathering, preserving and performing Acoustic Blues, in all their various forms. He is the recipient of the Blues Foundation's KBA award for Blues Education and 2004 W.C. Handy nominee for Best Acoustic album and presents educational programs to some fifty thousand students and adults annually.

Support Blues in the Schools Programs. Visit
Detroit Blues Society Announces Their 2007 Detroit Blues Award Recipients

There are 2 award categories and those are LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD and BLUES HORIZON AWARD.

The LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD has been given since 1992 and is the highest musical honor given by the DBS. It is awarded to living and deceased musicians that have made significant contributions to Detroit Blues during their careers in the business. Past notable recipients have been Odessa Harris, Priscilla Price, Joe Hunter, Billy Davis, RJ Spangler, Little Jr. Canaday, Kenny Martin, Stanley Mitchell, Bobo Jenkins, John Lee Hooker, Eddie Kirkland, Little Sonny Willis, Sir Mack Rice, Lazy Lester, Duke Dawson, Harmonica Shah, the Butler Twins, Alberta Adams, Uncle Jessie White, Mr. Bo Collins, Howard Armstrong, Johnnie Bassett, Rev. Robert Jones, Robert Noll, Steve Gornall, Jimmy Thackery, Kim Simmonds, and the Famous Coachman.

BLUES HORIZON AWARD has been given since 2005 and is the highest non-musical honor given by the DBS. It is awarded to living and deceased individuals that have made significant contributions to Detroit Blues during their careers in the business. Past notable recipients have been Jeremy Haberman and Ed Schenk.

The 2007 winners of the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS are as follows:

Larry McCray
Larry McCray is one of a handful of talented young blues performers leading the genre across boundaries and into the new century. McCray's savage blues-rock guitar and warm, soulful vocals have drawn attention worldwide.

Garfield Angove
Garfield Angove is a legendary Chicago and Detroit Area singer and harmonica player that has received very little fanfare. During his long career he has performed with Muddy Waters, Sam Lay, Jimmy Rogers, Otis Rush, Luther Allison, Lucille Spann and many others.

Little Mac Collins -- posthumous
Longtime bandleader and musician for his brother, Mr. Bo Collins, Little Mac was a staple of Detroit Blues until his death in February of 1997.

The 2007 winners of the BLUES HORIZON AWARDS are as follows:

Willy Wilson
Long time Blues DJ for WDET-FM and a regular on the Detroit Blues scene and a Blues aficionado for many years. Willy is currently the publicist for the Magic Bag.

Jim Zimmerman -- posthumous
Jim passed away before he could receive this honor. He will always be remembered as the heart and soul of the blues nation in Michigan. He was a gentleman who gave all that he could to support the music that he loved. Jim, we will miss you my friend and because of you, the music will never die.

The Awards Ceremony

The awards will be presented on Saturday, January 12, 2008 at the Detroit Blues Society Monthly Meeting and Jam at Memphis Smoke -- 9pm. Memphis Smoke is located at 100 Main Street in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Contact: Steven J. Allen -- DBS President
(248) 249-5287

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TAIL DRAGGER:Previewing his CD, "My Head is Bald"

Blues singer Tail Dragger got his name and a lot of his blues style from Howling' Wolf. He as been singing old school blues in Chicago for so long now, it seems brand new again. Join Elwood Blues for some real-deal old-school Chicago blues from Tail Dragger, and his live CD MY HEAD IS BALD, this week on the House of Blues Radio Hour.




Efes Pilsen Blues Festival

Friday-Saturday, December 7-8, 2007 Istanbul, Turkey
18th Annual Efes Pilsen Blues Festival

Friday, November 2-Tuesday, December 11, 2007 19 cities in Turkey + Cyprus + Russia + Sirbia Hotline:
Sesi Jazz & Blues Festival

Thursday-Saturday, January 6-15, 2008 Sao Paulo, Brazil
Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise

Sunday-Sunday, January 13-20, 2008 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S. Hotline: 888-BLUESIN / 816-753-7979
Real Delta Showcase

Wednesday, January 30, 2008 Memphis, Tennessee, U.S. Hotline: 662-560-3421
Australian Blues Music Festival - The National Festival of Australian Blues Music

Thursday-Sunday, February 7-10, 2008 Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia Hotline: +61 2 4823 4492
8th Swanage Blues Festival

Friday-Sunday, March 7-9, 2008 Swanage, United Kingdom Hotline: +44 (0)1929 422338
Forth Valley Blues Festival

Saturday, March 15, 2008 Forth, Tasmania, Australia Hotline: +61 3 64282239
South Beach Blues Festival

Thursday-Sunday, March 27-30, 2008 Miami Beach, Florida, U.S. Hotline: 786-499-6179
Cook Island Jazz & Blues Festival

Saturday-Sunday, March 29-30, 2008 Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
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