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Reminder—August Personal & Global Healing Event
To All Heart Healers Near and Far,

This is a friendly reminder that the registration and payment for this month's Group session is due by the 15th to be included in this month's session. Please contact Lania now at 828-236-1230 or send your payment using PayPal at:

To those who have already signed up, thank you!!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a way to "lift off" some of the heaviness being felt both personally and worldwide, in an easy and gentle way? Better yet, what if you could be included in the actual process of "lifting off" of burdens from the comfort of your own home, while resting, or even sleeping?

There are so many who are seeking and searching for ways to get free of the many forms of hardship now playing out in the world. We all want that magic bullet that dissolves all those old issues and imbalances easily and gently. We want to be happy and feel like we are safe and that we matter. At the same time, some of us have a great desire to be of service to Mother Earth.

Toward that vision, Lania Desmond, originator of EssenceWork™, has created the opportunity to do just that. The multitudes of hardships being felt in all corners of the Earth can be addressed energetically by gathering people from all over the world who choose a different way to enhance their personal quality of life on Earth. A gentle, non-intrusive way. A way that resolves
old issues and imbalances and gives each of us the ability to experience a life filled with value and freedom.

The choice to participate in a personal and global healing event with vast and far-reaching results has now arrived.

EssenceWork is a deeply rewarding form of distance energy work that "lifts off" age old burdens that we as humans, have been dealing with forever. Lania now offers her Group EssenceWork Event on the 20th of each month.

  • Release heaviness and burdens that keep you from living your life fully.
  • Feel supported in your personal journey in a profound and simple way.
  • Link your individual goals with those of a like-minded group.
  • Release imbalances in other lifetimes that are currently influencing you. (Since the EssenceWork process works throughout time and space, its scope reaches beyond most types of energy work.)
  • Participate in a process that graciously heals and uplifts Mother Earth at this crucial time in Her own journey of evolution.

The Group EssenceWork Offer

  • The monthly Group EssenceWork Events occur on the 20th of each month. To activate the healing energies globally, all Events begin at 11 PM your local time for all time zones no matter where you are located in either the US or overseas. 
  • Group Events allow Lania to steeply discount her usual EssenceWork fee to $25 per person per group event.
  • You can chose to participate every month or only the months that work for you.
  • Act NOW if you would like to take advantage of this offer.  Your payment needs to be received prior to the 15th of each month for you to be included in the Group Event for that month. Please contact Lania now at 828-236-1230 or send your payment using PayPal at: or contact the Level 1 EssenceWork Practitioner who sent you this for their payment instructions.

Since EssenceWork has the capacity to move through both time and space, it always begins for you at 11 PM your local time on the 20th of the month.

This form of energy work is done at a distance, so your physical presence is not required. Best results occur while resting comfortably or sleeping. Do NOT drive at this time.

After EssenceWork, people report their enthusiasm and excitement for life is heightened. Some notice a "lifting of a veil" feeling. For some people there are major improvements. Others experience subtler shifts.

This modality also works very well for children and is easy for them to experience.

After Lania completes each Group Event in which you are included, you will receive an email with a brief summary, written by Lania, of the results of the session, including an overview of the imbalances that were cleared.

How does EssenceWork differ from other energetic healing modalities?

Most energetic healing modalities rely on healing specific known issues the client brings to the practitioner. Traditionally, healing is provided through the absorption of energy. The client receives as much energy as they are capable of receiving and it goes wherever it is most needed in the body. 

EssenceWork has nothing to do what is needed in the body or with absorbing energy.  Instead, it is a process that activates the innate memory of our consciousness on all levels–physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Through this activation, each of these aspects remembers how to function in balance and harmony–individually as well as collectively. As the process unfolds, unwanted and unnecessary issues and imbalances dissolve.

EssenceWork is:

  • Gentle and non-invasive, with long-term results that unfold naturally over time.
  • A modality that is particularly beneficial when you do not know what the issue is.
  • Multifaceted and multidimensional in it’s complexity, allowing it to automatically bypass influences that could sabotage the positive outcome of the session.
  • Beyond what the practitioner and the client can know.
  • Does not come through the practitioner – the practitioner is not acting as a channel for healing energy.
A simple analogy of the differences would be to look at a brick wall. Most forms of energy work are focused on issues, ie. the bricks. EssenceWork is focused instead on the mortar holding the bricks in place. When you remove the mortar, the bricks will fall down of their own accord. It really can be just that simple to resolve old, stuck patterns quickly and easily.

History of EssenceWork

Lania Desmond developed EssenceWork in the early 1980’s. EssenceWork is a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing process used to resolve issues that have lingered for eons. These stubborn issues often span lifetimes, so people are usually unaware of the connection between their symptoms and the intricate, underlying issues. The work is particularly useful for people who have been unable to resolve a problem no matter what they have done. The Group event allows participants to enjoy the benefits as well as taking advantage of the synergistic effects of the group as a whole. As this process is distance energy work, there is no need for clients to be present and it is ideally suited for individual or group work.

If you would like further information about EssenceWork, please see Lania Desmond's website at:

Thanks for taking the time to read about Lania’s great Group EssenceWork offer.
I hope the ease of participating in this process, the life-changing benefits it offers – both personally and globally, along with the low fee, encourages you to do regular monthly sessions of this wonderful modality.

Please forward this email to those you feel are also interested in personal and global healing.

Blessings of Peace and Harmony to All …

Lania Desmond
Originator of EssenceWork
SoulPoint • 734 Cove Creek Lane • Weaverville • NC • 28787

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