March 28, 2008
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Rick Fowler : : "BACK ON MY GOOD FOOT"

With a raw soul reminiscent of early Johnny Winter and an aural suspense akin to Robin Trower,  Fowler and band deliver the energy, joy, anger, and often deep torment found in the very best of this music. Audiences immediately lock into the depth of Fowler's live performances and absorb the veracious delivery that can only come from a soul truly destined to play the blues.

Superb musicians and a record label that puts the music first helped Rick capture this magic on tape with his new CD,  "Back on My Good Foot".  Among others joining him on the album are Randall Bramblett (Hammond organ), Gerry Hansen (drums) and Michael C. Steele (bass and backing vocals) - all members of the Randall Bramblett Band - as well as original R.E. M. drummer Bill Berry, who guests on the song, "Road to Nowhere."

" Back on My Good Foot " embodies both raw blues at its core and British-style blues/rock at its most powerful. The new CD showcases nine original songs, most written or co-written by Rick Fowler,  as well as a 10-minute rail-shaking version of the Savoy Brown classic, "Hellbound Train." The CD was recorded at several studios in Atlanta and Athens, Georgia, and produced by Pat Patten. Adding his deft touch in mastering " Back on My Good Foot"  was Rodney Mills, whose credits include multiple Atlanta Rhythm Section albums and Gregg Allman, among many others.

Click on button to hear: "Skeletons in you Closet"


Few up and coming young blues performers walk the walk to the degree of Chicago-based guitarist/bandleader JOE MOSS. One of the hardest-working performers on the Windy City circuit, Moss routinely works up to 28 gigs a month. His sound, a winning mix of blues and R&B flavors paired with original songwriting vision, can be heard blasting out of Chicago venues like Buddy Guy's Legends and House of Blues on a regular basis. His stinging guitar and accomplished vocal style have won him fans citywide.

Joe Moss is one representative of the future of the blues. Not just an imitator of the music's glorious past, he strives to find his own sound and material within the styles he chooses to play. His band features some of Chicago's finest blues musicians and Joe himself is a consistent and entertaining performer. Blues fans would be wise to check out Joe Moss and his band as soon as they can. Any worries about this music surviving in the new millennium will surely be put to rest.

 Maricela's Smile features Joe Moss' most ambitious set of blues yet,with journeys into not only the west and south sides of Chicago blues,but also include a healthy dose of R&B, funk, soul, and jazz to the mix, a testament to not only his musical influences growing up, but also the breadth of his experience as a veteran musician.

Click on button to hear:"Green Eyes"

ALBERT CASTIGLIA : : These are the Days

MIAMI, FL – Blues Leaf Records announces an April 1st release date for guitarist/singer Albert Castiglia’s new CD, These are the Days, distributed nationally by Allegro.

Born in New York and raised in Miami, Albert Castiglia (pronounced “ka-STEEL-ya”), began playing guitar at 12. In 1990, he became a member of The Miami Blues Authority and was later voted “Best Blues Guitarist” by New Times magazine in 1997. Shortly thereafter, he was spotted by legendary blues singer/harmonica player Junior Wells, who asked Castiglia to join his band as a guitarist and singer. With Wells as his mentor, Albert performed at clubs and festivals across America, as well as in Canada and Europe. During that time, he also got the opportunity to play and jam with many other blues stars, including Pinetop Perkins, Ronnie Earl, Billy Boy Arnold, Lurrie Bell, Jerry Portnoy, Eddy Clearwater and Otis Clay. After Junior Wells passed away, Castiglia toured with Atlanta blues singer Sandra Hall. 

In 2002, Albert launched his solo career with the debut CD, Burn, collaborating with his longtime friend, Graham Wood Drout of south Florida band Iko-Iko. Drout’s visceral, yet literary songs became the perfect vehicle for Castiglia’s soulful vocals, which recall Van Morrison, and stinging guitar playing. In 2006, he released his second album (and first for Blues Leaf Records), A Stone’s Throw, which included two more Drout compositions, “Big Toe,” and the amazing “Ghosts of Mississippi,” which has all the earmarks of becoming a blues classic. Castiglia and Drout also released a live CD together, titled The Bittersweet Sessions, in 2005.

