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Seeding the Pure Matrix of Heaven upon Earth


A great deal is happening on a planetary level.
We are in a time of tremendous change.
This should not be news to many of us.

More and more, the elders and teachers, of so many cultures and disciplines, are bringing to our attention the need for harmonizing our awareness and lifestyle, vitalizing our power, infusing ourselves with the living frequencies of joy, gratitude, ecstasy and bliss.  Those of the other worlds are dispensing very similar information, as well as pathways to ascended consciousness.

At the same time, our current matrix of life on Earth seems, as reported by many, to be filled too often with stress, anxiety, confusion, uncertainty, difficulty to make decisions, sleep disorders, unusual memory patterns and physical ailments.  The disorder manifest in the outer world (business, banking, politics, government, social unrest, medicine, etc,) just amplifies these perceptions.

We have spoken numerous times upon the ‘other realities’ feeding into this, from the Earth’s magnetic field anomalies, to the solar and galatial impulses affecting us, the time of the ‘six moons prophecies,’ as well as the importance to find methods to stay centered, focused, grounded, to not take on the collective ‘goo’ which is now, more and more, permeating the collective field of consciousness, and so much more.  Perhaps the language to know and understand best is summarized as, this is the time of ‘the falling away of all archaic structures which no longer serve us.’  (You may read or review many of these comments in prior articles, newsletters, and summaries in our general topics at: )

What we are experiencing, is, also, the chaos which ensues when one system collapses and another begins to take form.  This applies both to our external and internal realities.  And, what can best serve us, is to let go of that which no longer serves us at an individual level, and to find what does best serve, nourish, and sustain us, our true and intimate self, as well as our collective selves, at a more universal level. This shall become, in time, the rising of the Phoenix from the ashes.
At this time, it is simply time to do the work we have come here to do. 
Any of us whom have not begun, it is time. 
It is critical that we each begin, more and more, to understand the interrelationship between our thoughts, our words, our deeds, and actions, and their manifestations in all levels of reality which are permeating our lives.  It is critical that we gain true insight into the nature of our own inner being, and healing pathway, if we feel that journey is not complete.  Within that understanding, it is equally critical that we seek to not project our own inner incompletion, anxiety, feelings of separation or unworthiness, or dissent, into the outer worlds, but find true value in who we are and why we have come to this place and time, and begin to seed states of consciousness holding that true imprint, or template, of WHO WE ARE as DIVINE BEINGS, into the fabric of this Earth. 
We each have a vital role to play in this amazing saga of evolution, which affects not only life on this planet, but as so many star elders and others have shared, life at a far greater distance than we can even imagine at this time.

For those who truly understand the vital nature of our roles as collaborative co-creators and holders of a Divine Birthright, we invite you to join us in this body of work.

We have been sharing immense amounts of information regarding the nature and importance of creating vital Living Relations with all aspects of Creation, the Earth, the Elementals, the Ancestral and Star Beings, those of the Celestial and Pure realms of Creation.  We have been developing living relations with these beings wherever our work takes us, but have especially created symbiotic relations with those of this region of the planet where we dwell, in
New England

They have shared with us, as we have shared with you, the nature of a “StarField” of Living Energies created through these living relations, and specific esoteric understandings of how to work with this living beings and energies, to create and amplify a Living Field of Intelligence, through the matrix we now call the StarSeal, the six sided Star Tetrahedron of 3 Sacred Mountains and 3 Sacred Lakes, which we have been working with here in New England.   (See for more in depth information:

This past week our Advanced Group (see ) worked with this StarField to prepare for our August practice, and to deepen our relationship and understanding of the Matrix of Life which the elders and wisdom keepers have asked us to work with, to embed the “pure matrix of life, of Heaven on Earth” here, at a planetary level.

What occurred is magical in the least, a most powerful and humbling experience which brings ever deeper insight into the nature of these mysteries and practices we have been asked to share with the greater community, in service to this planetary time of evolution.

We invite EACH of you, who feel called, to enter this sacred practice with us, August 25-30. 
(See for all details:
For those in Europe, we shall be offering a 2 day practice, based upon the understandings of this body of work, but working specifically with the Elemental consciousness of the Murnau-Garmisch region of Germany, the alps, springs, rivers, stones, woods, and moors of that spectacular region, in mid-July.  (
See: )

What is the importance of this work?

