The Weekly Newsletter
Menus and Stories for January 31 - February 5, 2005

My first bubble

early attempts at flowers

first steps at tumblers

The nightly dinners for the week (Call 252-1500 to order)
Dinners-to-go are available Monday through Friday.

Here's how it works:
Just call us in the morning and we'll take your order for that night's meal. Then come back between 4:30 and 6:00 to pick up your dinner - all ready in a heatable container. Simple, yes?

Monday January 31 Monday January 31 Chicken with Leeks and Oranges 9.50
Tuesday February 1 Lemon Dijon Chicken with Wild Rice 9.25
Wednesday February 2 Glazed Winter Meatloaf 8.75
Thursday February 3 Pork Chops, Sauerkraut, and Cracked Pepepr Liguine 10.50
Friday February 4 Shrimp and Gold Pineapple Teriyaki 12.00

The Casserole of the Week
Casseroles are made each Wednesday.
Call to order on Tuesday if you can.
Orders will be ready on Wednesday between 4:30 and 6:00.

Order a full pan for 9 (or so) or a half pan for 4 or 5.

Wednesday, February 2
Old fashioned Beef Stew
with Carrots, Potatoes and all the good comfort things you’d expect.
Half: 17.50
Full 35.00

My first footed bowl

my first handle

Oh yeah!
February IS Valentine's Day's month.

I'll tell you all about our special Valentine's Day Dinner to go next week, but this is a bit of a preview of Kris's temptation:

Chocolate Gran Marnier Tiramisu with Gran Marnier Candied Orange Peel. Zounds!

A Note from Laurey
January 29, 2005

Good morning. It’s snowing here. Things are very quiet. I don’t know about how things are where you live, but around here, when any weather is on its way, everyone freaks out. The newspaper’s front page today is filled with charts and graphs and warnings and stories about how bad its all going to be. It’s hard not to fall in line with the panic. We, in fact, have decided not even to open today – figuring that everyone is just going to stay home. Ah well. No one from our staff seemed to mind the play day. I, a native Vermonter, feel silly, but what can you do. I even found myself joining in on the hysteria last night. I went to the video store first, stocking up – just in case. And then I joined the masses at the grocery store. Every single space in the parking lot was filled! I drove around and around and finally managed to find a spot but only after I watched shoppers leaving the store and, following one, took her place when she left.

I got my box of treasures from my glassblowing class last week. Two huge boxes arrived, which was a bit embarrassing, since I had given the fellow two small trays filled with a modest number of misshapen objects to send. He had packed them as if they were masterpieces. I unwrapped each tissue-paper covered piece, eager to show my work to the gang here. I had made them into true art in my flowery descriptions to everyone. They all stood by, excited for me.

But as I unwrapped each one, I sank a bit. They were not as wonderful as I had remembered them. They were really clunky and heavy and uneven and odd and, well, elementary. Ah well. My folks were sweet, congratulating me regardless. They politely listened to my blurting explanations, my rushing words, my excuses. (Sometimes polite words ARE good!)

It took me a day or so to realize that my boxes of treasures ARE treasures. No, of course they are clunky and heavy and uneven and odd. It’s the first time I ever did anything with glass. And it is hard to do! The stuff is hot. It is scary. Loud. Dirty. Tricky and challenging. But here, on my shelf, I have a collection of my first steps. And that is not a bad thing. Everyone has to start somewhere, usually at the beginning of something (imagine that!)

So here, for YOU to see, are a couple of pictures of my first steps. When I made these things I was thrilled. But by the next day I was already leagues ahead of my previous attempts. I shared this thought with my teacher, a sweet young, highly talented, fellow.

“I was so proud of those things yesterday,” I’d said. "But today, they are embarrassing. I know so much more today. I can do so much better.”

“Yes,” he answered, “that’s how it’ll go for you. Forever.”

So as I go on, as I continue, assuming I do continue, I’ll show you how I do. Who knows, when I am 60 I might really know how to do this. Until then, aren’t these little things fun?

getting better - a little pitcher

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