These are the Days, contains five original Albert Castiglia songs, including the opening track, “Bad Year Blues,” which jumps out of the box with both killer guitar hooks and memorable lyrics, and “Godfather of the Blues,” his tribute to Junior Wells. Once again, Graham Wood Drout contributes another song for Albert, “Celebration.” The cover songs on These are the Days salute a wide range of styles and artists ranging from Bob Dylan (“Catfish”) and Nappy Brown (“Night Time is the Right Time”), to Fenton Robinson (“Somebody Loan me a Dime”) and Little Willie John (“Need Your Love So Bad”).

With the release of These are the Days, Albert Castiglia makes a statement as a major force in the blues. 

Click the LISTEN button to hear Bad Year Blues

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Blues shows support Autism Centre in Barrie Ontario, Canada
Proceeds raised through a two-day “blues summit,” taking place April 4 and 5 at Tux II nightclub, will go to support the Achimota Centre For Children With Autism

The Barrie-based agency provides specialized programming for children two-and-half years of age and older.

Chris Smart (pictured above) will perform with the Real Deal, his band of more than seven years. Also scheduled to play the two-day summit include Ronnie Douglas, Doug Trucker, Brian Good of the Good Brothers, Methodology, and Burke and Gowan.

Tickets to the Orillia Blues Music Summit are $15 for one day or $25 for the weekend.

Wal-Mart's CD markdowns worry music industry

Lower prices may come at a high cost for the music industry. Wal-Mart—the largest retailer of music with an estimated 22 percent market share—proposed a five-tiered pricing plan to the major record companies that allows the discounter to sell albums at even lower prices, requiring the four major labels to pay more of the costs.

According to Billboard, Wal-Mart plans to price the 15-20 best-selling titles at $10 each, hits and current titles at $12, top catalog titles at $9, midline catalog titles at $7 and budget releases at $5.

While Wal-Mart maintains that the proposed price drops are a healthy move for the customers, the deal has stirred up much concern in the labels, prompting a music industry executive to say, “The decision might come down to: Do we give up 20 percent of our business (i.e. Wal-Mart) in order to not lose the entire business?"

Based on similar dealings the retailer has made, this question assumes that Wal-Mart will either penalize or stop doing business with a major label that decides not to participate in the pricing program.

If accepted, the markdown will not necessarily affect independent brick-and-mortar record stores' pricing, however.

"If Wal-Mart’s pricing scheme causes the labels to look at their costs differently, potentially, the consumers would win," says Eric Levin, owner of Criminal Records and president of the Alliance of Independent Media Stores (AIMS).

Most of Levin's concerns lie in the effects Wal-Mart's move will have on the art itself. "Although I personally like a low-fi bedroom recording as much as the next guy, I also love a big-budget masterpiece, written over a long period of time and recorded in a big studio with patience and skill," Levin says. "Without the ability for musicians to properly profit, music and art will suffer."

Sirius and XM satellite radio merger moves closer

The Justice Department has approved Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.'s proposed $5 billion buyout of rival XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc., saying the deal was unlikely to hurt competition or consumers.

The transaction was approved without conditions, despite opposition from consumer groups and an intense lobbying campaign by the land-based radio industry.

The combination still requires approval from the Federal Communications Commission, which prohibited a merger when it first granted satellite radio operating licenses in 1997.

The Justice Department, in a statement explaining its decision, said the combination of the companies won't hurt competition because the companies are not competing today. Customers must buy equipment that is exclusive to either XM or Sirius, and subscribers rarely switch providers.

The government also appeared to endorse a central argument the companies used in pushing for their merger: that ample competition is provided by other forms of audio entertainment, including "high-definition" radio, Internet-based radio stations and even devices like Apple Inc.'s iPod.

