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Menus and Stories for May 2 - 7, 2005

Elsie's Biscuits go to a party
We had the great good fortune to cater an event for the entire Legislature of North Carolina late last week. We thought they'd like to sample a menu composed of all local foods. The nice part about that idea is that it is possible these days. We gave them smoked trout, our "Southern Antipasto," local cheeses (from Spinning Spider and Yellow Branch), polenta rounds, and a whole bunch of our sweets among other things. The folks at the Arboretum (have you been there? It is beautiful!) got all the beds weeded and perfect for the party. The morning was sunny and lovely, but the weather forecast predicted rain at 2 so the party got moved indoors. Sure enough, right on schedule, the rain started. Ah well. April showers, and all that, right?

The Spinning Spider artisans
Really now, shouldn't these gals get the most credit? Thought you'd like to see a photo of the sweets goats at the Spinning Spider operation. You already know that we sell their cheese so I don't need to dwell on that. But gosh, aren't they sweet looking?

A table by the window
Sophia and a couple of her friends (and their moms) came for lunch earlier this week. I LOVE seeing children here! They seemed to be enjoying the quesadillas, tuna fish sandwiches, and stuffed avocados. Beverages were all in "sippy cups", but the rest of the presentation for the kids was just like the moms'. Cute.

The nightly dinners for the week (Call 252-1500 to order)
Dinners come with a freshly-made green salad, salad dressing of the day,
and made-right-here bread of the day. We take reservations until noon or so.
Please order by phone (252-1500), by FAX (252-02002)
or stop in to speak to one of us in person.

Dinners are ready at 4:30 and can be picked up until we close at 6:00 pm.

Monday May 2 Spinach Stuffed Chicken with Lemon Basil Sauce 9.50
Tuesday May 3 Pepper Shrimp with Avocado Salsa 11.00
Wednesday May 4 Beef Marengo 10.25
Thursday May 5 NC Pork BBQ with Sweet Potato Salad 10.00
Friday May 6 Grilled Cold Mountain "Salmon" Trout Filets with Lemon and Caper Butter 10.25

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Casserole for the week
Casseroles are made each Wednesday.
Call to order on Tuesday if you can.
Orders will be ready on Wednesday between 4:30 and 6:00.

Wednesday, May 4

Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry
Full sized pan: 38.25
Half: 18.75

We'll make a vegetarian version if you prefer.
Full: 31.50
Half: 15.75

Tye becomes a celebrity
Yup! This week Tye joins Maggie the Wonder Dog (she adds and subtracts and has been on Jay Leno's show to prove it) for "Yappy Hour" at The Grape Escape up the street. This is a benefit for the Asheville Humane Society so please put Thursday, May 5th on your calendars, and come up for a drink or two.

Tye is going to have a bath on Wednesday and a brush on Thursday, but I can't get her to understand the concept of a red carpet so it should be interesting. And I'm not sure how she'll do with the temptation of Maggie's adding and subtracting, not to mention all the other guests.

Ah well. It should be fun. Please join in the merriment. And bring your dogs! Cats are probably not invited, know what I mean?

Oven-roasted tomatoes
We hosted a group of writers from Montreal and Toronto a couple of days ago. These tomatoes made them dizzy with glee. Richard, our sweet potato salad king, came up with this recipe. and Karen pointed out that not only are they great with the "Southern Antipasto" assortment, but she likes them tucked into a sandwich. If we have them in our deli case the next time you're here, I suggest you give that a try.

Staff Art show - May 6th
We DO have a talented crew here. You know they are nice and it is clear that they can cook, but did you also know how many artists we have working here?

We've decided to showcase our resident talent by having a staff art show. We'll present photography, sculpture, painting, glass (um, thought you might like to see my beginnings) and much more.

Come to our opening on Friday, May 6th from 6:30 - 8:00. Our own delivery fellow, Jon, will provide music (he's one of The Rib Tips) and we'll celebrate this creative group. If you can't make it on Friday, no sweat. The art will be on display for a couple of weeks after that so come by any time.

A Note from Laurey
A Note from Laurey

Oh my, it is POURING here. I’m dry and warm here at my desk, but am thinking about a big crew we have out at a big party in Hendersonville right now. This week has been particularly challenging from a catering point of view. We all hope and pray that the sun will prevail, but the natural forces have their own plan and we can only try to adapt. I KNOW it is good for the gardens, and that all this rain will help turn out sweet peas before too long, but it is hard knowing that my gang is probably getting soaked as I write (not to mention the guests…!) Sigh.

I must say I have been enjoying the gentle influx of spring at my home these days. Each morning more birds sing, coaxing me awaking, urging me to get moving. And each night, as I come home, the smells are stronger and sweeter. There is one spot on my way home, a puddle by the side of the road, really, where the baby frogs are peeping away. Chris had not heard of “peepers” before she came here, which amazed me. I miss their lullaby at my house but we have no water there so I have to make a point to drive by the gas station near home to get my spring song fix.

My garden is almost ready to burst. I have a whole lot of little deep-blue irises which will pop open in the next week or so. The Weeping Cherry is done with its show, but the Lily of the Valley (my birth flower) will open sooner. Bleeding Hearts have started peeking out too. Lavender is coming along. And the Rhubarb plant will be ready for harvest, ready for my favorite Rhubarb Cream (on Vanilla Ice Cream, of course) before I know it. Chris has been clearing out the vegetable beds. Whew!

Did I mention how much I love Spring?

Tye and I have had a few nice walks recently. Last week was a bit too busy for me to give her as much walking as she’d like (me too) so I’ll try correct that next week. Our path through the woods is such a delight. Tiny white blossoms, purple sprigs of this and that, fresh green. Tye stays with me for a short while and then, catching the scent of a chipmunk perhaps, explodes off her starting blocks and slaloms up the side of a hill, through new birches and poplars, reaching a tree trunk just instants after her prey. The chipmunk skips up to the first branch and turns around, laughing and taunting. “Ha! Missed me!” My sweet pup never stops trying, and never gets quite close enough – fortunately!

This week my sister comes with her horse to race in a 50 mile ride around the Biltmore Estate. I get to be the crew, hauling water, hay, power bars, and encouragement. Lucinda has been winning these races lately, though “to finish is to win” in the endurance rider’s lexicon. The horse’s pulse has to be at a certain rate before the rider’s race is over, which means that there is more to it all than just roaring around as fast as possible. Should be a lovely time to canter through the grounds there. The azaleas were popping last week. I’ll pray for sun for her.

Okay - I’ll talk to you next week.

Quiet conversation in the front

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