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November 2008: Present Time * Mary Yoga ENews * Issue #35

Thanksgiving & Present Time

Thanksgiving is a healing time, a time for harmony and being grateful for the present. Yet we are often haunted at Thanksgiving and holiday time by "ghosts" of days past. The releasing vowel "aay" ("day") helps lift away grief, the demon of Anahata or Heart Chakra, from our chest and heart area. In its place, envision Anahata's healing green light with its Yantra, the blue six-pointed star, symbolizing a balance between the 3 lower and 3 higher chakras, the physical and the spiritual.

The balance too of giving and receiving, loving and being loved, reminds us to release the need to be right all the time, and see if that allows in more healing and love this holiday season. And in this yam season, try the Heart Chakra mantra, spelled "yam" but pronounced "yum," that expands the heart: yum yum yum...

Open your heart in Cobra, Bow, Fish, Camel, Wheel. Recline over a bolster in a supported heart-opener. Take yourself to a Restorative class. And open yourself to giving AND receiving. Young Living Essential Oil's 6-bottle "Feelings" collection contains names like Release, Harmony, Inner Child, Valor, Forgiveness, and Present Time. I use aromatherapy in Savasana and Restoratives as potent adjuncts to chakra work. This past week, Present Time (Neroli, spruce, ylang ylang) heightens the sense of being in the moment. Two other great collections are "10 Holiday Oils" (including Joy and Orange) and "7 Everyday Oils" (including Thieves, the immunity booster with cloves, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary). Come to class and enjoy, or give yourself or a friend a special oil. You can order directly through Young Living or through me.



Ishta Acro II: Sunday, January 18

Ishta Center's first AcroYoga® workshop on Nov. 8 was a great success with 17 enthusiastic participants. The Ishta Teacher Trainees were in training the same day and unable to come, so we've set a date for a second workshop, inviting those who came to the first, and those who have not yet done it.

Acro II at Ishta will be Sunday January 18, 2:00-4:30PM, and open to all levels. We will reinforce the basic skills, and build upon them in flying flows to include both therapeutic and acrobatic elements. The workshop will include Circle Ceremony, Partner Flow, Mirrored Asana practice, Strength and Inversion training, Partner Counterbalancing, Flying, and Thai Massage. Come to this enlivening, community-building experience! No partner necessary, but coming with friends is always extra special fun.

See Ishta site and site for details and pre-registration.



Ishta Offerings

Yogiraj Al Finger who trained me in Ishta now has his own beautiful yoga center near Union Square, and lots of unique offerings including Ayurveda treatments, Marma points and Ayurvedic bodywork. Check it out, and if you're seeking a winter escape, there are two Ishta retreats filling up fast: Jean Koerner's Haramara, Mexico, December 14-20, and Yogiraj Al's Mar de Jade, Mexico in March.

For more on retreats, see at sidebar my teacher friends' February retreat in St. Lucia.

Interested in teacher training? This Saturday Dec. 6 at 10AM, attend a free Ishta Teacher Training orientation with Alan Finger and Sarah Platt, to find out more about their 200 and 300-hour TTs and their bridge program.



Gift Giving Globally

As the world exhibits her needy hungry to us this December, I list a few of my favorite giving organizations, which are linked in my website year 'round.

Heifer International teaches animal husbandry and requires recipients to share their farm animal's offspring with their communities, creating a chain of sustainable, ongoing giving. Their beautiful and educational gift cards allow you to honor your loved ones with a gift that goes being the both of you.

Feeding America (pka America's Second Harvest) organizes the delivery of unsold foods from restaurants and stores, that would be wasted otherwise, to charitable food service groups. Most of the funds go toward food shipping.

New York Cares and Habitat for Humanity are two groups where your helpful hands and heart may be welcome if that's what you have to offer this season rather than donations of funds. Look in at your neighborhood church, temple, or synagogue, too; they are often grateful for extra serving hands for school and shelter gift drives.

The Hunger Site and its sister gift sites are a great way to "give" with a free click a day, and they also have gift ideas that include corporate charitable donations with every purchase.



Photo credits

Photos this issue courtesy of: Greg Franklin (bike pic), Monica Alethea Lee, Jake Brenner, Chris Loebsack, Mitch Gerbus, Stephan Van Der Mersch, Frank Hughes, Alan Finger, YogaWorks & Ann Mosca, Nature Photos Collection, Anna Dioguardi, Molly Bidlack, Jan Jones, Cassidy Arkin, Devorah Klein, Judy Nelson, Rodrigo, add'l NYHRC students, & NYC skater. You can see class photos from my Acro class albums if you become my Facebook friend.



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Have a beautiful season of lights! Don't forget to check out the enchanting free ice rink at Bryant Park, especially at night! Bring your own skates and lock, to make it truly free. Then shop the craft fairs. See also the magical model train station, in the lower atrium of the Citigroup Center!

Maha Shanti! Much Peace ~ Mary

In This Issue:

Thanksgiving & Present Time
Ishta Acro II: Sunday, January 18
Ishta Offerings
Gift Giving Globally
Photo credits
Email Privacy; Forward
Lululemon Sunday
Class Schedule-Dec.
Yogaworks Referrals
Anna & Dilshad Retreat
YogaWorks Acro-Feb

Lululemon Sunday

Lululemon Athletica, known for their yoga gear and community spirit, opened their Flatiron store at 156 Fifth Avenue and 20th Street on Friday.

They will celebrate the theme of "giving" this Sat. and Sun. Dec. 6 and 7 with promo class cards from area studios, and performances both days.

I will be there flying with Acro demo partner Jake this Sunday at 2, till about 2:30. Come be flown by us, & bring friends!

Lululemon Flatiron


Class Schedule-Dec.

Through December, I will continue:

*Restoratives: Monday mornings at Ishta and
*Friday mornings at YogaWorks,
*Acro Thursday nights at Om Factory,
*Vinyasa Tuesdays lunchtime at NYHRC,
*Flow & Restore Fridays lunchtime at Om Factory.

For full schedule with links go to my Classes web page.

Mary Website


Yogaworks Referrals

In December at YogaWorks, new students receive a free week of Yoga if referred by a teacher or staff member.

So, if you haven't been yet, try my Friday morning Restorative and ask for the week of free yoga on my referral. If you are already a member, your friends may qualify.

My Class Schedule


Anna & Dilshad Retreat

My friends Anna and Dilshad who are both Ishta AND YogaWorks teachers are leading a fab Caribbean retreat in St. Lucia on Valentine week with Tropical Escapes.

My family has other plans this year, but I wholly vouch for the cuisine, beach, and the people ~ not to mention the Yoga!

Caribbean Retreat


YogaWorks Acro-Feb

Coming soon: Feb. 13 YogaWorks AcroYoga® workshop.

Partner Flows and Flying Yoga to begin Valentine weekend. MAYBE yummy homemade cookies if we're really really good.

Come for the loving community and the empowering "high" of this "high union" practice. No partners necessary. Warning: AcroYoga® has been known to be highly habit-forming! TBC.


Heifer International
Feeding America
New York Cares
Habitat International
The Hunger Site
The Pond
The Station at Citigroup
NY Health & Racquet Club
Om Factory
YogaWorks-East Side
Ishta Center

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