December 5, 2008
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Mary Taylor is off and running full force with Blues Gone Gospel. You can't call it traditional nor contemporary, Mary stands in a category all by herself. This has never been done before taking the blues, which usually brings the message of heart break, no job and just low down. Mary took that same music and changed the words to tells a different story, one that brings you joy, put hope in your heart and makes you feel like dancing. Mary has returned to her heart, gospel, and gospel it is. Mary Taylor is the first, and only, female vocalist to be snapped up by the long time London based blues and jazz label, JSP Records, for her debut solo blues CD. Mary Taylor joins a long list of JSP label greats like Buddy Guy, Jimmy Witherspoon, New Orleans piano legend Professor Longhair, and more.. (Victim of Love was released with rave reviews worldwide)

Read what others say about Mary Taylor:

James and Lucky Peterson's If You Can't Fix It is the first full-length collaboration by the father/son bluesmen and features a luminous Southern soul duet with Mary Taylor on Time to Go. "One of the most energized recordings in the JSP catalog - and one of the year's best releases as well." Living Blues

She's Got It ...Her voice has real presence and she expands energy in a controlled, knowing fashion that many a better-known singer couldn't hope to achieve."Downbeat Magazine

Mary Taylor was the unchallenged star of the show...Taylor's mastery of inflection breathes life into the lyrics." Mary Lou Sullivan, Journal Inquirer

Her amazing vocal delivery conveys a warm and soft-spoken style that is nevertheless powerful and self-assured... The audiences loved her." Steven Cagle, KVMR Radio, Nevada CA

"Mary Taylor ‘testifies' like nobody else." Paris Voice, Paris, France

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Click on button to hear" NO NOT ONE" by Mary Taylor



Bruce Katz, a 2008 Blues Music Award Nominee for Best Keyboardist, brings his fiery, passionate and very original take on American Blues, Roots and Soul music as part of his CD Release Tour for his new CD, "Live! At the Firefly". Bruce is an acknowledged Hammond B-3 master and acclaimed pianist and brings his top flight band with him. Besides touring with his own band, Bruce actively tours with Gregg Allman and Friends and John Hammond. He has recorded over 60 CDs in his celebrated career. While his music draws from many flavors of American music, the Blues is always in the house.

Bruce Katz occupies a unique space where blues, jazz, rock, soul, and the many aspects of Americana all collide into a style of original instrumental music all his own. He is as comfortable playing "soul-jazz" on the Hammond organ as he is playing 1930's style stride piano or the meanest slow blues.

Over the past twenty five years, Bruce has been an in-demand sideman as well as leading his own band. He has played and recorded with many of the leading names in blues and roots music, appearing on approximately 60 albums with artists such as Ronnie Earl, John Hammond, Duke Robillard, Jerry Portnoy, Little Milton, Jimmy Witherspoon, Eric Mingus, Big Mama Thornton, Mighty Sam McClain, Debbie Davies, David "Fathead" Newman and many others.



Just so, Brown's Tales from the Fence Line showcases the voice of an artist with stories of cutting his first single at Chess Studios in Chicago in 1962, of producing his own and Bob Seger's '60s-punk 45s in Detroit, of an apprenticeship under Motown songwriting great Mickey Stevenson, of playing in Southwind (a band headed for an Apple Records contract until Apple dissolved, so instead produced by industry stalwart Tommy LiPuma), and after all that, of a five-year, wandering bar-band tour he describes as his "man with no fixed address period." Run that experience through a 200-plus song catalog tapped by the likes of Dave Edmunds, Percy Sledge, John Mayall, Dave Alvin, Joe Louis Walker, Emmylou Harris - and sampled by Gorillaz - and the sum total is an artist who has earned his ideas of what's important yet retained the artist's preference for letting his music speak for itself.
Produced by indie music pioneer Don Dixon, and with a redoubtable studio band of Dixon, Jim Brock, Mitch Easter, and Peter Holsapple supporting Brown's vocals, guitar, and blues harp, and with backing vocals by Kelley Ryan, Tales From The Fence Line emerged as a bracing concoction in which roadhouse R&B rhythms run up seamlessly against mandolin runs or electric sitar. Three songs were layered from Brown's own home-studio demos. The rest rolled out in basically three days at the Fidelitorium in North Carolina.

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Slumping auto industry leads to Motown slowdown, and no one's counting on a bailout

The auto industry crash is sending the Detroit music scene into a tailspin. According to Detroit-based musicians, it's not just the Big Three auto companies that need a bailout -- musicians are also taking a hit.

"With thousands of job losses, who do you think is coming out to see shows?" says Brian Vander Ark, former lead singer of The Verve Pipe. "I watched the Senate hearings; these executives all want a golden parachute. It's difficult to get people to buy tickets now, and that has everything to do with the auto industry."

Detroit has a storied musical history, from Motown to Madonna, Bob Seger to The White Stripes, Derrick May to Eminem.

But according to Lavell Williams, manager of the influential Detroit record store Record Time, city musicians are ailing, and there's no one in Washington asking for a $25-billion US lifeline for them.