We are in a New Age.  It is not the eve of Dec 21, 2012 we should be concerned about or paying special attention to.
It is the essence of this moment, here, now.  And every moment.
This is the day, this is the time, we are seeding the New Consciousness of the Earth and all human relations within it, which will culminate in this New Awakening for humanity.  It has always been true, but as we are culminating eons of evolution, and coming to the edge of one age which is ending, and entering another, which we ourselves are, and must birth, the very tip of creative potentials is drawing ever closer to our realities.  We can see, more and more, the edge between the choices we make, and their outcome.  They are coming closer and closer together.  We see more readily the fruit of what we have sown, whether we are truly understanding it is of our own creation or not.  The veils are thinning.  The truth is becoming more absolute, or, in the least, more apparent.  And, we are co-creators in that Truth.

What we do every day, every moment, every breath, affects all life.
We each can and must take full responsibility for our actions and wishes.  We shall, regardless, and we shall enter this new age in a graceful grateful state of bliss, or kicking and screaming, perhaps in another state of consciousness.  The choice is, and has always been, up to us.

We can look at all the reasons in the world around us why this cannot be so.  Why we cannot be thankful, grateful, blissful, joyful, compassionate, or healed.  We can continue to escape all the reasons we feel disconnected from the sanctity of Life.  There is no doubt there is plenty of terror and grief in the world.  Yet, we can, and must, make conscious evolutionary choices to subdue, embrace, or transform that terror and grief within ourselves if we are ever to see it subside outside of ourselves.  We must each take the responsibility and steps to transform all suffering within us, to alleviate the suffering without.  And, by these steps, we shall overcome all suffering without.  As long as we believe that there is healing which must occur outside of us, there is healing which still awaits us within.  As long as we feel separate from any of it, we have not found the unity within.  The answer lies within.  It is not that we cannot help those outside of us.  But as long as we feel it is separate, we have not fully understood the cause.

We can understand, feel, choose, and decide right now, the time is come.  We are the ones; there is no other but ourselves.  We can, should, and must choose to make rightful decisions for our life, and for all life on Earth, to live in harmony and vital rightfulness in relation to the greater cosmos.  We cannot decide for any other being.  Only for ourselves.  And we must, and, in fact, do, make that decision every moment of every day.

 It is up to us.
What do you choose?

The work we are offering explicitly gains insight and recognition of our nature, our own vital being, and methodology to enliven and quicken relationship to the whole, of our being, of All Being.

The work we are inviting you to join in with us, this summer, is literally being driven by awakened consciousness of the living Earth, the Elemental consciousness, the Ancestral kingdoms and Wisdom Keepers of ancient sites, and the Awakened Ones of the celestial, or subtle realms, of consciousness.

This work is to embody the purified states of our own being, and to seed the elemental nature of Heaven on Earth within the Creative Matrix of Her (the Earth’s) Body and Mind.

We are part of that.

We invite you to join us in this sacred practice:

The Sacred Seal: Awakening the Dragon
The Sacred Seal: Awakening the Dragon

Early discounts deadlines are about to expire on our Sacred Seal practice.  However, we have been unable to send a reminder newsletter for 2 weeks, so we are extending this last EARLY REGISTRATION Deadline until June 19.
if registered
by June 19
SAVE $105. off the total cost, which includes all transportation, lodging, and meals during the program.
and, a special Newsletter discount, 
Register by this Wed, June 10, 5 PM, and
take an additional $50 off.   (or, register online until midnite June 10.)
A $645 deposit will hold your space.
(See all details at:

Activating Elemental and Ancestral Relationships with Earth and Sky 

August 25-30, 2009, A Six Day Wilderness Retreat
This program is over half full, and we do expect it to fill.
Includes ALL Land Transportation, Accommodations, and All Meals.

A Special Journey to Three Sacred Mountains
and Three Sacred Lakes
of New England,
which compose a nearly perfect Star Tetrahedron,
and, to enter into, and journey through, 
Three of the Ancient Stone Chambers ('Calendar site', DreamLodges,)
To hold & activate Vital Relationship with Elemental Forces of the Earth; and, to restore the living matrix of Heaven on Earth.

We know of the many sacred sites and activations around the world:
Do you understand the presence of, and importance & benefit of developing relationship with, Sacred Places of the Earth, here, where you live?
Shamanic Initiations, Powerful Earth Healing Ceremonies
Participate in the re-creation of harmonic living on this sacred Earth

This tour will fill, and is over half full already. 
We highly recommend early registration.  A $645 deposit will hold your space. 
We do not currently anticipate offering this program next year.
The Earth is CALLING US, beseeching us, to enter ever deeper aspects of relationship with her. 
(See all details at:

         June 26 - July 5, Join Zacciah at
              Montreal, Canada

Zacciah will present keynote addresses with experietial practices Tues and Wed evenings June 30 and July 1, and offer a prayer ceremony in opening invocations Sat, June27 from 9-10 AM.   See details on his presentations below.

