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Upcoming performances (see Tour Dates below for specifics)
Upcoming Events
Events include:
a concert with the Center for Creative Living band this Friday Nov. 7th at the CFCL, Science of Mind Way in Asheville...

a jazz duo at the Brown St. Club Thurs. Nov. 13th in Greenville, SC

a Mommy Concert benefit performance for Helpmate Friday Nov. 14th at Growing Young Cafe, Tunnel Rd, Asheville...

Jazz Performance with the Lucianne Evans Trio Sat. Nov.22nd, at the YMI Cultural Center, Market St., Asheville...

A Holiday Concert "Music for Peace and Healing" in a double bill with William (Surya) Vitalis, Fri. Dec. 5th at the James Lorah House, Doylestown PA...

A Radiant - Clear Light - Healing and Manifesting Workshop with Elizabeth Joyce, William (Surya) Vitalis, and myself Sat. Dec.6 at the Spotlight Dance Studio, New Britain Township, PA...
"Afternoon Memory" recording with the RS Trio
My jazz band, the Richard Shulman Trio recorded this summer and I'm now listening to everything to find the best music for the album we are working on. 

Here are rough mixes of two versions of "Afternoon Memory" which are both good, and I'd like to get some feedback from you as to which version you like best, and WHY! 

Mike Holstein... 

Here's version one: Afternoon Memory Take 1: 
Afternoon Memory Take 3
Email me with your comments.... Thanks!
Sonny Thornton

What do you like, What don't you like? 


Here's take 3: 
DATE CITY Time VENUE Who/What etc.
Fri. Nov. 7th Asheville, NC 7:00 - 9:00 pm Center for Creative Living, 2 Science of Mind Way, Asheville, NC
The Center's House band - which I'm playing with - in Concert (Love Offering)
Thurs. Nov. 13th Greenville, SC 6:30 'til 9:30 pm The Brown Street Club (864) 250-9193 115 N Brown Street, Greenville, SC 29601
Jazz duo with Mike Holstein on Bass
Fri. Nov. 14th Asheville, NC 8:00 pm Growing Young Cafe, 611 Tunnel Rd.
Benefit Mommy Concert for Helpmate: providing safety, shelter, counseling, and advocacy to families in Buncombe County. With Candace Gale, Richard Shulman, Linda Kendall Fields, Mary Davis, and Dancer Amy Jacques. Tickets: Individuals $20 in advance, $25 at door, Couples: $30 in advance, $35 at door. Pregnant couples: $15 per couple. For info and tickets call 828-299-4420.
Sat. Nov. 22nd Asheville, NC 8:00 - 11:00 pm YMI Cultural Center, 39 S Market St Asheville, NC 28801 - (828) 252-4614
Lucianne Evans trio $35 per couple or $25 per individual includes 2 drinks & hors d'oeuvres each. For info call Michele McClure 828-335-8132
Fri. Dec. 5th Doylestown, PA 8:00 pm James Lorah House, 132 North Main St. (Corner of Broad St.)
Holiday Concert "Music for Peace and Healing" in a double bill with William (Surya) Vitalis to benefit BARC (Bucks County Association for Retarded Children). Call Elizabeth at 215-996-0646 Tickets: Members - $28, non-members $35 (Membership and discount available at the door).
Sat. Dec. 6th New Britain Tswp., PA Noon - 5:00 pm THE SPOTLIGHT DANCE STUDIO
A RADIANT CLEAR LIGHT HEALING and MANIFESTING WORKSHOP With Elizabeth Joyce - William (Surya) Vitalis - Richard Shulman at the THE SPOTLIGHT DANCE STUDIO in New Britain Tswp., PA Workshop Fee:$75.00, Additional Family Member or Buddy $50.00, Disability $20.00 (for people on governmental medical disability) All donations go to the furthering of this work. To Sign Up call Elizabeth at 215-996-0646 This workshop has limited seating.
Sun. Dec. 21st Black Mountain, NC 3:00 'til 5:00 pm UR Light Center, Rte 9, 8.2 miles south of I-40 exit 64
Music of Peace Concert as part of a day-long event honoring the Winter Solstice. For info call: 828.669.6845
Radio Interview on Living Music Radio
Living Music Radio (Go to Nov. 3rd show)
Here's Narayan and Janet Baltzo's "Living Music Radio" Show with my interview talking about meditation, music and my musical journey including experiences with classical, rock, jazz, meditation, Musical Soul Portraits, and composing. Click on link:
A deep inner response
RichHeart Music
There have been times through the presidential campaign that I found myself deeply moved by something resonating with my deepest desires for myself and humanity. Last night and today as I listened to comments on the radio by African Americans I cried for joy as I realized that the majority of the American voters had chosen an evolutionary step beyond fear into a place of cooperation, trust and - dare I say it - Love.  Thus we begin a period of healing in which we have the opportunity to embrace those who are seemingly different from us and learn to hear other people's viewpoints from a place of compassionate understanding - that same compassionate understanding with which we can hear our own inner turmoil.

Right after 9/11 I co-wrote a song which became part of the Camelot Reawakened CD. The song, entitled "Remember the Love that We Are" is about facing fear and through that process remembering the Love that is our true essence. As we express that essence we open the doorways for our dreams-of-the-heart to come true.

May your and my greatest fears be revealed as False Evidence Appearing Real and with compassion may we each find and express the Love That We Are. 

Richard Shulman · 419 Creekside Dr. · Asheville · NC · 28804
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