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Bridging Heaven and Earth TV show now available
Blessings of the season to all... May Love and Light bless you and may all you touch be blessed by the overflow!

The blessing of the Bridging Heaven to Earth TV show which I recorded in September is now available on Google TV and YouTube.

Allan Silberhartz, the show's host and I talked about bringing Heaven to Earth through music and about the Camelot Reawakened video.

Here's the music track from the 9th movement of Camelot Reawakened – the same piece is shown on the video with the orchestra, choir and myself on piano....

And here's the YouTube link.....
On Google Video
11:11 – Piano Meditations for Awakening (Preview)
The new CD is basically finished and we're working on the artwork. Here is one of the designs we're considering.

It will be released in January.

Here's track 1:
Track 2:
Track 2 is deep and meditative....
Dream of Camelot Musical coming along...
The musical is set in three locations/times; Camelot, on the inner planes, and now. The three songs in this month's offering are all in the "now" period.

The first song, "It isn't Natural" finds Mark going camping (probably in upstate New York). He discovers that he's loving being in the woods, despite (and maybe because of) the fact that his coworkers in the city pooh-poohed his desire to be in the woods and put him down as a tree-hugger....
The Plot Thickens!
Mark meets a couple, Glenda and Tom, who like UFOs (song about this coming next month) and who invite him to breakfast the next morning at their campsite.

Mark appreciates the love he senses between Glenda and Tom and asks Glenda if she has a sister, hoping that he could experience this in his life.

On Glenda's challenge, Mark bares his soul and his history of unsuccessful relationships. Glenda then has some good advice.... "Knight in Shining Armor" is sung by myself and Lucianne Evans.
Mark gets the message....
Here's some of Mark's dialog with Glenda:

Mark: “What do you mean by compassion?”

Glenda: “Do you recognize that there are different parts of you that sometimes want different things and sometimes fight with each other for your attention?”

“What do you mean?”

“Ok there’s the part that is attracted to a woman, for whatever reason, and then there’s the part that finds stuff wrong with her... Because these things are operating, you’ll be attracted to women that you can criticize, either in your mind or out loud.

"Remember, this is an inside job... compassion is loving the part of you that yearns for her affection equally with the part of you that would tear her down. When you love both of those parts with an understanding love, you’ll find that you are bathing them both in a love that is unconditional - not choosing one over the other, and that you, the real you are no longer a slave to that pattern.

"Those parts of you are simply immature and need love. When you hold that compassion and keep choosing it when the parts of the pattern show up, eventually, both the yearning and the criticism dissolve.”

Glenda convinces him to look at and be a friend to all the parts of himself.... Here's the the song, "I'll be a Friend to Myself." (click on "Listen" above).
Season's blessings and crass commercial announcement...
May this season of inner light, Christmas, Hanukkah, Mevlana Week, Kwanzaa and Winter Solstice be a blessing for you, giving you the grace to find deep rest and rejuvination in the Love which is always present.

We don't guarantee delivery by Christmas, even if you order today, but if you'd like to have some music of deep healing and inner joy, please feel free to call 1-888-699-3682 or go to our website above.

Here's the entire 62 minutes of First Rites (click on "Listen" above).
Much Love and Light and Blessings of Peace to all,

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