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Menus and Stories for February 7 - 12 , 2005

Laissez les bons temps roulez and WIN BIG!!!
It's Mardi Gras this week, y'all. We've got the kettles and fires stoked, ready for this final blast of heat. And - we're having a contest this year - just to make things fun for you. Read on. You'll find out all about the menu and the contest too.

You don't have much time. These things tend to creep up on us. It seems like it was just the New Year and now, all of a sudden, it's Mardi Gras.

Anyway, we hope to see you on Tuesday. Here you go:

Shrimp and Crab Etouffe
Creole-style Braised Greens
and New Orleans-style Red Beans
Hearts of Romaine with a Remoulade Salad Dressing
French Bread


Individual King Cake Cupcakes**

The price for one dinner will be 15.25. Please order by Monday, February 7 (252-1500). Dinners will be ready to pick up on Tuesday between 4:30 and 6:00.

** Here’s the exciting part:

We will bake ONE baby (a little plastic doll, that is) in ONE cupcake. The person who gets it will receive the gift of two dinners to go. But wait, don’t order yet! IF we sell over 50 of the dinners, we will give out 6 dinners to go and, if we end up selling 100 dinners, the “baby finder” will get 12, yup, you heard me, 12 dinners to go. SO – tell your friends, invite all your co-workers and, good luck.

It's almost Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day is on a Monday this year. Now let me ask you, do you REALLY want to go out on a Monday? Wouldn’t it be fun to bring home a couple of our dinners, build a fire in the fireplace, turn the lights down, put on some Dave Brubeck and – well, celebrate Valentine’s Day in a quietly lovely way? We think so.

Here’s this year’s menu – a comforting spread for a Monday night.

At the start:
Traditional Shrimp Cocktail with our own Dipping Sauce

The dinner:
Chicken Marsala with Button Mushrooms
Dilled Dutch-style Noodles with Browned Butter
Pencil-thin Asparagus with Lemon
Parker House Rolls

The Salad:
Hearts of Romaine with our own Blue Cheese Dressing
(or our Vinaigrette if you prefer)

The Dessert - oh my!
Chocolate Gran Marnier Tiramisu
with Gran Marnier Candied Orange Peel
and a dusting of Cocoa

The price for this meal will be 21.50.

Please place your order by Thursday, February 10th, if you possibly can. We’ll make your dinners for you on Monday the 14th and will have them ready to pick up, all packed in a festive bag, between 4:30 and 6:00 pm.

The nightly dinners for the week (Call 252-1500 to order)
Dinners-to-go are available Monday through Friday.

Here's how it works:
Just call us in the morning and we'll take your order for that night's meal. Then come back between 4:30 and 6:00 to pick up your dinner - all ready in a heatable container. Simple, yes?

Monday February 7 Cider Roasted Chicken with Cheddar Potatoes 9.25
Tuesday February 8 Mardi Gras special (see inside)
Wednesday February 9 Asian-style Lemongrass Flank Steak 10.25
Thursday February 10 Molasses BBQ Pork Ribs 10.25
Friday February 11 Crabcakes – Laurey’s style 11.50

Laurey's (yum!) Catering and Gourmet to Go

The Casserole of the Week
Casseroles are made each Wednesday.
Call to order on Tuesday if you can.
Orders will be ready on Wednesday between 4:30 and 6:00.

Order a full pan for 9 (or so) or a half pan for 4 or 5.

Wednesday, February 9

Seafood Risotto with Shrimp, Scallops, Fresh Spinach, and Button Mushrooms

Full: 39.50
Half: 19.75

Calzones - wow!
Who CARES what the weather forecasters are predicting! Our ovens are in high gear. It's a creative time around here. Richard, for example, has started making Calzones each day. Yesterday's batch flew out in an instant. Today he made twice as many, which sold out just as quickly. Each day's fillings are different but you can bet they're always delicious.