"The automakers affect everything -- it's plant city around here," says Williams, mentioning that Record Time had to close their second location in March. "It's not only people working at Ford, Chrysler and GM, but engineers, people who work in salons, in advertising -- the only thing not affected is porn."

Fellow Detroit musicians the Insane Clown Posse started record label Psychopath Records in 1991. The group is made up of shock-rappers Joseph Bruce and Joseph Utsler, who wear bizarre face makeup, feuded with Eminem and have sold 10 million records. They say Detroit's musical landscape is disappearing under their feet.

"When we came out, let's say it took three days to hit all the music stores in metro Detroit," says Bruce, known by his moniker Violent J. "Today, you could go to all the stores in half a day. There's nobody left."

Of course, many musicians have already moved music sales to the Web. Augie Visocchi is the lead singer of the Hard Lessons, a group many feel is Detroit's best local band. He sees a parallel between the music and auto industries.

"Everyone in my family works for either Ford or General Motors," Visocchi says.

"They're not even holding their breath as much as prolonging the inevitable. The old mediums aren't working anymore. We're both working for dinosaurs."

Resilience, though, seems to be a common thread linking Detroit's music scene. Dianna Frank is a former manager of St. Andrews Hall, a venue which once hosted Nirvana and whose basement club The Shelter was made famous in Eminem's film 8-Mile. Frank has seen her town hit before with layoffs. She says sometimes that's when the best music gets made.

"I don't think you can find a room anywhere in the Midwest as packed as it once was," Frank says, "but the arts tend to rise in hard times. Economic recessions, the auto industry meltdown -- artists may not be able to make a living, but they'll still be out there making music. A lot of good music comes out of bad times."



By Dick Shurman

As a Blues Cruise virgin, I had only the ecstatic accounts from many hooked Cruisers as a reference point for the October 5-12 Pacific Cruise from San Diego down Baja to Cabo San Lucas and Mazatlan. (An approaching hurricane prevented the planned La Paz visit.) It was so immediately apparent why everyone raves after Cruises that I knew after less than a day that I was re-enlisting. It's just hard to beat inspired music, open and friendly people (including the musicians, allowing for the usual arc of human behavior) brought together largely through love of blues, good weather and constant pampering by Holland America with food and drink in abundance.

San Diego is a great setup for a cruise. The hotel is almost next to the airport and the ship terminal is directly across the street. Advance check-in and luggage drop-off at the hotel were smooth and welcome. The pre-party with Lurrie Bell and always dynamic Café R & B was a nice warmup and the site of many joyous annual reunions.


Marcia Ball topped off her sail-away set appropriately with "Sea Cruise." From there, she, a shipload of A Team bands, Etta James, Dr. John, Los Lobos, Koko Taylor (with fill-in guitarist Chico Banks sounding superb and vital before his shocking Dec. 3 demise), Elvin Bishop, Tommy Castro, Magic Slim, Kenny Neal, Shane Dwight, Ronnie Baker Brooks, John Nemeth, Watermelon Slim, Rev. Billy C. Wirtz, Chris Thomas King, David Jacobs-Strain, Earl Thomas with the Paddy Milner band, Leon Blue, Eden Brent, violinist Lionel Young, jam host Randy Oxford and guests Curtis Salgado (sounding as great and deep as ever), Lurrie Bell, Harold Brown and Jellybean Johnson, kept things rolling almost around the clock, along with some workshops (I did two with a lot of great help) for early risers including a great one on Second Line by Herman Ernest, Harold Brown and Marcia Ball. The late night jams are always a highlight musically and socially, but as the week progressed and the musicians mingled, renewed and forged friendships and exchanged invitations, it was increasingly harder to tell the regular sets from the jam lineups. Seeing blues lifers Koko Taylor and Magic Slim having the time of their lives (and seeing Koko's daughter Cookie Threatt turn into a Cruise Star via two tearful and moving sets of remarks the last full day) was a highlight in itself; Koko was constantly up and dancing with a huge grin. The theme nights and a couple of escapades by the ever-mischievous Sweet Potato Queens added to the general pageantry and amusement.


What downers there were included missing La Paz (it was the third straight day in port, so many were planning to give it a pass anyhow and the schedule on the ship was shuffled accordingly), Etta James' struggles (but her band plus Curtis Salgado, Marcia Ball and others did a magnificent set the final day in tribute to her) and the sad knowledge that reality was looming. But all in all, the experience blended wonderful music, close to a perfect lifestyle of leisure and amenities, and deepened old and welcome new friendships among a group with average age 55. I'd been well advised to prepare for cold evenings especially near San Diego and about pacing; making it to the night-ending music in the Piano Bar on a consistent basis takes some serious attitude and/or training. I heard pros and cons of the smaller west coast ship, the SS Ryndam. Distances aboard are shorter and it seems more intimate than the January Cruise, according to veterans of both. But it did get pretty crowded around the Pool Deck Stage during the evening. Kudos to the organizers; they Know The Drill, so things were quite smooth and showed the obvious benefits of experience and sound observation. Long-timers said they rated it as one of the better Cruises so far. For anyone who can't get too blues-intensive, especially while being spoiled and catered to in sunshine, it doesn't get much better. Not surprisingly, word continues to spread, and it's advisable to book as early as possible. If you're like me, even in this economy your only regret will be not doing it sooner.


