By Sharon Travis


Success is something we all would like to have. How do we measure it? How do we attain it? Who can help us? 


Two gifted youngsters, Reese and Parker Haller, took what they have learned in their young lives and compiled a list of 101 pointers to help children become successful. In this book these youngsters share their thoughts and ideas about the life lessons they have been taught. 


The great news is, 101 Success Tips for Kids is a tool not only for kids. Even adults can use it to reach their goals for success. I've already started to use some of these tips to help me in my own life. I can't wait to share this book with my second-grade students. Advice from one "kid"  to another that has usable substance and personal meaning will go a long way in improving the lives of everyday children. 


Reese and Parker Haller are both talented young authors from Bay City, Michigan. I’ve had the honor of having these boys as students in The Program for the Academically Talented in the Bay City public schools. As second- and third-graders, they both displayed an advanced ability to be very creative in their written expression. Our school district promotes using The Six Traits of Writing in our curriculum, and both Reese and Parker were particularly successful at incorporating the traits of word choice, voice and ideas in their writing samples. Using these traits requires the author to be creative and imaginative; characteristics these boys have no shortage of. In my classroom Parker and Reese approached writing with excitement and enthusiasm, often putting a great deal of thought into the pieces they were creating. Having seen their writing first hand, it is no surprise to me that they have written such an incredible book.


Although these boys are only eight and eleven years old, they are already successful. Reese is the author of the Fred the Mouse™ book series and Parker the author and illustrator of Animal Facts: Mini-Books for the Early Reader. In addition to their writing success, I have witnessed other successes on their part. They are successful students, successful with peer relationships, and successful with self-responsibility. Parker also produces a children's newsletter that has made its way into twenty-eight states. 


Successful children are the result of successful parenting. Thomas and Valerie Haller provide a solid family foundation that is filled with learning opportunities and the encouragement that allows these children to flourish and continue to develop a skill they love: writing. As an educator, it has been exciting for me to watch these boys continue to write in the home setting for the pure joy of writing and not just to complete a classroom assignment. 


I would like to personally thank Parker and Reese for giving such a fine example of setting and completing goals. Every time I read one of their books to my students it stirs excitement in them to become accomplished writers. Parker and Reese have proven to our youth that children can do great things. They have made my job easier! I can't wait to see what they come up with next!                


Sharon Travis

Educator - 2nd Grade

The Program for the Academically Talented

Bay City Public Schools

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