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Mary Aranas Yoga
Mary Yoga ENews * June '09 * Issue #42 Dangling Participles * CORRECTED COPY *

Hangle Dangle

My student Andy dubbed this pose "Dangling Participle" - not so far off its AcroYoga® name, "Hangle Dangle." I love grammar, and I love life application yoga. A dangling participle is a verb ending in -ing or -ed shifted out of its comfort zone. It is a modifier "suffering from separation anxiety" as CompWiki Encyclopedia puts it.

I happen to love this pose - basing and flying it. Perhaps I'm comfortable dangling in space between comfort zones. Perhaps the pose helps me to feel my center between places, so I can better find my center when I'm in shifting positions in life.

Because sometimes we do dangle, don't we? Between situations, between relationships or jobs or homes, even just between locations, as when traveling. Grammarians would say the dangling Participle longs to reunite with the Subject. St. Augustine DID say that the Jiva Atman, individual Spirit, longs to reunite with the Param Atman, Universal Spirit, in the words of his theology: "For Thou hast created us unto Thyself, and our heart finds no rest until it rests in Thee." Modifier unto Subject. Soul unto Supreme Soul. Dangler unto Center. Well, this here is one very happy dangling participant and participle!



Fire Island June 19-21

Don't miss it! It is THIS coming weekend! Last few beds, going fast. Come, pack a swimsuit and a yoga mat, and hop on the train! Enjoy the sunset dock scene, morning Vinyasa on the Fair Harbor dock with Emily, afternoon AcroYoga® on the beach, with Mary! In between, explore, bike, hike, swim, Acro play on the beach, or just nap!

$375 covers 3 days and 2 nights of vegetarian meals, lodging together in a cozy private house, & twice daily Yoga. This is Om Factory's only Fire Island weekend this summer! Come, join our little group, and make the retreat all the sweeter for your presence.



Restorative At Pure

If you have not yet tried Restorative Yoga, come take a Tuesday morning off work and enjoy a 60-minute journey of gentle guided self-nurturing, with candlelight, aromatherapy, and hands-on release in long-held supported yoga poses using blankets and bolsters.

No, not the pose above, but at Pure Yoga at 203 E.86 St. and 3rd Avenue, per the banner behind us in the photo. You'll find their facilities restoring and beautiful as well. Try the journey inward, contact me for a 3-day pass. Tell them Mary sent you.

THIS week, Pure celebrates 1st year NYC anniversary! See Pure site for offers & events!



Yoga As Healer

Yoga blossoms forth in the parched economic landscape. Pure Yoga studio will open a West Side studio at the end of 2009. Om Factory is expanding across their 17th Floor and will have new offerings this fall and winter. NY Health & Racquet Club opens a Park Avenue South club this summer. YogaWorks opens their grand new SoHo studio this month. Yoga can heal powerfully individually; I also see it as one of those positive forces helping lead us back to recovery as a society. Physical health, financial health, emotional health; and so much more.

Teacher Trainings abound: Om Factory and Pure Yoga have fabulous teachers and now they have fabulous upcoming teacher trainings too. YogaWorks runs teacher trainings worldwide, and ISHTA Center, my Yoga alma mater and home of Yogiraj Alan Finger, offers Marma therapy training in addition to their 200 and 300 hour RYS certifications.

Perhaps you have felt it is time for a new life work, or a deepening of your own practice. I only know I've reaped more joy and abundance than I dreamed since embarking on the teaching path over seven years ago. And I've only just begun; so much more I'm excited to do.

Whether it's your first step into a yoga studio, your first teacher training, or next advanced specialty training, I wish you joy on your healer's journey.



Teaching Schedule: June

*Tues 10:30 Restorative @Pure
*Tues 1:05 Vinyasa @NYHRC 23 St
*Thurs 7pm AcroYoga @Om Factory
*Fri 7:15pm AcroYoga @Om Factory
*Fire Island Retreat June 19-21

My husband Raul stars in "Miss Saigon" at the Gateway Playhouse in Patchogue and Bellport, L.I. in July. Between Bellport weekends, Fire Island, and Easthampton client weekends, I'm beaching out this summer!

See you on Fire Island, or weekdays in NYC classes. See my website anytime for my current & updated schedule & links.

Love, peace,


Corrected Copy!! - Please Replace!!

Initial June ENews had 2 time error typos - please pardon me, & replace with this June ENewsletter! - Om Shanti, Mary


Dangling Participant, "Extreme Yoga"

See me dangling with my buddy Will Nagel, and triple-wheeling with the lovely Chris Loebsack and Becca Krauss.

Check out this Mind, Body + Spirit Fitness Magazine web article, "Extreme Yoga" featuring me & some NYC pals!

Photos: Jody Kivort
Article: Chee Gates -

"We'd love it if you could add a comment and rate the piece at the bottom of the final page. Spread the news to the other yogis, too."



Dutch Acro!!

Amsterdam is beautiful! Attending the 23rd Dutch Acrobatic Festival to learn, camp out, then bike around Amsterdam, was a thrill.

Seeing children and seniors as avid and skillful on the mats as every other international student, seeing the sharing and warmth of the Dutch, and the pro show on the final night, skyrocketed my scope of all there is ahead to challenge, learn, enjoy!

Here NYC Acro students Wendy Louie and Mike Kramer work with our new Dutch friend, Sjoerd.



YogaWorks SoHo: Opening & Flying

YogaWorks SoHo opens! Thursday June 18 is Member Preview Night, & Friday June 19 the doors open: 459 Broadway & Grand.

Ever visible, AcroYogis will be present to celebrate by flying on their doorstep. Come tour the new studio, and see me and/or fellow pilots flying, 5-8PM Thursday, 12-3PM Friday.



Fly Your Relatives; or, Niece Visits NYC...

Flying, come full circle:

Her grandma used to fly her dad and me. Now my niece Monica visits New York and gets to go boating and biking in Central Park, AND get flown by Auntie Mary and her loving Acro pals in Sheep Meadow!

Yes, my son Raphael probably has it right when he says "your friends are so hippie, mom." They are! Mostly a new generation, but songs, hugs, love: and if you add strength, grace and athletic flight, you have it right.

Wanna learn to fly friends & family? It's soooo much fun...



Photos; Forward; Reply

Thanks to the photographers and models that appear in this issue. Special photo thanks to Om Factory, Pure Yoga, & YogaWorks.

As always, I welcome your Replying and/or Forwarding to friends. You can Unsubscribe any time.

Shanti from your Auntie in New York City.


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ISHTA Center: Alan Finger, & My ISHTA Lineage
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