Dick Shurman

Freelance producer and journalist

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M for Mississippi: A Road Trip through the Birthplace of the Blues, follows blues producers - Roger Stolle of Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art and Jeff Konkel of Broke & Hungry Records - on a weeklong journey across Mississippi visiting a dozen of the state's most fascinating blues figures in rustic environments ranging from juke joints to cotton fields.

"We planned this road-trip movie for two years," said Stolle. "We avoided big concert stages and rock-star narrators in favor of intimate houseparties and rockin' Delta juke joints. The results speak for themselves."

M for Mississippi, which was filmed early this spring, is a co-production of Broke & Hungry Records, Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art and Mudpuppy Recordings. The motion picture follows Konkel and Stolle as they travel the dusty highways and byways of Mississippi, calling on such seminal blues figures as James "T-Model" Ford, Robert "Wolfman" Belfour, Terry "Harmonica" Bean, Wesley "Junebug" Jefferson, Jimmy "Duck" Holmes, Pat Thomas, L.C. Ulmer, Robert "Bilbo" Walker and more. Joining Stolle and Konkel on the journey were filmmaker Damien Blaylock and co-producer Kari Jones of Mudpuppy Recordings. Recording engineer Bill Abel followed in his weathered Volvo station wagon packed with recording equipment. Over the next week, the tiny caravan traversed the state of Mississippi visiting some of the state's most original blues figures while the camera rolled.

The resulting film shines a long-overdue spotlight on these men, their music and the land from which the blues sprang. More than just a collection of concert performances, M for Mississippi collects the sounds, the images and the feel of both the performers and their native landscape - an environment essential to their livelihoods and inseparable from their art.

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The Gas House Gorillas- Premium Live Blues Music and Entertainment!


The Gas House Gorillas often bring the show into the audience spurring fans to sing, dance and get wild. Cutting up with each other and the crowd, the Gorillas are more than a great jump blues band; they are great entertainers as well.

The New York City jump blues band includes the charismatic front man Rick Fink, explosive bassist "Crusher" Carmean, brilliant blues guitarist Hiro Suzuki, talented sax player Tim Veeder and high energy drummer Angelo Merendino!

The band's repertoire encompasses a broad range of styles that include Jump Blues, Gypsy Swing, early Rock & Roll, Cajun Music and even the occasional funk groove. Artists as diverse as Wynonie Harris, Groucho Marx, Sam Cooke, Fats Waller, and Albert King all coexist in the Gorillas' musical vernacular.

They are fearlessly uninhibited performers, a sure fire guarantee for a rippin' good time and premium live music! Check out there second CD Five Gorillas Walk Into a Bar... and see why the buzz is for real whether in studio or live on stage at such locations at the Bobbique (NY), Dinosaur BBQ (NY), Ocean Resort in Long Branch (NJ), Red Bank Jazz Festival (NJ), Scotland Yard (NJ), The Bayou (NY), The Stone Pony (NJ), The Blue Parrot (DE) or the Westport Blues Festival (CT).

Come see the Gas House Gorillas live at these venues and shows:

The Bayou: December 27, 2008 & January 24, 2009

Ocean Resort in Long Branch: New Years Eve

The Blue Parrot: January 2 & 3, 2009 and March 20 & 21, 2009

Bobbique: Feburary 13, 2009

Dinosaur BBQ: March 27, 2009

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RIVIERA BEACH, FL - After eight years of bringing musical talent to the city beach, the Riviera Beach Music Festival has gone silent.

The city council decided Tuesday that the annual spring festival, formerly known as the Jazz & Blues Festival, is not a priority in these tough economic times - despite the festival advisory committee's promise not to ask city taxpayers for any financial support beyond the $75,000 allocated as seed money.

Several council members said they did not want the city to take another financial risk, especially in a shaky economy.

Another obstacle: Construction at the Ocean Mall would have moved the 2009 festival away from its traditional beach location to the Dan Calloway Recreation Complex.

But the spring music festival might not be dead.

Council members have suggested that a private company take over and operate it in a partnership with the city after the Ocean Mall and beach park are rebuilt next year.

"A music festival on the beach would be a fantastic way to unveil the new Ocean Mall Beach Park," Councilwoman Dawn Pardo said.

"If a production company, nonprofit or someone other than the City of Riviera Beach is interested in producing it and taking full responsibility for it, I think it would be wonderful to see a music festival on our new beach park."

Councilman Shelby Lowe said he, too, is open to the idea of a future music festival.

"I love cultural events, especially music," Lowe said. "If there's a way we can do it and have it not be such a burden on the taxpayers and the administration, that's the way to do it."

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The first annual Roots Music Awards were presented at the RMA Radio/Membership Conference.

Click the link below to view the top 5 nominations and the winners.

The 2008 Roots Music Awards. Click Here

Best Traditional Blues Album
(Vocal or Instrumental.)

