Knowledge Base: Send a Newsletter

16 Oct 2014AJ

We’ve got another look at our updated Knowledge Base live on the MNB Blog! Check out this easy-to-follow tutorial for sending a newsletter in the new MNB BETA!

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Marketing Round-Up October Edition

14 Oct 2014AJ

Get a sneak peek at some of our favorite marketing resources in this month’s Marketing Round-Up!

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A Look at Our New Knowledge Base

03 Oct 2014AJ

The MNB BETA roll-out is right around the corner, so we’re previewing some of our updated Knowledge Base articles right here on the blog. Get a sneak peak at these new tutorials and best use tips to help get more from your email marketing.

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Avoiding Spam Traps

25 Sep 2014Melissa

Spam traps are a terrible fate for an email newsletter.  This article will explore what they are, why they exist and what can be done to avoid them.

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Evaluating Campaign Efficacy: Reading the Numbers

22 Sep 2014AJ

Send long and prosper! In part two of our Evaluating Campaign Efficacy series, we’re taking a closer look at interpreting key metrics over the course of an extended period. Get all the hot info you’ll need to better understand the effects of each email marketing decision you make.

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