"The likely evolution of technology in the future, including the expected introduction in the next several years of mobile broadband Internet devices, made it even more unlikely that the transaction would harm consumers in the longer term," the Justice Department said.

The companies have pledged that the combined firm will offer listeners more pricing options and greater choice and flexibility in the channel lineups they receive. If the deal is approved, the companies have said they would offer pricing plans ranging from $6.99 per month, for 50 channels offered by one service, up to $16.99 a month, where subscribers would keep their existing service plus choose channels offered by the other service.

Fund out to strike a chord on vintage guitars

Baffled by the complexity of modern financial instruments? Don't fret: real instruments are going financial, as a hedge fund sets out to raise €70m (£54.5m) to invest in vintage guitars.

The Guitar Fund, being pitched to investors by Anchorage Capital, a London boutique investment bank, aims to profit mainly by buying electric guitars and classical guitars, plus mandolins, banjos and amplifiers.

The fund is the latest in a series of non-traditional investments known as "alternative alternatives", sold on the basis that their performance is not linked to stock and bond markets. Several art funds, wine funds, a violin fund and even funds buying football players have been created, while Stanley Gibbons unsuccessfully tried to raise a stamp fund.

Thomas Byrne, chief operating officer of Anchorage and manager of the Guitar Fund, pointed to Vintage Guitar magazine's price index, which has averaged returns of 31.6 per cent for the past 17 years. "The main difference between guitars and wine or art or other exotic investments is that not only can you buy it as an investment, you can play it," he said.

As well as aiming to make money, the fund will lend out its instruments to investors, in return for them paying the insurance costs. The fund, which will have a fixed 10-year life, has three investors willing to put in $10m-$25m (£5m-£12.6m) each, but will not start until it finds a lead investor.

Guitar-collecting began to attract speculators in big numbers a few years ago, creating price bubbles in several types of instruments, according to George Gruhn, who has run Gruhn Guitars, a guitar shop in Nashville, Tennessee, for 38 years. He has all his personal wealth invested in a guitar collection. "The guitar market is not crashing, but there were some items that got bid up really high, like 1950s Les Paul models," he said. He says the guitar market is complex, as models move in and out of favour with investors and collectors.

The guitar fund is the second instrument fund to search for investors, with a London-based violin fund in the process of calling in $25m of pledges with the aim of starting up this summer.

Mr Byrne - an amateur guitarist and guitar-maker - has teamed up with Brian Troup, a former professional footballer in Scotland's first division who now runs a London guitar shop and will be joint fund manager.

An advisory board features Robbin Thompson, a singer with Bruce Springsteen's early band Steel Mill; David Noble, a former 3i private equity partner; and several guitar experts.

Launch of new blues album from Bob Long and Keith Miller benefits The Tommy Johnson Blues Foundation

Bob Long and Keith Miller are releasing I WONDER TO MYSELF with 10% of the proceeds of sales benefiting the Tommy Johnson Blues Foundation. 

The Tommy Johnson Blues Foundation is a charity based in Crystal Springs, Mississippi. One of its aims is to re-open and provide public access to, the derelict Warm Springs Cemetery, now cut off from the highway, where the body of Tommy Johnson has lain in an unmarked grave for over 50 years. In the Public Library in Crystal Springs is a magnificent gravestone for him, funded by Bonnie Raitt who has recorded some of his songs. But at present, it cannot be placed on his grave. The Foundation is working to address this problem and to boost awareness of Tommy Johnson's importance as one of the founding fathers of the blues This album includes three of his songs.

Bob Long and Keith Miller Originally inspired to take up playing the blues in their teens. "Living at opposite ends of the country, we don’t get to play together as often as we would like, but when we do, the result is the kind of thing you hear on this album – a mixture of old favourites and new discoveries", explains Bob Long. "It’s also a homage to the men and women who first shaped the blues and a journey through the country blues, vaudeville and jug band music of the 1920s and 1930s, to the post World War 2 electric blues of Chicago".