The Blues Rolls On
Elvin Bishop

[Delta Groove Music, Inc.] 

Skin Deep
Buddy Guy

[Silvertone Records] 

All Odds Against Me
John Lee Hooker Jr.

[Steppin' Stone Records/CC Entertainment] 

One Kind Favor
B.B. King

[Geffen Records] 

Pinetop Perkins & Friends
Pinetop Perkins & Friends

[Stoneagle Music/Telarc]

Best Contemporary Blues Album
(Vocal or Instrumental.)

Peace, Love & BBQ
Marcia Ball

[Alligator Records] 

Like A Fire
Solomon Burke

[Shout! Factory] 

City That Care Forgot
Dr. John And The Lower 911

[429 Records] 

Taj Mahal

[Heads Up International] 

Simply Grand
Irma Thomas

[Rounder Records]

Best Zydeco Or Cajun Music Album
(Vocal or Instrumental.)

Live At The 2008 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
BeauSoleil & Michael Doucet


From Now On
Michael Doucet

[Smithsonian Folkways Recordings] 

Homage Au Passé
Pine Leaf Boys


Live At The 2008 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys


Cedric Watson
Cedric Watson

[Valcour Records]

 To see the complete list of the nominations : CLICK


About the MBAs:

The Maple Blues Awards is Canada's national blues awards program. Its goal is to promote blues music across Canada, and to recognize outstanding achievement in the field.

The nominees are selected by a distinguished panel of some 40+ blues experts. Co-Chaired by John Valenteyn, long-time member of the TBS, and Brent Staeben of the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival in Fredericton, the panel includes radio hosts, journalists, and festival organizers regionally distributed across Canada. Members of the Nominating Panel are not eligible for any of the awards.

The winners of the Twelfth Annual Maple Blues Awards will be announced at the Annual Maple Blues Awards Gala in Toronto, on January 19, 2009. This very special evening is Canada's national annual celebration of homegrown blues talent. It's also a night of great music by the Maple Blues Band, comprised entirely of Maple Blues Awards winners and nominees.

This year's Gala will be held at a yet to be announced location. The M.C. will be the CBC's Garvia Bailey, host of "Big City, Small World".

For the complete list of nominees: CLICK

For more information on the Gala, including details on how to get tickets, go to:


Jeffrey Wright can currently be seen in three movies starting Friday. Having played great characters before, portraying Muddy Waters in "Cadillac Records" is one of Wright's proudest moments however. He described the experience of working on "Cadillac Records," where the lives of Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Chuck Berry, Little Walter, Willie Dixon and Etta James were illuminated, as remarkable.

"They were extraordinary characters and extraordinary artists. If artists are heroes then these guys were it. I discovered in the process of doing this thing how much I deeply, deeply love these guys and the music that they created and the culture that they represent.

"Muddy, Howlin' and Chuck reshaped popular music around the world. I did research on all the lawsuits that had to be filed including those on Led Zeppelin, the Beach Boys and Elvis Pressley. Muddy Waters' lyrics and riffs were constantly being stolen. I hear so many Muddy Waters references now in music that I hadn't noticed before. It's unbelievable."

Wright goes on to say how important this music is and how it has played a part in international liberation. "It has not only redefined freedom in this country, but elsewhere. When you look at the fall of the Berlin wall, it happened with rock ‘n roll blaring through loudspeakers overhead. The desire for freedom that was being expressed is representative of American western longing for freedom. The songs of economic and personal freedom that related to slavery in this country and post slave dynamics were embodied in the lyrics."

"So it's not by accident that this music had that type of accessibility and availability of people around the world. It's such a direct, honest expression of the human condition. Folks were not in those [cotton] fields putting on airs, pretending to be something that they were not. The music and the art that they created comes from a very specific personal, emotionally, psychologically and intellectual reservoir. That was all that they had. So the music is powerful and pure. The music wasn't by mistake. It wasn't by accident. It came about because of the humanity of these people and their talent for expressing that.

"Mos Def is most definitely psyched about "Cadillac Records" and his role as Chuck Berry. "The aspect of his music is very unique and distinct," he commented. "He's such a large, enigmatic, mercurial magical figure. I hope I did him justice." There is no hesitation on Def's part, however, when he praises the film for doing justice to those the movie's artists who were the forerunners of blues and rock ‘n roll:

"The thing that struck me most is that this film is not just for amusement. These men and women were using their music to create concepts for themselves personally, and socially-in another type of political, social and economic context. They played a tremendous role in shaping the identity of what we know as America today. It's pretty phenomenal. When I read that quote of John Lennon that said, rock ‘n roll had another name and it may be Chuck Berry, I sit and wonder did he [Berry] know what he was doing. Was he so involved in the process, as well as Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf and the rest of them, that they were unaware of how significant their contributions would be?

"The establishing of America in not only in military might but also being a leader in imagination, thought and style. These men and women are nothing short of heroic heads of state, ambassadors, dignitaries and all that. I knew about the music and appreciated the music but after this movie I stepped away with a renewed appreciation and respect for all those folks."

