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Special Program to Focus on Our Estuary's Water Quality!
If you really care about our historic river, and we're sure that you do, don't miss a revealing and important presentation on March 27 (Thursday) at the Rivers Coalition meeting.

Mark your calendar for 11 a.m. at the Realtors auditorium in the northwest area at the intersection of Monterey Blvd. and Colorado (Kanner). Plenty of free parking. Bring other concerned citizens with you, and be sure that your Rivers Coalition group is represented.

Bob Washam, director of environmental affairs for the Martin County Health Department, will explain the troubles the estuary faces due to pollution and what can be done about the critical situation.

Polluted water gushed on us mainly from Lake Okeechobee reached a peak in '05 when blue-green algae coated our waters, leading health authorities to warn citizens not to touch the water. The half-year of degradation killed all of our seagrasses, wiped out filter-feeding oysters and laid down more of the gooey black muck on the river bottom.

"When You Shouldn't Touch the Water" is the title of Washam's presentation. We'll see you there.

What's happening at the next meeting on Thursday March 27, 2008?
Thursday March 27, 2008 11:00AM
Realtor Association of Martin County 43 SW Monterey Road, Stuart Corner of Monterey Road and Kanner Highway

Business Matters
• Chairman’s Comments - Leon Abood
• Special Program - Bob Washam
“When You Shouldn't Touch the Water” • Legal Update - Karl Wickstrom
• Special Events - Helen Harralson
• Fundraising - Karl Wickstrom
• WRAC - Ted Guy/Ed Fielding

Coalition Committee Reports
• Water Quality - Mark Perry
• Local issues - Mark Perry / Ed Fielding
• State / Federal Issues - Kevin Henderson / Paul Gray
• IRL / CERP - Kevin Henderson / Paul Gray

Rivers Coalition "Flag Team" Forming To Represent the Save Our River Campaign!
You're needed to "fly the colors" of the Rivers Coalition at governmental meetings and other public gatherings! You don't have to say a word if you don't care to, but your presence can be extremely important when the public's business is being addressed.

There are so many meetings nowadays, from the county commission to the water management district, that it's difficult to attend them all and show our strength. It can make a huge difference when a group of folks are there and showing our determination. We have Save our River buttons to wear and brochures about the effort always are available.

Volunteer Jim Weix, who was a distinquished conservationist in Wisconsin, is chair of the Flag Team and is gathering names of persons who will help. He'll stay in touch by group emails on what meetings are coming up.

Rivers Coalition Chair Leon Abood said the Flag Team will be an important addition. "The fact is that officials notice groups of people in the audience," Abood said, "and the river advocates' positions will get more consideration."

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