This album has been independently produced and will be distributed by CD Baby and available directly from Bob and Keith at gigs or from Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art in Clarksdale, Mississippi

Click Here to listen to a track from I WONDER TO MYSELF

For more information on the Tommy Johnson Blues Foundation Click Here
For more information on Bob Long and Keith Miller Click Here
For more information on Cat Head Click Here


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SXSW - The Next Industry Confab

AUSTIN (CelebrityAccess MediaWire) -- South by Southwest may have started out as a cutting edge showcase for independents but its since become the cutting edge meet and greet for the corporate music industry.

This trend is perhaps best symbolized by the event held by Ticketmaster and four of its subsidiaries on the opening night of this year's SXSW which, according to the Wall Street Journal, rented a house where a DJ orchestrated invitation-only, "round-the-clock VIP treatment" for industry professionals.

The problem is that these events are not a sanctioned part of SXSW, and SXSW Inc. has been taking action to discourage such parties, including calls to the local Fire Marshall and taking the party promoters to court.

The issue, according to SXSW managing director Roland Swenson is one of fairness. According to Swenson, such invite-only parties are a threat to the open nature of the fest. If people pony up $650 for all-access passes to SXSW showcases, only to find the best bands booked into industry oriented, invite-only events, how many of them will come back?

According to the WSJ, in 2007 9 unaffiliated events were shut down, after Swenson called the Fire Marshall, reporting them as events taking place in makeshift venues that were a threat to public safety. Its unclear how many or if he called the Fire Marshall this year and even if he did, the tactic would likely produce diminishing returns. He's not just up against fly-by-night promoters however and many of these events have deep pocketed corporate sponsors and some have responded to his Swenson by retaining event consultants to ensure that the events are properly licensed to avoid contretemps with local officials.

Ultimately, the issue is one of cachet. The very thing that makes SXSW is that its a showcase for what's new and fresh, what is fermenting in the music scene away from MTV and EMI press releases. It is this cachet of cool that draws the corporate investors who are looking to seize of piece of the indie landscape to colonize. Corporate involvement isn't necessarily a bad thing - sponsors with deep pockets can help to smooth over many rough edges and make an event more enjoyable but there is a tipping point where corporate starts to edge out the indies and if SXSW's organizers hope to continue to champion independent music, they will need to continually innovate ways to provide space for both of these conflicting interests. - CelebrityAccess Staff Writers

NOLA Jazz Fest Announces 2008 Music Lineup

NEW ORLEANS (CelebrityAccess MediaWire) – The return of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival to its first full seven days of programming since 2005 has inspired Festival organizers to assemble the deepest overall mix of rhythm & blues, rock, jazz, country, blues, gospel, world beat, and more in the 39-year history of the event.

This year’s celebration is set for April 25 – 27 and May 1 - 4.

Quint Davis, producer/director of the Festival, said, "Welcoming Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Tim McGraw, Sheryl Crow, and Keyshia Cole for the first time, in the same year that we’ve added the Thursday back to the Festival—and in the same year we’re bringing back all-time Fest favorites The Neville Brothers, Jimmy Buffett, Santana, Widespread Panic, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, and Diana Krall, among so many others—speaks to our serious effort to grow the Festival at a time when New Orleans needs it the most."

Davis added that he hopes this year’s fully rejuvenated Festival, which will have an estimated economic impact on Louisiana of approximately $300 million, will have special meaning for the city it represents. "In New Orleans, culture is a beacon for the rest of the community. When a trumpeter blows the right notes, we come together and dance. When a grand marshal steps, we step with him. Jazz Fest is trying to help lead the way in guiding New Orleans to complete recovery—culturally, economically and spiritually."

Annually drawing tens of thousands of fans each day, the Festival will again be held at the Fair Grounds Race Course and run from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Eleven stages of simultaneous music programming are complemented by an important, unparalleled Food Fair offering more than 100 varieties of authentic Louisiana cuisine and a stunning array of one-of-a-kind crafts available around the grounds in the Festival’s juried crafts areas.