The corruption in the music biz back then was pervasive so I asked Mos if some of those unscrupulous practices were still going on? "I always make this analogy in relation to the rest of the business world," he explained. "The entertainment world is a bit like the red light district of the business world. So there's always some sort of dubious activities or malfeasants going on. But what I think has happened in the last generation and now is that we're starting to see that information has become more lateral because of the Internet.

"A lot of corruption in the business has been curbed because no longer do a small group of people control information. Now with the information just being out and being airborne, people are a lot more savvy these days than they were in those. And hopefully with the advent of this new administration, you will begin to see some changes of how things are legislated and how people should conduct themselves in relation to sharing equitably with the artists.

"This is a long held argument from a lot of artists in that they get the least out of the revenue they generate, although they are at the center of the entire process. So it goes on but I think that these are changing times that we're living in. I think we're going to see a lot of positive changes. I'm hopeful about that."


The Last Word

Odetta became a force of the folk music revival in the 1950s. In the 1960s her renditions of spirituals and blues became part of the soundtrack of the civil rights movement.

To see and hear her story: CLICK

Shure Announces Rebates for 700 MHz Wireless Systems
Shure Incorporated today announced a rebate program of up to $1,000 for the trade-in of Shure 700 MHz frequency band (698-806 MHz) wireless systems and other related components purchased before February 1, 2007, and for any other manufacturers' qualifying 700 MHz frequency band wireless systems and their related components...

"Our number one priority is to provide our customers with the highest quality products, service, and support," said Al Hershner, Vice President and General Manager of the Shure U.S Business Unit. "We've known for some time that the ‘700 MHz band' would be reallocated for new services following the DTV transition on February 18, 2009. Although a final decision from the FCC is still pending, we felt the need to assure our customers now that we will take care of them regardless of the outcome."

Customers may submit their rebate forms with the purchase of the following new replacement products: UHF-R, ULX, MX690/SLX4L, PSM 700 (H3, L2 bands), and PGX.

For a complete summary of the terms and conditions of this rebate program, to learn which products are eligible for the rebate program, and to obtain a rebate form, customers should visit the Shure website at

"There has been a great deal of confusion for wireless microphone users regarding the political and technological developments surrounding the DTV transition and the 700 MHz auction over the past few years," added Hershner. "As always, Shure has a team of sales, customer service, and technical support staff available to answer any questions people might have about this rebate program or their products."

For information about rebates or trade-ins for in-warranty Shure wireless systems purchased on or after February 1, 2007, please contact 800-25-SHURE (800-257-4873).



Smithsonian Channel's Sound Revolution is a six-part weekly series hosted by award-winning actor Morgan Freeman. Documentary footage, expert interviews and performances by great musicians trace the origins of be-bop, jazz, rock 'n' roll and soul music, all emanating from “ground zero” – Clarksdale, Mississippi – and the Mississippi Delta.

Most of each hour-long program is filled with recent performances, largely from the Montreux Jazz Festival, featuring the greatest performers of music with roots in the South including: B.B. King, Ike Tuner, Buddy Guy, Etta James, Eric Clapton Carlos Santana, Robert Cray, Miles Davis, The Neville Brothers and many others.

For schedule and more info CLICK HERE


The 2009 International Blues Challenge will be the 25th year of Blues musicians from around the world competing for cash, prizes, and industry recognition. The Blues Foundation will present the 25th International Blues Challenge February 4-7, 2009 in Memphis, TN. The world's largest gathering of Blues acts represents an international search by The Blues Foundation and its Affiliated Organizations for the Blues Band and Solo/Duo Blues Act ready to take their act to the international stage. In 2008, 100 bands and 60 solo/duo acts entered, filling the clubs up and down Beale Street for the semi-finals on Thursday and Friday and the finals at the Orpheum Theater on Saturday. 


Here is a list of competing acts for 2009 International  Blues Challenge 2009 -


Alabama Blues Project- DieDra and The Ruff Pro Band

Arkansas River Blues Society- Port Arthur Band

Associazione Roots 'n' Blues- Tillamook

Atlanta Blues Society - Patrick Vining Band

Austin Blues Society - Mike Milligan & The Altar Boyz

Baltimore Blues Society- Clarence "The Blues Man" Turner

Baton Rouge Blues Society- Jonathon Long and the Blues Revolution

Billtown Blues Association- The Ann Kerstetter Band

Black Swamp Blues Society - Frostbite Band

Blue Ridge Blues Society- Mike Westcott's Blues On Board

Blues Alliance of the Treasure Coast- Stoney and The House Rockers

Blues for Peace- CG & The Hammer

Blues Society of Central Pennsylvania- Don Johnson Project

Blues Society of Northwest Florida - THE FORTY FOURS

Blues Society of the Ozarks- The Underground Blues Division

Blues Society of Tulsa - Jennifer Marriott and Odd Sheep Out

Blues Society of Western New York- Todd Eberwine Band

Blues Society of Western Pennsylvania- Nothin' But Trouble

Blues Sur Seine- Big Dez

Boise Blues Society- The Quartertons

Boston Blues Society -Delta Generators

Canada South Blues Society-The Bluesers

Canal Bank Shuffle- The Johnny Max Band

Cape Fear Blues Society- Ten Dollar Thrill

Capital Area Blues Society- 6 Hands Down

Cascade Blues Association- Ty Curtis Band

Central Mississippi Blues Society- Stevie J and the Blues Eruption

Charlotte Blues Society - Contagious Blues Band

Cincy Blues Society- RICKY NYE INC.

