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Golden October: The Power of Change * Mary Yoga ENews Issue #34 * October 2008

In the Face of Change

Hallowe'en. Thanksgiving. The leaves, the season, the globe, the nation, the children are changing, and so are we! What gives us courage to take action and face change? Letting go the old to embrace the new?

Manipura Chakra is our fire or solar chakra, located in the navel and solar plexus region of the abdomen. It is our core, source of power. Kapalabhati and Bhastrika pranayamas, Agni Sara and Nauli abdominal muscle churning techniques, all stimulate this "lustrous gem." Simply keeping Ujjayi breath and Uddiyana Bandha, abdominal engagement, makes every asana a purifier for Manipura, power chakra.

This 3rd chakra affirms our right to act, to choose actions based on our best available information, and take the consequences without fear or apology. It seems common sense: what more can we do? Yet, a leaky fire chakra daily causes ulcers or sluggish bowels, rash or fearful actions, aggression or crippling timidity.

Doing yoga mindfully with Ujjayi breath and abdominal lock practices courage and strength in the face of adversity. In particular, twisting poses challenge our core in the face of change and transition. Life IS transition; it IS change. We often practice Child pose early, and end in Corpse pose, Savasana. There is an acceptance of beginnings and endings, and challenging adventures between. Every yoga practice is a story we tell through our bodies and our victorious, ongoing breath.

So ... practice your Ujjayi. Practice your twists. Be sure you are still able to sing or chant during your practice to check your breath is not constricted. Let your chant be "Rum" to burnish the Manipura jewel, "Ah" to release its demon, shame. For more on past solar chakra issues #27, #20, #12, Yantra, related readings, see link page below.

MANIPURA ENEWS #27, 20, 12


My NYC Acro Flights - Catch' Em!

THIS Saturday, Nov. 1, I'm teaching AcroYoga at PURE Yoga on E.86 St. 2pm-3:30. Come try it out - especially if you're a Pure member! Or if you're not! Their facilities are beautiful and unique, their first studio to open in the USA from their huge base in Asia.

NEXT Saturday, Nov. 8, I'm teaching an AcroYoga Fundamentals Workshop at ISHTA Center, 56 E.11th St., 2pm-4:30, with the lovely Lila Donnolo. $40 if registered by Nov. 1/$45 after. A workshop is a great way to feel grounded in Flight Essentials and Basics, so you can base and soar safely in full confidence and power!

SUNDAYS, November 9, 16, 23, 30: I'm teaching AcroYoga at NYHRC Cooper Square, 4pm-5:15. Great grotto-like whirlpool, all members who haven't been yet! Level is Open so come whether you're a Jedi or beginner. We'll have fun!

THURSDAYS 7-8:45pm my loving AcroYoga Therapeutics at Om Factory where Acro began in NYC, at W.37th and 8th Ave. Come feel the loving vibes. Open level.

My Classes page has links for all the studio locations.



Two Great Yoga Articles

Fellow teacher Sylvia Smith brings to my attention two classic Yoga Journal articles:

*Is Yoga Enough to Keep You Fit?

*Better With Age

I like the articles so much I made a page just for FYI Yoga articles on my website.




Photo Credits; & Forward

Top Photo: Lila Donnolo twisting Amy Olson in Hilo HI. Sidebar: Becca Krauss basing Lila in Star. Raphael on Raul Aranas' shoulders. Jessica Louie on my shoulders. Karen Lee's photo of me in St. Lucia waterfalls, beach. Akil Davis basing my Hanuman in the Park. Karma Kids and Chain Reaction Jewelry for their photos. Alan Finger photography for Katrina Repka in Titibhasana. Amtrak dining for my photo of their meal! Ilana and Raphael on beach with jellyfish.

Please Reply as desired or Forward; you can always Unsubscribe below but I will always safeguard your email, and truly relish sending my cyber Sangha communiques every month!

Have a happy and safe Hallowe'en. Remember this Saturday night to turn the clocks back one hour. Sleep one hour later.

Have an informed, courageous day of taking action and choice on Nov. 4.

Shanti, Shalom, Namaste,

Love & Blessings, Mary


How Fast They Grow

Parenting, like Acro, like life, is the delicate balance of when to hang on, when to let go. A second ago, this kid was in PJs on Dad's shoulders! Fortunately, we can do that now with grownups too. See Mom and Jessica below left photo.



Investing in Happiness

Retreats are an investment in your soul's happiness and memories! Let go restraints, receive some freedom and happiness for yourself.
I've let go my Feb. retreat to take my family on vacation at Christmas. But my co-teachers will run it!

I urge you all to make your best investment: choose one of the many delish retreats offered at your studios! Time is our most precious wealth; time, and memories. Invest in your happiness.



Ishta Yoga: Come Visit

Ishta Center boasts a boutique, Ayurveda & Marma Point experts, and superb yoga. First class free with this printable pass, through November!



Karma Kids this Sunday

Love Yoga? Have kids? See Karma Kids! This Sunday: Circus Yoga for the family! 10-11:30. More kids' yoga at their site below.



Food Gifts for America

Diwali, India's holy new year, was Tuesday. Our own Thanksgiving and holidays approach. A favorite charity, America's Second Harvest, has changed its name to the below.



Yoga Jewelry Gifts

Thanks, T'ai Jamar Hanna and Paula Tursi's Reflections Yoga, for this beautiful and affordable Yoga jewlery site, made more so by the 15% discount offered for Reflections readers comme moi. I pass it on. For holiday gifts to self and loved yogis:
Use Code "Daily15" for 15% off.



Act: On Nov. 4

Need I remind you of your right to take action, based on the best knowledge you have? Choose, act, vote, on November 4.

Mary Aranas Yoga • * 310 Lexington Ave. • NY • NY • 10016

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