            See for this extraordinary gathering of Scientists, Philosophers, Healers and Mystics.

Another Newsletter-only extension:
June 10th is the first early registration deadline
for our 2009-10 School of Sound Healing, which begins 9/09.  Save $637 by registering early for the first year of programs in this thorough compendium of how to work with sound in your life, and in your professional practice.  Those attending in prior years, almost universally state they receive far more than they expected in this unique training.
COMPLETE PROGRAM information, and in depth explanations, here.
Holistic Healers & Therapists in Vermont: Special Meeting
The Associated Psychotherapists of Vermont (APOV) is a grassroots organization networking and supporting the needs of alternative healers in the state and region. 
(See more about APOV below)
Come join us at this unique gathering:

THIS Tuesday 6/9 at Zacciah Blackburn's Center of Light,
with opening ceremony; 
presentation by Michael Gigante on Psychoneuroimmunology
  • FREE, with social time after to meet and network!
  • Invite others in the healing professions to come and join us!
Please RSVP or 802.674.9585.
  • If it is not raining:  please bring a folding chair or something to sit on outside (canopy/tents provided)
  • Please bring a snack to share.
  • Times 11 AM til 4 PM.
  • We will order lunch from a sweet local cafe, (soups/salads/sandwiches/omellettes/teas/coffees,) or bring your own.
  • Weather permitting:  bring a suit/towel if you wish a dip in an exquisite VT brook.
    •  or, google/mapquest: 220 Hidden Glen Rd, Ascutney VT  05030
Join and get your directory listing and other benefits!!
 DATETuesday June 9.  Mark your calendar!    Zacciah Blackburn has offered his Center of Light in  Ascutney for our next meeting. This offer was accepted enthusiastically!  Zacciah's home is in a beautiful location and the setting will be perfect for our get-together. 

    TIME 11 am to 3 pm, with time up to 4:00 to socialize and wander Zacciah's grounds.
    AGENDA  (Approximate)

    1.  An opening ceremony by the water, "Meeting the Waters." (no one gets wet!) (we may use the Grandfather gathering drum for opening ceremony.)
    2.  Personal check-ins
    3.  Brief business meeting to brainstorm and plan for our October Annual Gathering.  (Saturday, October 12, 2009 - Mark your calendar!)
    4.  Lunch.  Zacciah says that there is a natural-foods-oriented nearby café where we could order take-out, with delivery if desired.  Or, if preferred, you can bring your own lunch.
    5.  A presentation on Psychoneuroimmunology by our Michael Gigante,  He has done a lot of work in this area, and is an excellent presenter.
    6.  Closing about 3:00.   Then social time, "schmoozing" time, grounds-walking/brook time til 4 PM.
For guests, we will have APOV brochures on hand, -  or visit our website,
Associated Psychotherapists of Vermont:
    A diverse grassroots group of Vermont healing practitioners working to increase public awareness of, and access to, the rich diversity of psychotherapeutic helping modalities - ancient, traditional, and modern - that recognize the connections among the body, mind, emotions, and spirit, and that focus and build on wellness and on the ability of individuals to participate in their own healing and their interactions with others and with society.
Statement of Purpose
  • Embrace diverse models of therapy.
  • Honor the connections between mind, body, spirit, and emotion.
  • Promote excellence in psychotherapeutic helping disciplines.
  • Increase public awareness of and access to the rich diversity of psychotherapeutic helping modalities and professionals.
  • Respond to the interests and concerns of its members.
  • Set ethical standards of professional conduct and practice.
  • Encourage and further continuing professional development of its members.
  • Provide access to confidential peer support and consultation.
  • Cooperate in client care with other helping disciplines.
  • Advocate to protect the right of Vermonters to have access to all helping disciplines.
Private Therapy

September 2009:  Our next SCHOOL OF SOUND HEALING begins.
         --In depth trainings for professional and personal use of sound in therapeutic or private settings. 
Take 1 weekend or up to 3 years of training to assist you in integrating sacred sound into your life and practice.
Another Newsletter-only extension:
June 10th is our first early registration deadline
for our 2009-10 School of Sound Healing, which begins 9/09.  Save $637 by registering early for the first year of programs in this thorough compendium of how to work with sound in your life, and in your professional practice.  Those attending in prior years, almost universally state they receive far more than they expected in this unique training.
$637 by registering by June 10 for the first year of programs; they begin 9/09 (Or, register online until June 15 for this early savings!)