Some of the Blues(y) artists scheduled to appear include:

The Neville Brothers
Dr. John
Irma Thomas
John Prine
The Roots
Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Delbert McClinton
John Hammond
Keb’ Mo’
The Derek Trucks Band
James Cotton
Buckwheat Zydeco
Voices of the Wetlands Allstars
Carolina Chocolate Drops
Bettye LaVette
Harlem Blues and Jazz Band

Justin Timberlake Gives Back To Memphis

Pop superstar Justin Timberlake has donated a $200,000 to organizations in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. The kind-hearted "SexyBack" hitmaker proved he hadn't forgotten about his roots last Thursday, when he presented the Memphis Rock 'n' Soul Museum with a $100,000 check and donated another $100,000 to the Memphis Music Foundation.

He says, "Music education and keeping the legacy of Memphis Music alive has always been important to me. That is why I will always continue to support my hometown the same way they have always supported me."

And his big money contributions didn't go unappreciated by the projects' leaders.

John Doyle, the executive director of Memphis Rock 'n' Soul Museum, says, "Justin Timberlake has never deserted Memphis, Tennessee. He has never stopped giving back to the community, to the local music industry, and to young people."

The money will help to fund efforts to improve music education for local students.


Alligator recording artists Saffire-The Uppity Blues Women (Ann Rabson, Gaye Adegbalola, and Andra Faye) are the subject of a new documentary film entitled Hot Flash.

The film will screen at the Bermuda International Film Festival on Wednesday, April 2 and again on Saturday, April 5. Directed by Sarah Knight and produced by Barbara Ghammashi, the film follows the storied career of the multi-racial trio of middle-aged women who abandoned their day jobs to pursue their love of the blues – and found success along the way. All three members are accomplished musicians who combine sharp original material with reinterpretations of blues classics.

Saffire has eight CDs to their credit, and are planning a new release in 2009. In addition to their large audience of blues lovers, Saffire has built a substantial following outside of the blues world, forged by their message of empowerment for women and their ribald sense of humor. Hot Flash showcases Saffire’s enthusiastic performance style and focuses on their long-time message, “You’re never too old to pursue your passions.”


MARCH 28, 29 & 30th

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30% chance of precipitation
30% chance of precipitation
20% chance of precipitation


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Guitarist goes behind the scenes with the new king of blues guitar for gear secrets and playing tips

A brand-new interview with the greatest performer the blues has ever known

Learn his classic blues track, Walking By Myself – with full tab in the mag and backing tracks on the CD

The blues duo explore new sonic territory with Attack & Release

April issue on sale now.


update from Candye:

The Good kind of cancer??

I met with my pancreatic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Lowy today.  He says I need the Whipple. You can learn more here:

This operation is going to be very intense. They will remove 1/3 of my pancreas, 10 inches of my small intestine, part of my stomach, part of my bile duct and my gall bladder. They will reattach my ntestine to my pancreas and may have to take a vein from my neck to rebuild the portal vein that goes to my liver. It is a five to eight hour surgery that will have me in the hospital for at least two weeks; longer if there are complications from the surgery. Often the pancreas tries to digest all the stitches inside the body and so there is good possibility of fluid leakage and I will have to have a port through my stomach so they can drain all the fluid out. It is very dangerous and intense and this is the GOOD kind of cancer!!!!

I have been offered two dates for surgery, one of them is april 18th. The whipple is the only way to remove this tumor 100%. I have read so much about it and many people have tried to eradicate the NETs (neuroendocrine tumors) thru vitamin C therapies, laetrile therapies and other alternative medicines to no avail. Now that I have had a needle biopsy the tumor may grow more quickly. I read about one woman whose tumor grew twice its size in one month after a needle biopsy!! I am really worried now about my European tours because if I get pancreatitis again then they wont be able to operate on me for weeks. Pancreatitis is caused by stress and poor diet. Lack of sleep adds to stress. Being in a van bouncing around all day adds to stress. Long drives add to stress.  Weird food at strange hours leads to stress. Jet lag leads to stress. I am still trying to decide if I am going or not. This news today was most upsetting.

