Feb 13 will be cold and uncomfortable...but, please, remember: It is only one hour of discomfort v. misery and brutal deaths in China...

It is never Valentine's Day        for animals in China.   In fact, there is not even basic human compassion in Chinese fur farms where animals are skinned alive. 
Join us and rally for them!
In front of the Chinese Embassy to protest, and demand that the Chinese government to pass laws to protect animals.

When:      Wednesday, February 13th
Time:       11:00--12:30 p.m.   Join us for as long as you can.
Address:  2300 Connecticut Avenue, NW  
(Between Dupont Circle &Woodley Park--Red line Metro) 

NOTE:  Anti-Fur demos will be held simultaneously worldwide, and their purpose is to put pressure on the Chinese government to pass animal protection laws.  Banners and posters will be provided.

Click on the link to let us know if you will join us: antifursociety@msn.com

If snowtorms are in the air, we will cancel the event. If so, please join us in the cyber protest.  To find out if the event is being cancelled and how to participate in the cyber event, please check this page for more information:  www.antifursociety.org - click on "campaign"  

Check our last anti-fur march in Washington DC: 

If you think our horses are free from barbarian deaths, think again...

People 4 Chinese Animals

It may be cold out there, but we can still make it for lunch where it is warm & cosy!

We usually meet for lunch after the demo.  There is a cozy restaurant nearby where we can have (among other things) a great humus platter and pita bread---made fresh to order!   Join us!

Please RSVP

Feline tip ~~~ Meow!

Is your feline companion spraying around in your house? 

Before getting upset:  
Are you using new cleaning products to clean your furniture or  floors?  Cats are very sensitive to odors. Male cats consider new smells offensive and an attack to their territory...So, they spray to show the world who's the boss.   When moping your floor, dilute some of your favorite cat shampoo in the water instead of using strong cleaning products.  It cleans your floor just as well, and it is very unlikely that your cat will spray on his familiar scent!

• • • •