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Thursday, Sept. 25, Rivers Coalition Meeting
Saturday, Sept. 27, Save Our Estuary Rally

Thursday, Sept. 25: Killer Fresh Water
"How Fresh Water Kills Our Marine Life" will be explained Thursday in a special program before the Rivers Coalition. Please attend if you possibly can.

It's at 11 a.m. Sept. 25 at the Realtors Association of Martin County, NW corner of Kanner and Colorado. Lots of free parking and coffee and donuts. See you there.

Yes, fresh water, no matter how pure, is a killer of estuary animals and plants. They all die when subjected to prolonged periods of no salinity (salt). This important program will present the obituaries for life that is wiped out when discharges from inland gush into the estuary. We'll have demonstrations and evidence of the work of Killer Discharges, which are alien waters from inland watershed.

Although the Corps of Engineers states over and over that the discharges "mimic natural rain events" the fact is that there's noting natural about the St. Lucie Canal that dumps so big on us in wet years.

Saturday, Sept. 27: Show Your Anger at Shepard's Park!
Come out Saturday to Shepard's Park and show your concern and anger over the discharges of polluted fresh water that devastate our St. Lucie estuary and adjacent Indian River Lagoon in these wet times.

Now is the time to demand change. Support the campaign to create a south outlet from Lake O that could tame the estuary assaults, and the federal lawsuit stating that the discharge damages are an unconstitutional taking of riparian rights.

The rally starts at 8:30 a.m. Saturday and there will be coffee and donuts (but you may want to bring some yourself to be sure). There will be continuous showing of the new 8-minute DVD about the discharges, brief updates on what's happening, and a surprise demo you'll like.

Shepard's Park is on the west side of U.S.1, a short way south of the Roosevelt bridge. We'll have a light on for you.

If you've never waved a protest sign, this is a good place to start. Make your own and express your own sentiments, such as:

Discharges, No, No, No
Stop The Discharges
Give Back My Estuary
Send That Water South
Save Our St. Lucie Estuary
Stop Estuary Killers Now
My Family's Estuary Is Sick

And maybe drawings of estuary animals and plants, "Here Lie..."

What's Going on at the Next Meeting?

Thursday September 25, 2008 11 a.m.
43 SW Monterey Rd
Stuart, Fl 34994

Business Matters
Chairman's Comments ~ Leon Abood
Land Acquisition ~ Leon Abood
Legal Update ~ Karl Wickstrom
Special Events ~ Jessica Briske
Fundraising ~ Karl Wickstrom
WRAC ~ Ted Guy/Ed Fielding

Coalition Committee Reports
Water Quality ~ Mark Perry
Local Issues ~ Mark Perry/Ed Fielding
State/Federal Issues ~ Kevin Henderson/Paul Gray
IRL/CERP ~ Kevin Henderson/Paul Gray
Martin County Updates ~ Paul Millar

Plenty of Free Parking & Donuts

2009 Everglades Coalition Conference.

The largest annual forum for Everglades conservation and recreation, bringing together the Coalition's 49 organizations with local, state, and federal partners.

January 8-11, 2009
Hilton Miami Downtown
1601 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, Fl

Sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities available please contact, or call 561-746-8078.

Make your hotel reservation before December 4, 2008 to secure the special conference rate of $199/night 1-800-hiltons.

Click here for more information.

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