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Menus and Stories for June 20 - 25, 2005

"Life is uncertain..."

Start your day
Now that we're open earlier we're keeping a good supply of quiches here (well, we don't exactly KEEP them, more like make them fresh every day). We also make muffins and coffee cake. We have really good coffee and tea and coke too (I have a friend who starts his day with coke...)

It's quiet, light, and nice here.
Come for breakfast, why don't you?
(Did you know? We're the newest spot for a quiet breakfast meeting.)

The nightly dinners for the week (Call 252-1500 to order)
Dinners come with a freshly-made green salad, salad dressing of the day,
and made-right-here bread of the day. We take reservations until noon or so.
Please order by phone (252-1500), by FAX (252-02002)
or stop in to speak to one of us in person.

Dinners are ready at 4:30 and can be picked up until we close at 6:00 pm.

Monday June 20 Mushroom and Prosciutto-stuffed Chicken 10.00
Tuesday June 21 Rel N’awlins Shrimp Gumbo – yee-ha!! 11.75
Wednesday June 22 Orange and Ginger Beef with Peppers 10.75
Thursday June 23 BBQ Ribs with Richard’s Sweet Potato Salad 10.25
Friday June 24 Herb-crusted Grouper with Jasmine Rice 12.25

Our website

"Dinner and Conversations" postponed
I guess everyone is at the beach. (Now, going to the beach sounds right for this time of year, doesn't it?)

Anyway, the folks at The Center for Diversity Education have decided to postpone their "Coming to the mountains - the many faces of Asheville" dinner until the fall.

So, for those of you who mentioned that the summer is just not a good time - you'll have a second chance to join in on this truly interesting (and delicious) evening.

Stay tuned the the new date - some time in October.

Casserole for the week
Casseroles are made each Wednesday.
Call to order on Tuesday if you can.
Orders will be ready on Wednesday between 4:30 and 6:00.

Wednesday, June 22
Macaroni and Cheese with Roasted Fresh-from-the-farm Vegetables-
full pan 28.00/half pan 14.00

Our new "Happy Center" features all sorts of irreverent gum and magnets (some would get censored if I wrote about them here.) Okay, not really.

Some of the magnets are sweet.
Like this one.
Come see.

A Note from Laurey
True confessions:

I write this from Seattle. I'm here for a long weekend. (If you come into the shop on Tuesday, you'll see me just like you always do.)

It's not the easiest thing to do - to get on a plane EARLY in the morning, fly all day, and then slide into the life here as if nothing had happened. This time the trip out was not a smooth one.

I got up at 4 (UGH!!!) to get to the airport on time, you know, an hour early (though that seems silly given that our airport is so small.) I checked in, found a nice rocking chair, and dozed until it was time for our flight. By then the waiting area was filled with folks for two or three filghts, so there was a lot to watch, a lot to distract my sleepy body. As it neared time for our flight, the gate gal called a flight that was not on the board. Our flight was listed, but that is not who she requested.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we'll be boarding the Orlando flight first today."

She did not explain why, and seemed to be avoiding the inquisitive looks of the folks gathered for the Atlanta flight.

With ten and then only five minutes to go before our flight was supposed to leave, she began calling individual passengers from our flight - in alphabetical order.

The A's and then the B's and C's and D's were called and asked to stand at the side of the counter. The rest of us started fidgeting. What was going on?

A fellow from the front ticket desk kept scurrying back and forth with new boarding passes and luggage tags and - they finally admitted that our flight was being cancelled because a flight attendant was sick and they would do their best to reschedule us and...

It was a big mess.

30 people needed to find new ways to get out of Asheville. And, as anyone knows who has flown these days, most flights are full. Re-booking all of us was not going to be easy.

I did end up getting here - 6 hours after I had planned to (ugh) but that's how it goes, isn't it?

What am I doing here? Seeing Chris. Looking at as much glass as I can. Going to a tailgate market (in a little while) cooking, sleeping in. Normal things. Tomorrow we are going to a tea to meet a very high ranking woman who is in the Vietnamese government. The hostess is a friend of Chris. And yesterday we met with the woman who is leading our Spring trip to Sicily. Chris and I get to be guest chefs on that trip, shopping in markets with the guests and then doing some cooking classes and demonstrations on the 34 passenger boat. (That should be fun!)

It's so pretty here. This morning we watched a Bald Eagle fishing, and the Blue Herons are everywhere.

I love Asheville. And it is also very sweet to get to come here for a time or two here and there. See you next week.


My first good "lip wrap."

Contact Info:
"Gourmet Comfort Food"
Eat In - Take Out - Catering
67 Biltmore Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801


Monday - Friday 10:00 - 6:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 - 4:00 pm

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