Colorado Blues Society - The Johnny O. Band

Columbus Blues Alliance - Inner City Blues Band

Connecticut Blues Society- The Bluelights

Crossroads Blues Society of Mississippi- MARK "THE MULEMAN" MASSEY

DC Blues Society- Billy Thompson & Friends

Detroit Blues Society- Count Bracey and the Pleasuretone

Diamond State Blues Society -The Roger Girke Band

Grafton Blues Association -Sue DaBaco and Wise Fools

Grand County Blues Society- Dan Treanor, Richard Ray Farrell and The Afrosippi Blues Band

Grand River Blues Society -Steve Strongman

Greater Twin Cities Blues Music Society- Davina and The Vagabonds

Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival - Keith Hallett Trio

Houston Blues Society- Rick Lee & the Night Owls featuring Evelyn Rubio

Illinois Central Blues Club- Pleasure Chest

Indy Crossroads Blues, Inc. -King Bee & The Stingers

Iowa Blues Societies- Avey Brothers

James River Blues Society -of Sedalia The Biscuit Rollers

Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues Foundation- Matt O'Ree Band

Kalamazoo Valley Blues Association- Marble Garden

Kansas City Blues Society- King King

Kentuckiana Blues Society- Cheryl Renee with Them Bones

Kentucky Blues Society- The Dirty Finger Blues Band

Klamath Blues Society- Perfect Bedlam Band

Lake of the Ozarks Blues Society - Full Moon Blues Band

Le Relatant Société de Blues- Racine

Lehigh Valley Blues Network- Friar's Point

Loma Blues (Finland)- Julie Black

Long Island Blues Society- Sweet Suzi and the Blues Experience

Magic City Blues Society- Alabama Blues Machine

Maine Blues Society -Matt & the Barnburners

Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society -Collard Greens and Gravy