Burrito of the day
There are Martha's creations. The flavor changes according to the weather, the mood of the cook, and the available ingredients (we're committed to fresh and local as much as we can - though it does get a bit tricky this time of year). Oh, and Martha 's still making her "Mountain Twang" hot sauce which you can find in our "Help Yourself" case. The combination is, in a word: yum!

Here's "local" for you
Hickory Nut Gap Farms raises hormone-free beef. We sometimes have their short ribs and spare ribs and such. Look in our deli case for them and other local products. You'll recognize them by the sign with the apple on it ("Buy Local. Buy Appalachian").

Our farmers have started to call. The warmer weather is helping everyone feel good about Spring (it WILL come soon!) In the meantime, check out what the cooks have made each day. Here's a look, from behind the deli case, of some of the day's salads. Bright. Fresh. Not locally-grown right now - but still so good! And yes - we'll have more local produce soon. I promise!

A Note from Laurey
February 5, 2005

Good morning to you! It’s a lovely sunny Saturday here which is in sharp contrast to last week, when the snow was falling (at least for a minute or two) and every phone call was to say that the various events on our books had all decided to cancel. Argh! Today I feel a hint of Spring in the air and a quickening of excitement, anticipation, and pleasure at all that Spring brings.

Of course I know it is not yet Spring. But my nose and skin and heart tell me otherwise. The other day, walking with Tye in the woods, I heard birds that called to me just as I remembered from my early days in Vermont. Those birds then never seemed to sing until March 21. Here, just the other day, I heard those same songs. Of course it makes sense that I’d hear them here a good month and a half ahead of Vermont. They still have a long distance to fly to get up there by the middle of next month. The light, gradually, is returning. Shoots are already pushing up through the soil in the garden beds outside my kitchen. It will be Spring soon. I’m glad.

One other sure sign of this soon-to-be Spring season is that I’ve started getting calls from our team of farmers. “What shall I grow for you this year?” they ask. Can you imagine the delight I feel when I receive these calls? It is one thing to have a Mission statement in one’s mind or, even, printed on the wall of one’s business. It is another thing indeed, to see it, every day, filling out more and more. Our commitment to local farmers has never wavered. And each year, as we are able to do more and more, it makes me happier and happier. I especially like having boxes of locally-grown produce come here. Our cooks perk up when these things arrive, sparking their imaginations and food thoughts, turning them into salads of the day. It is sweet for me to see this dream become more and more real each year. It IS almost Spring. Hooray.

Glassblowing is still prominent in my daydreams these days. My counters at home are filled with my fumbling creations from my recent school session. The good news is that I have found a couple of places here where I am going to be able to keep my practice sessions going. I went to one place the other day and spent one measley hour making one scrawny thing. Ah – for the luxury of a whole week of endless hours stretching out in front of me….! Still, something is better than nothing, I’ve always said, so these bits of time that I am going to cobble together will be better than not having any time with the tools in my hands. In my dreams I make lovely pieces. In my current reality, my things do not flow from my hands as I wish they would, but I’m sure to improve.

And in the meantime, our shop is full of light and lovely aromas. Our staff is making and serving delicious food. And they, a talented and interesting lot, keep making me happy to be here, doing what I am doing. Life is good. This is a good place – thanks to them and, of course, YOU!

I’ll talk to you next week.


Rosemary helps her mom bake
When school's start gets delayed, what's a mother to do? Bring the child to work, wash her hands, give her a hat and an apron (that came after this picture was taken) and get busy.

Our baker Kris's Rosemary was a blur of busy-ness as you see, too fast for even the "sports" selection on my camera to capture. She did a great job at laying out the cookies for the day's orders. Emily gave her a sticker and she was perfectly delighted. (Would that it was that easy for everyone!) Sigh.

Contact Info:
Laurey's (yum!) Catering
Gourmet-to-Go (and to stay!)
67 Biltmore Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801


Monday - Friday 10:00 - 6:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 - 4:00 pm

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