Sound Healing Classes
4 weeks in Europe, including 5 day tantra retreat, outdoor shamanic program

 Daughters of Sekhmet:  Awakening the Lion, a 5 day Sacred Tantra retreat in Switzerland, Aug 11-16. 
Many have been asking when we will offer this High body of tantra work again.  We currently are not planning any further tantra practices.  While they may arise again, at this time, this is our only scheduled practice in the coming year.
Take a break in the High Mountains and Lakes of Switzerland and Germany, enjoy these breathtaking practices.

EUROPE:  Workshops/Seminars:  July - August, 2009
 4 WEEKS of trainings, workshops, presentations, and journeys in The High Alps, Lakes, Valleys, and Moors of Southern Germany and Switzerland. 
   July 25-26:  Murnau;  Awakening the Dragon:  Earth Ritual & Relationship
   August 1-2: 
Tubingen;  Opening the Seals:  Personal Empowerment and Initiations
              High Alchemy and Personal Transformation
   August 7-9:  Mullheim:  Transfiguration:  Embodying the New Consciousness
            High Alchemy and Personal Transformation
   August 11-16  AWAKENING THE LION;
              A five day intensive in High Tantra and Personal Spiritual Alchemy

    - in MUNICH
           Thursday, 23rd of July
Psychologische Fachbuchhandlung,
    - To be announced, Munich or Murnau Area
Friday, 24th of July
    - In Tubingen, 31 July
    - In Mullheim, Switzerland, 4 August
    - In Zurich, 5 August
Konstanz, Switzerland;  For program information in Deutsch   

The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
The 34th Annual SSF -  IIIHS Conference on Human Consciousness
  • After The Darkness, Dawns a New Light;
    • June 25- July 5, 2009


    • Zacciah's Presentations:
      • Morning:  Sat., June 27, 9am - 12noon:  Peace Ceremony - Creating a Special Intentional Healing through Sound 
      • Evening:  TRANSFIGURATION:  Embodying the New Consciousness 
      • Evening:  Awakening the Heart:  Liberating the Essence of Our Being   
  • See  IIIHS Conference, Montreal, Canada for full conference information
In This Issue

The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
Zacciah Blackburn


Zacciah is an intuitive sound healer, shamanic practitioner and spiritual counselor.

He accepts appointments for individual therapy or training. 
His therapeutic work is an eclectic blend of spiritual counseling, clairvoyant insight, and shamanic and sacred sound therapy, designed to help one connect with inner guidance and spiritual nourishment, clarify life issues, work with deep healing where needed, and to find one's own voice and authenticity in the world.

The work is  to help you find and establish your path in your own sacred journey, to help you identify and remove obstacles to obtaining your own greatest good.

We whom have been on this journey, best understand it, and can best assist others.  We do not provide medical diagnosis or treatment, nor specifically address physical symptomology, though there often may be some relationship to deeper spiritual work.  There is growing research which shows the mindbody connection, as well as research reflecting the use of sound therapies beneficial to many forms of traditional healing, but should not pre-suppose it.

Call for further information, or an appointment.
Appointments are available in person or by phone.
(Those who have worked in person and by phone report both are highly effective.)

All Upcoming Programs: CANADA, EUROPE, NY, TX, NC, 

PROGRAMS IN Dallas, TX, Avoca, NY, Asheville, NC, MONTREAL, CAN, and EUROPE!
for most dates and program titles.

Workshops and meditations for the Earth during Annual IIIHS conference, in Montral Canada, June 26-July 5

 EUROPE:  Workshops/Seminars:  July - August, 2009
4 WEEKS of trainings, workshops, presentations, and journeys in The High Alps,
Lakes, Valleys, and Moors of Southern Germany and Switzerland.

View all of our upcoming special programs to bring dear awareness, awakening, enlightenment, and relevance into our lives during these most precious and special times.
The services with Sacred Sound bring us into transcendent states of waking that allow us to see and experience our lives in such precious ways, to recognize and honor our divinity as we are meant to do, and enter pathways which can serve all we are here to do.
We are being asked to come forward, to step into our rightful place as holy beings.
Each day we are entering new opportunities to come into our aliveness, and well being, our fullness, and ability to reach beyond our own grasping, to serve the greater good.

Many blessings in your lives and practice,

Zacciah Blackburn and Staff
The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
PO Box 389
Ascutney VT  05030

All Classes, Sound Healing Studies, Europe, Shamanic Outdoor Sacred Tours

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