Memphis Blues Society- Grace & Gravity

Mid North Michigan Blues Society- Laith Al-Saadi

Mississippi Delta Blues Society of Indianola- The Grady Champion Revue

MO Blues Association- Megan Boyer Band

Natchel Blues Network- Holly Road

North Central Florida Blues Society - Blues-O-Matics

North Texas Blues Society- The Silvertones Featuring Joe Jonas

Northeast Blues Society- Blues Sanctuary

Norwegian Blues Union -Shuffle Service

Oklahoma Blues Society- Dan Danger Band

Orange Blossom Blues Society -Smokin' Torpedoes

Ottawa Blues Society - MonkeyJunk

Ozark Blues Society of NW Arkansas- Oreo Blue

Phoenix Blues Society- The Mikel Lander and Meridith Moore Band

Piedmont Blues Preservation Society- Landon Spradlin Blues Band

Polish Blues Association - Boogie Boys

River City Blues Society (VA) -The Michael Clark Band featuring Tracy Clark

Sacramento Blues Society- The Aces

Santa Barbara Blues Society- Pryor Baird & The Deacons

Santa Clarita Valley Blues Society- Alan Wright Band

Sierra Blues Society -The Jeff Watson Band

Smoky Mountain Blues Society- Labron Lazenby and L.A.3

Sonny Boy Blues Society- Brethren

South Florida Blues Society- J.P. Soars & The Red Hots

South Sound Blues Association- The Michal Miller Band

Southern Arizona Blues Heritage Foundation- Lefty Larry and the Blues Avengers

Southern California Blues Society- The Phil Gates Band

Southern Fried Blues Society- WSNB

Spa City Blues Society - Unseen Eye

Space Coast Blues Society -Josh Miller's Blues Revue

Springing The Blues Society -Conrad Oberg

Suncoast Blues Society- Nervous Turkey

The Blues, Jazz and Folk Music Society - Mojo Theory

Triangle Blues Society- Valentino and The Piedmont Sheiks

Washington Blues Society -The Red Hot Blues Sisters

West Michigan Blues Society -Reverend Robert Sexton's All Star Blues Review

West Virginia Blues Society- Miss Freddye And Blue Faze

Wichita Blues Society- The Terry Quiett Band

Yesterday &Today's Rhythm & Blues Society- CJ Vaughn & Highway 58




Arkansas River Blues Society- Bluesboy Jag

Associazione Roots 'n' Blues- Cek

Atlanta Blues Society- Joe McGuinness

Austin Blues Society- Jimi Lee

Billtown Blues Association- V. E. Paul

Black Swamp Blues Society- Patrick Lewandowski

Blues Alliance of the Treasure Coast- Darrell Raines & George Caldwell

Blues Lovers United of San Diego- Charles Burton

Blues Society of Central Pennsylvania- Don Judy

Blues Society of Northwest Florida- Jeff Glickman

Blues Society of the Ozarks- Rich Berry

Blues Society of Tulsa- Little Joe McLerran

Blues Society of Western New York- JJ Moscato & Reggie Evans

Blues Society of Western Pennsylvania- Bubs McKeg

Blues Sur Seine- Lonj

Boise Blues Society- Bodo Brothers

Boston Blues Society -Track44

Cape Fear Blues Society- ETrain & Mississippi Mike

Cascade Blues Association- Don Haupt

Charlotte Blues Society -Blazin Blues Bob

Cincy Blues Society- Jimmy D. Rogers

Colorado Blues Society- Ben Stevens

Columbus Blues Alliance - LeFever

Connecticut Blues Society- Ron Anthony

Croatian Blues Forces -Tomislav Goluban "Little Pigeon"

Crossroads Blues Society of Mississippi- Alphonso and Richard

DC Blues Society - Matt Wigler with Mike Aubin

Detroit Blues Society -John Latini

Great Lakes Blues Society- Tim Woodcock

Greater Twin Cities Blues Music Society - The Brothers Curtis

Houston Blues Society - The Delta Flyers

Illinois Central Blues Club - Donna Herula

Indy Crossroads Blues, Inc. -Hot Brown

Iowa Blues Societies- Brad McCloud and John Zantow of the "Case Of The Blues" band

Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues Foundation - MICHAEL PACKER & ED JACKSON

Kansas City Blues Society- Mark Montgomery and Max Berry

Kentuckiana Blues Society- Tyrone Cotton and Danny Kiely

Kentucky Blues Society- Brian Witty

Lake of the Ozarks Blues Society- The Bottoms Up Blues Gang

Lehigh Valley Blues Network- Donovan Roberts

Long Island Blues Society- MOTU

Magic City Blues Society- Michael Carpenter

Maine Blues Society- I.C. Waters Duo

Memphis Blues Society- Brandon Bailey

Mid North Michigan Blues Society- Michael Lee Seiler

Mississippi Delta Blues Society of Indianola- L.C. Ulmer & Chase Holifield

MO Blues Association- Ben Green

North Texas Blues Society- Aaron Burton

Northeast Blues Society- Tas Cru

Ozark Blues Society of NW Arkansas - Isayah Warford & Kory Montgomery

Rainy Day Blues Society -Al Rivers

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum - Kristine Jackson Duo

Russellville Blues Society- Michael Gough and John Martin

Sacramento Blues Society- Jimmy Pailer & Lew Fratis

San Angelo Blues Society - Jeff Strahan

Santa Clarita Valley Blues Society- Bryan Chan

South Sound Blues Association- Son Jack Jr & Michael Wilde

Spa City Blues Society- Ben "Swamp Donkey" Brenner

Suncoast Blues Society - Roger "Hurricane" Wilson

T.B. King Blues Club- Chicago Blues Revue

The Blues, Jazz and Folk Music Society- Austin "Walkin' Cane"

Triangle Blues Society- Jon Shain and FJ Ventre

Washington Blues Society- Alice Stuart

West Virginia Blues Society- Sam Lamont




Billtown Blues Association- V. E. Paul

Blues Society of Central Pennsylvania- Little Ivory Blues Band

Blues Society of the Ozarks- Juke Joint All-Stars

Blues Society of Western New York- Infinity Blues Project

Boise Blues Society -The Bodo Brothers

Canada South Blues Society- The Bluesers

Charlotte Blues Society- Jake Haldenwang's Blues Brew

Colorado Blues Society - Michaela Rae

Columbus Blues Alliance - Micah Kesselring

Connecticut Blues Society - Harry T

DC Blues Society- Matt Wigler

Grafton Blues Association- Tallan "T-Man" Latz and the Young Guns

Grand River Blues Society- Colin White and the Blue Ribbon Players

Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues Foundation- Outside The Box

Kalamazoo Valley Blues Association- Marble Garden

Kentucky Blues Society- Kenton Bryant, Aaron Holder

Loyal Blues Fellowship- Moria Delta Duo

Mid North Michigan Blues Society- On The Spot Blues Band

Ozark Blues Society of NW Arkansas- Nathan and Christina Aronowitz

Southern Fried Blues Society- Skinny Legs and All

T.B. King Blues Club- Little Boogie Slim & Kurson

Topeka Blues Society - Just 'Cuz


Everybody knows that the IBC is THE PLACE TO BE to network with the people that count in the blues world. Now is a great time to take advantage of the E-Guide to promote yourself or your band before you go to Memphis. The E-Guide goes out to 17,000+ confirmed blues fans every week and is a great way to let everybody know that you are going to Memphis.

For rates : CLICK
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Twelve out of the almost fifty CDs have made the cut and advance to round two of the Best Self Produced CD contest. Round two will narrow the field to just six for the final round which will take place in Memphis at IBC.