I was supposed to do some workshops with my special needs kids in the Netherlands this week, in anticipation of our scheduled tour on June 21. I think now I will have to cancel the workshops, and tours and have this intense surgery on April 18th so I can get on the road to recovery and maybe resume working in June.

I am very worried about this surgery. Being a fat girl doesn’t help things in the surgical realm. But I have lost 10 lbs so far just from giving up dairy, fried anything, red meat, coffee, sugar, sodas, starches, fats and bread other than Ezekial. I am staying active, riding my bike, still juicing and trying to be as strong as possible for this surgery. I will definitely be skinnier when this is all over and hopefully, cancer free!!

My friend Barbara Hammerman is planning a benefit in the seattle area. If you would like to play, please contact

Rosie Flores is also planning a benefit in Austin with my friends Susan Antone and Margaret Moser. To play the Antones benefit, please contact Rosie at

Scheduled Benefits include:
April 14th, Rhythm Room in Phoenix, AZ
April 20th, Perqs in Huntington Beach, CA
May 5th, Humphreys in San Diego

My heart is so full from all the love and white light you have been sending me. I will be laid up for several months after this surgery and so all of these benefits will help pay for my living expenses and medi-cal co-pays, and help the band survive with no work. I don’t know how I will have the follow up care and scans I will need! Oh well, one day at a time…..

Please keep those healing thoughts a coming….and any donations you can muster at user name,

Wish this were all an april fools joke….


Gabrielle Union Cast In 'Cadillac Records' As Geneva Wade, Muddy Waters' Girlfriend

(from If all goes well, 'Cadillac Records' is shaping up to be the next big musical that will bring folks back to the past as some of the best musicians you probably haven't heard of, aside from a few, are being played on the big screen.

With Jeffrey Wright set to play Muddy Waters, Gabrielle Union has been recently cast to play his girlfriend-then wife Geneva Wade.

Beyonce (also Executive Producer on the film) has been cast to play Etta James.


Backward Glances has designed and produced t-shirts commemorating New Orleans' J & M Music Shop: Cosimo Matassa's legendary studio where he recorded Fats Domino, Little Richard, and so many of the hits of early rock and roll, as well as blues musicians like T-bone Walker and Big Joe Turner

All profits generated by the sale of these shirts are being donated to the New Orleans Musicians Clinic, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing affordable health care and social services to New Orleans musicians.

Folllow this link for ordering information,and more information about J &M and NOMC:


Los Lonely Boys, the Grammy Award winning bluesy Texican trio from San Angelo, Texas have been in the studio recording the follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2006 release, SACRED. The upcoming CD will mark their third label release since their 2004 self-titled debut on Or Music that introduced the mega-hit Heaven to music lovers everywhere.

A powerhouse recording team has been assembled and is now in the mixing phases of the recording process. The new LLB "Dream Team" includes Grammy award winning producer and acclaimed drummer, composer, and musical director Steve Jordan (Robert Cray, Buddy Guy, John Mayer, Herbie Hancock), along with engineers Niko Bolas (Neil Young, KISS, Don Henley, Godsmack, Sting, Keith Richards, Fiona Apple), Dave Natale (Rolling Stones, Motley Crue, Fleetwood Mac) and mixing engineer Manny Marroquin (Carlos Santana, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, T.I, Rihanna).

The upcoming CD entitled FORGIVEN is scheduled for release July 1st, 2008.

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2008 IBC FINALISTS!  2008 Best Self-Produced CD FINALISTS! Red hot rockin' blues. Laurie combines the intimate appeal of a great songwriter with the jaw dropping explosion of a world class, wailin' blues guitarist. Add in beautiful 3 part harmonies for a truly unique and crowd pleasing experience.

2008 FINALIST - International Blues Challenge live band competition
2008 FINALIST - Blues Foundation's "Best Self-Produced CD"
Laurie Morvan Band #2 in CD sales at the IBC out of all 160 acts. 
Laurie Morvan Band is the only act at the IBC to make the finals of both the live band and CD competitions.

