PB Katharine Jefferts Schori's Peculiar Visit - Attend EFSC Forum on Wednesday 3/5
February 29, 2008

Presiding Bishop receives a peculiar mix of hospitality and judgment

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Episcopal Forum to be held - Wednesday 3/5 in Charleston
DVD released of EFSC Conference addressing unity and schism in TEC
Presiding Bishop attends Evensong at St. Philips
Presiding Bishop Katharine attends "Charity and Clarity" (clergy only session)
Bishop Katharine visits Bishop Gadsden Community
No Sacramental and Leadership Opportunities given to Bishop Katherine
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Episcopal Forum to be held - Wednesday 3/5 in Charleston The Forum will be held from 12-2 pm at the Francis Marion Hotel. All are welcome subject to space constraints. Members of The Episcopal Forum will report on the recent visit by the Presiding Bishop.

Issues related to dioceses attempting to leave TEC as a unit and others seeking to have an alternate to the Presiding Bishop will also be discussed.

A contribution of $20 is requested to cover lunch and meeting expense. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED

DVD released of EFSC Conference addressing unity and schism in TEC Episcopal Church leaders Bonnie Anderson, Sally Johnson and The Rev. Frank Wade discussed issues of Unity and Schism in The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. A panel Q & A discussion including the speakers and Bishop Salmon is included.

Bonnie Anderson, D.D. is President of the House of Deputies, the highest ranking lay office in The Episcopal Church.

Sally Johnson, Esq. is Chancellor to the President of the House of Deputies.

The Rev Frank Wade is a prominent speaker and consultant and was chaplain to the House of Deputies at the 2003 General Convention.

DVDs are available now...... ORDER HERE
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Presiding Bishop attends Evensong at St. Philips Bishop Katharine arrived in the Diocese of SC at noon on Sunday, 2/24. She attended Evensong at St. Philips Church at 3:30 pm. She was excluded from the liturgy except for processing beside Bishop Lawrence and offering a brief prayer. When she was introduced to those attending she received a standing ovation which was sustained for several minutes.

One attendee commented that "The sustained and intense round of applause for her made it clear that many in the diocese remain loyal to the Episcopal Church and admire her leadership."

A reception followed with both Bishops greeting in a reception line. Bishop Lawrence gave a welcome followed by a very brief greeting by Bishop Jefferts Schori. It was announced that the assembly could not linger too long because a Lenten group was meeting in the same room very soon.

Presiding Bishop Katharine attends "Charity and Clarity" (clergy only session) Both Bishops made a 10 minute presentation followed by a question and answer period. The group met at St. Andrews - Mt. Pleasant. The reception given to the Presiding Bishop was cordial. The following comments from Rev. Steve Wood, St. Andrews Rector, indicate the depth of some of the rejection present: (quoted from Steve Wood's Blog)

The leader of the Episcopal Church - an entity that resembles the out-of-control satellite soon to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere threatening physical damage from both the breakup of it’s structure to the toxicity of fuel which drives it - is coming to the Diocese of South Carolina - and to St. Andrew’s, specifically. When Bishop Lawrence called to ask if St. Andrew’s would host a clergy day with her I felt a bit like Reb Tevye who wonders aloud:
Dear God.
Was that necessary?
Really, sometimes I think,
when things are too quiet up there,
you say to yourself,
“Let’s see, what kind of mischief can I play on my friend, Tevye? ” A little mischief, indeed.

To be honest, all I want to hear from the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church is, “I’m sorry, I was wrong, I repent, please forgive me.” I have no illusions that any of these words will pass her lips because I really do believe her to be convinced that she is faithfully executing the duties of her office.

Conclusion Of The Clergy Day - by Steve Wood

I haven’t heard such theologically incoherent language since I left the Diocese of Ohio. The epigrammatic moment came at the very end of the day when Ms. Jefferts-Schori gestured dramatically to express her bewilderment over the communication gap that remained, even after three hours of conversation, and concluded by saying, “I am very struck by our inability to communicate.” Of course, the problem, from my limited, sinful point of view, is that the clergy of South Carolina seem to foolishly believe that words have meaning and should convey substance and content................
Please know that for the sake of personal integrity, and for the parish which I have both the privilege to serve and the responsibility to protect, I did have a brief face-to-face conversation with the PB. While the specifics are private, I attempted to communicate to her my observation and belief that The Episcopal Church as currently represented by our national leadership is no longer a Christian Church, has embraced a false gospel, and, its descent into error and irrelevancy has been hastened by her leadership.

Link to Steve Wood's Blog

Bishop Katharine visits Bishop Gadsden Community Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and Bishop Lawrence both visited the Bishop Gadsden Community on Monday afternoon. She greeted many staff and residents and had an opportunity to visit the new chapel. A reception was held and attended by many residents, staff as well as a number of clergy and lay people from the diocese who are associated in many ways with life at Bishop Gadsden.

Bill Trawick, President/CEO of Bishop Gadsden welcomed
Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori with the following remarks:

I know that our time together is very limited, but I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of all of us at Bishop Gadsden, to welcome our Bishop, The Right Reverend Mark Lawrence, and our Presiding Bishop, The Most Reverend Katharine Jefferts Schori, on what is for us a very special occasion. Bishop Lawrence, we welcome you to the Diocese and look forward to you being our frequent guest. We look forward to getting to know you and working with you in our ministry here at Bishop Gadsden and in our Diocese.

Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori, we know that your visit to our Diocese is short and the demands on your time are tremendous, so we want you to know just how extremely privileged we feel to have you with us this afternoon. We wish we had more time together to show you our wonderful community. Bishop Gadsden is made up of residents from throughout the country, from very different backgrounds and diverse walks of life, with different beliefs and even a variety of deeply-held faiths; however, we thrive in this community because of mutual respect for one another, regardless of our differences. We think you would be proud to find represented here at Bishop Gadsden—in daily action—the highest and best qualities of the Episcopal Church, a Church which many of us love and cherish so deeply.

Presiding Bishop, we want you to know that you have many friends here at Bishop Gadsden and throughout the Diocese who keep you in our prayers. We are grateful for your thoughtful and gracious leadership of our Church. We hope that you will be back to our Diocese soon, and we can welcome you again here at Bishop Gadsden, invite you to celebrate Eucharist in our beautiful chapel, and see first-hand the vibrant ministry of the Church which is so alive here in our community.

Bishop Katharine addressed the assembly praising the Bishop Gadsden Community's reputation for excellence. She received loud and sustained applause from the group.
Link to Bishop Gadsden Community Website

No Sacramental and Leadership Opportunities given to Bishop Katherine No Sacramental or Leadership Opportunities given to the Presiding Bishop during her visit to the Diocese of SC.

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