Atlanta Blues Society - Joe McGuinness, From These Seeds
Blues for Peace - CG & The Hammer, Blues Heaven
Blues Lovers United of San Diego - Nathan James & Ben Hernandez, Hollerin
Blues Sur Seine - Big Dez, You Can Smile
Columbus Blues Alliance - Tennie Tucker, Two Big M's
Connecticut Blues Society - D. Smith Blues Band, Life Is Good
Diamond State Blues Society - The Roger Girke Band, Shake It
Howlin' Wolf Blues Society - Big Joe Shelton, Black Prairie Blues
Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society - Collard Greens and Gravy, Devil in the Woodpile
Orange Blossom Blues Society - Joey Gilmore, Bluesman
Phoenix Blues Society - Mike Lander-Meridith Moore, Soulo Sessions
South Florida Blues Society - J P Soars, Back Of My Mind


On February 24, Rounder Records will release JJ Cale's 'Roll On, ' the legendary songwriter and guitarist's first solo album in nearly five years, and his debut for the label. 'Roll On' follows Cale's Grammy-winning, gold-certified 2006 album with Eric Clapton 'The Road to Escondido.'

Cale wrote and produced all twelve songs on 'Roll On, ' and plays all the instruments on most of the tunes as well, including guitars, pedal steel, bass, drums, piano and synthesizers. He tracked most of the album at his home studio in California. Among the few exceptions is the title track to 'Roll On, ' a previously unreleased collaboration with Eric Clapton, and the latest evidence of the pair's incredibly fruitful, simpatico creative partnership.

Elsewhere, Cale adds a few curveballs - like the scat-sung opener "Who Knew" and the jazz chords of "Former Me." - to his mesmerizing mix of blues, country, rock and other quintessentially American styles. The album is such a treat to the ears it's easy to overlook the amount of work that goes into creating Cale's signature "laid back" sound. He played most of the instruments on his landmark first album 'Naturally' out of financial necessity. He does so on 'Roll On' out of a passionate, meticulous love of the craft.

Eric Clapton recognized that passion a long time ago. Two of his biggest hits as a solo artist - "After Midnight" and "Cocaine" - are Cale-penned songs. Other artists who've covered Cale include Johnny Cash, The Band, Chet Atkins, Captain Beefheart, Santana, The Allman Brothers, and Lynyrd Skynyrd; while Mark Knopfler, Neil Young, and Bryan Ferry have all cited his influence. "He's a superior musician, " says Clapton. "One of the masters."


Today is JJ's 70th birthday and to celebrate there are a limited number of copies of the rare JJ Cale - "Live In Session" CD available....this can only be purchased from the Classic Pictures online store . This rare recording was recorded at LA's Paradise Studios in 1979 with Leon Russell on Keyboards.

To purchase: CLICK  


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Established in 2001, Nate Myers & The Aces performs to a variety of audiences in the Mid-Atlantic US: private parties, college campuses, concert halls, nightclubs and outdoor festivals. On a typical evening, audiences can hear influences from many forms of American music - blues, funk, hip hop, rockabilly, country and improvisation. Nate Myers & The Aces take all these styles they love and weave them into a tapestry of their own.

The band has released four CDs to date, starting with their first self-produced CD, "Rise Above It" (2002). In August 2004, the group traveled to Clarksdale, MS, to experience music they love first hand. While in Mississippi, they went to work in the studio with producer/musician James "Jimbo" Mathus and called upon the raw and traditional Delta sounds they absorbed. The result was "The Lonesome Plowboy." Released in the following December, it contains original material from the band and features guest appearances from W.C. Handy Award winner Big Jack Johnson  and Jimbo Mathus. The track "Chuck Taylor" was featured in the independent film, "The Electric Fire Hydrant" (Last Exit Films), winner of the Excellence In Cinema Award for short film in the 2006 New York International Independent Film & Video Festival. In 2005, NM&A released a live CD - "Merc Ace 13 Music Co." - with tracks taken from performances in '04-'05.

In May 2008, the band released its fourth CD, "Persist." This collection of original music displays the band's growth in songwriting and ability to infuse traditional styles with a fresh, modern sound.

Nate Myers and the Aces' song, "Porch Light," was included on the Blues Society of Central Pennsylvania's "In Our Backyard" CD, which is a compilation of blues artists from PA, MD and Washington, DC. "Porch Light" can be heard on XM Satellite Radio's Bluesville show.

Nate Myers has shared the stage with many national and regional artists such as Big Jack Johnson, E.G. Kight, The Nighthawks, Bruce Katz, Billy Price, Carey Bell, Ben Andrews, Robin Trower, Rod Piazza, Luther Allison, E.C. Scott, Paul Rishell & Little Annie and many more. In January 2006, Nate and his band represented the Billtown Blues Association at the Blues Foundation's International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN.

In addition to their regular performances, Nate Myers & The Aces are active in charity work. The band organizes and hosts an annual event, "Harpapalooza," which features harmonica players from PA, MD and DC - backed by The Aces. The concert has been a huge success, raising thousands of dollars for Diabetes research and continues to grow every year!

"Rise Above It" - 2002
"The Lonesome Plowboy" - 2004
"Merc Ace 13 Music Co." (LIVE) - 2005
"Persist" - 2008

"Sit Back, Relax" (Nate Myers & Tom Rosencrans) - 2007

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