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The Pause That Refreshes-CALL TONIGHT

“Learn to pause ... or nothing worthwhile will catch up to you.” ~Doug King
Oh hi, here it is, five days into the ILLUSTRIOUS beginning of another month and I'm SUPPOSED to be sending out a Muse Letter... but I've been working hard and moving so I'm on PAUSE, at least this week. Did you know pausing is a powerful non-action in the creative process? I explain tonight.

I'll be back with the REST of the Muse Letter with creativity prompts, people and participles next week.  "REST" don't you love that word? Are you making time to do it? Uh huh, I didn't think so. You better show up for the CALL TONIGHT about the magic of doing nothing in the creative process from the Modern Day Muse, Lull.  Learn about all the ways that taking a break can serve you. Sign-up here for the call tonight.

Cease from always doing and let the Muse whisper in your ear.
 “It takes a lot of time to be a genius, you have to sit around so much doing nothing, really doing nothing.” ~Gertrude Stein
“Yet it is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth comes to the top.” 
~Virginia Woolf
Take a pause. Beam yourself here:  Let go.

Relax, let your imagination turn your black and white existence into a color one-click on this sentence.


Uncooperative Still Life

Be still and then, be uncooperative with the mundane.


Jill Badonsky's new book, The Awe-manac, debut s Dec. 8. Click here for a peak at some illustrations


Take a Paws with the Kaizen-Mews Cat

Mambo is the cat of the Modern Day Muse, Lull. He speciailizes in napping with splendid-belly-exposure, purring while simultaneously eating tuna, and abstract furniture art. Like most cats,he is also very wise.

Dear Mambo,

Can you help me overcome procrastination? I can't seem to get anything done due to distractions, lack of focus, my TV addiction, ring around the collar, the yellowing of the kitchen floor, the lint in my belly button, forgetting why I walk into rooms, browsing Internet dating sites, and thinking I have to clear my clutter before I begin anything.
~ Artist in Need of Action

Dear A.I.N.O.M.

Mambo is napping, could you please be quiet?
Be a still lake reflecting the trees,

P.S. In the stillness a spark ignites that leads to desirable action and inspired passion.

Jill Badonsky's new book debuts, December 8! Click here for a peek at some illustrations.



Relax with a loved one.



Poetry Inspired by a Paws

Cat Sleeping, Rose Rising

Last Saturday my silver tabby was making those
jerky movements
that cats make when chased in dreams
by dogs
and Hoovers
and other cat-world monsters.

I smiled because
1) I am easily amused, and 2) …well, there's actually just that one reason... I'm easily amused.
Instead of gently waking kitty in co-dependent cat owner fashion,
I turned to visually behold the rose in the middle of the kitchen table.
"stop and smell" reflex surfaced like a bubble
in a cliché' shaped champagne glass.
Considered smelling.
The rose in the vase had its leaves positioned like wings,
right symmetrical with left, horizontal,
well… maybe 12 degrees was more like those rose wings were.
I swear I don't know what it was that made that rose rise
and flap it's leaves in aerodynamic grace,
in perfect perpendicularity,
in slow action motion over to the silver tabby
and whack him repeatedly on the head with its soft red velvet blossom
at least,
I would say eight times, … maybe nine.

Roses are compassionate flowers
when raised close to rivers rustling in Celtic music memories.
Roses are easily influenced by gracefully soaring river birds.
Roses are not usually
after all, A rose is a rose and roses are red.
Well, that rose had only five velvety red petals left
when it finished pelting confused,
but now more peaceful
The rose rose from the pussycat and back the rose flew with slow, perpendicular, aerodynamic grace to the vase and delicately replaced itself.
The Celtic violin music playing on my CD player stopped.
The rose bowed its head
and one more of its petals
to the table.
And I was easily amused.

Have a rose, Jill


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