"Superior pop-blues
" - DownBeat

"Morvan singes the strings...and struts her own stuff"
Guitar Player Magazine

"Fearless and fresh...Morvan plays with plenty of imagination
..." - Vintage Guitar Magazine
"wiry, fiery solos...sweet, soaring voice...Morvan's lyrics deserve scrutiny" - Blues Revue Magazine
"Undeniable talent...captivates as much on vocals as on guitar" – Jazz & Blues Report
"… Morvan is a flashy, fast-fingered picker...Testosterone-dripping blues fans will riff off Morvan big time...
" –

"Morvan knows how to wail the blues..."
Midwest Record Recap

Cures What Ails Ya - CD (2007)
Find My Way Home - CD (2004)
Out Of The Woods - CD (1997) released under the band's former name, Backroad Shack
The Laurie Morvan Band is currently receiving airplay around the world. Locations include USA, Australia, France, England, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Spain, Norway, Croatia, Canada, Denmark, Colombia and othersLinks

Click on button to hear "My Baby Says"

The 7th Annual Little Riverfest Is set for Saturday, April 19th In Hornersville, MO.

Performers include: The Gurley Show, The Holmes Brothers, ASHLEY, and JADED. Plus, fresh from an out-of-state
show - The Usual Suspects and, from Tupelo, MS, the runners up from the 2007 IBC in Memphis - The Homemade Jamz Blues Band.

As always,
Little Riverfest will be an awesome experience and one of the best outdoor events you will attend this year!

Gates will open at 4pm with music beginning at 5pm.

$15.00 advance tickets can be purchased on-line through Pay Pal or mail a check to: Coldwater Productions, Box 69, Hornersville, MO 63855

Call 573-717-6042 for inquiries; also visit

Gate price is $20.00.

Once again, as always, Riverfest would not be possible without our valued Sponsors: Budweiser - NUCOR - YAMATO - Mitchell Drug - FOCUS Bank - SOKOLOFF - Rep Dr. Terry Swinger - AARON'S Rents - EDWARD D. JONES with Randi Allgood - Elect Karen Vandiver County Assessor - Hogland's Honda - BIGG BUTTS BBQ - Pemiscot Dunklin - Electric Co-Op - Wilcoxson's Homeplace - Ken's Music - UTLEY Inc. - NUARK Warehouse & Logistics, LLC.

P.O. Box 69 • Hornersville, Missouri 63855-0069

Acclaimed country bluesmaster PAUL GEREMIA opens "Circular Blues Unplugged", a new acoustic blues series in Charleston, SC, this Sunday, March 30. The Circular Church, in conjunction with the Lowcountry Blues Bash, proudly presents "Circular Blues Unplugged", a new concert series devoted to acoustic blues.  Located in historic downtown Charleston, SC, The Circular Church's congregation has gathered since the 1700s. The present building dates to the earliest part of the 19th century and is renowned for its acoustics.  Our performances will take place in the church sanctuary; every one of the 300+ seats offers excellent listening & viewing. 

A part of the proceeds from the shows will go to Circular's ongoing community programs.  There are four concerts on the books (March, April, May, June) before we take a break for the summer. No one in Charleston is presenting acoustic blues in alistener-friendly setting.  This is our response to that!


Everyone deserves a night out ... a Blues Night Out.

The West Virginia Blues Society (WVBS) is inaugurating its series of “Blues Night Out,” a statewide events to geared to foster the love of blues music in West Virginians. The first will take place Friday, April 11, at Christopher’s Banquet Center, 104 Van Kirk Drive.

Admission is $5 at the door; blues music will begin at 9 p.m. A special “Blues Night Out” cash buffet will also be offered.

Each “Night Out” will have a theme. WVBS and Blues Revue magazine are celebrating the birthday of blues icon Muddy Waters, born McKinley Morganfield in Rolling Fork, Miss., in 1915. He would have turned 93 in April.

“A lot of people regard Muddy Waters as the best blues musician of all time,” said Steve Wells, WVBS PR director.

“He’s a blues icon.”

This “Blues Night Out” will feature door prizes, unique event T-shirts, a 50/50 drawing, a “Muddy Basket” raffle and blues music from The Dennis McClung Blues Band of Fairmont.

“It’s a real celebration of a blues music icon, West Virginia-style,” said Jack R. Rice, WVBS president, organizers for the event.

Additional “Blues Night Out” events are planned for Wheeling, Huntington, New Martinsville, Elkins and Parkersburg so far.

“It’s a great way for us to introduce the WVBS to people around the state and to sign up new members for the society,” said Rice.

Funds raised by the society will help with future events such as the 2008 Appalachian Blues Challenge, Little Toby Walker Guitar Clinic and Special “Diamond Teeth Mary” McClain Memorial planned for August in Huntington.

“We are the first blues society (in West Virginia) trying to be a statewide organization,” Wells said.

“This an ambitious undertaking, but it’s going fairly well. Our purpose is to promote blues and educate people about the history of blues music and that all American music — from rock, country, jazz and even hip-hop — comes from the blues. It’s one of the few things that are uniquely American.

“One of our favorite sayings is that the blues had a baby and we named it rock and roll. Willie Dixon, a famous blues song writer and singer from the 1930s, said, ‘The blues is the roots. Everything else is the fruits.’”

People think blues music is “sad, crying-in-your-beer music,” he said. “But when you show them it isn’t, they really get into it.

“The blues comes from the heart and soul, and is about life. It’s not faked or contrived. It’s genuine ... things you can identify with and create your own feelings around.

“That’s why so many people identify with it. It moves them and gets them excited more so than any other kind of music.

“‘Blues Night Out’ will be a fun time to come out and listen to the blues, to find out more about it or if you’re already into it, enjoy the party,” Wells said.

For more information, visit the West Virginia Blues Society at

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Booker T. Jones:

While he was still in highschool, Booker T Jones was part of the
Memphis soul explosion at Stax records, and he has been a vital player on the music scene ever since. Join Elwood Blues this weekend as he talks with Booker and looks at Booker's past, present, and future, next time, on the House of Blues Radio Hour

for times and stations in your area

South Beach Blues Festival

Thursday-Sunday, March 27-30, 2008
Miami Beach, Florida, U.S.
Hotline: 786-499-6179

KUFOBU presents Danny Bryant´s RedEye Band + Traditional Bluesduo


Friday, March 28, 2008
Burgau, Austria, U.S.
Hotline: +43681/10439641
Blues Fest at Jackpot Junction

Friday-Saturday, March 28-29, 2008
Morton, Minnesota, U.S.
Hotline: 800-WIN-CASH

Bluebonnet Blues Fine Arts Festival

Friday-Saturday, March 28-29, 2008
Marble Falls, Texas, U.S.
Hotline: 800-864-5175

Blue's on the Marsh


Friday-Sunday, March 28-30, 2008  

Friday-Sunday, March 28-30, 2008

Ridgeland, South Carolina, U.S.
Hotline: 843-726-3277

Playing with Fire Winter Series

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.
Hotline: 402-990-4211

Blues 'N March

Saturday, March 29, 2008
Blasdell, New York, U.S.
Hotline: none

Cook Island Jazz & Blues Festival

Saturday-Sunday, March 29-30, 2008
Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Hotline: 006495766719


Devonshire Blues Music Event

Sunday, March 30, 2008
Old Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia
Hotline: 61 2 6071 33 93

Blues Unplugged at The Circular Church
Sunday, March 30, 2008
Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.
Website: none
Hotline: 843-762-9125 

Bierbeek Blues'd Up

Saturday, April 5, 2008
Bierbeek, Belgium
Hotline: 0032498165018

Djurs Bluesland

Saturday, April 5, 2008
Hornslet, Denmark
Hotline: +4586152400

Springing The Blues

Friday-Sunday, April 4-6, 2008
Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.
Hotline: none

Blues Festival Basel
Monday-Saturday, April 7-12, 2008
Basel, Switzerland

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