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Menus and Stories for July 18 - 23, 2005

Summer color
Lucky us! We're getting these beautiful fresh (and, yes, local) flowers each week. I still am thankful for our neighbors at Ka-bloom, the flower store next to us, and we'll get back to them this winter, but you can't say no to a delivery of lovelies right-out-of-the-garden, now can you?

Peaches are in
I chose our walk-in for my photography studio this week. What a delight to be able to turn around and get a newsletter's worth of subjects for my pictures.

The fields are producing, the farmers are calling, and we all get the benefit of this bounty.

Fresh fruit salad anyone?

Patty Pans
Richard marinated and grilled these babes the other day. A big serving platter full of them flew out of the deli case faster than any of us would have predicted. We'll keep 'em coming as fast as we can, as long as the farmers at Whistlepig Farms keep bringing them to us.

Dinners to go
Dinners come with a freshly-made green salad, salad dressing of the day,
and made-right-here bread of the day. We take reservations until noon or so.

Please order by phone (252-1500), by FAX (252-02002)
or stop in to speak to one of us in person.

Dinners are ready at 4:30 and can be picked up until we close at 6:00 pm.

Dinners for this week are:
Monday July 25 Baked and Fried Chicken with Artichoke Fritters 10.00
Tuesday July 26 Balsamic Pork Tenderloin with Herbed Polenta 10.25
Wednesday July 27 Classic Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes 10.25
Thursday July 28 Cider-roasted Chicken with Cheddar Potatoes 10.00
Friday July 29 Cashew-crusted Tuna with Citrus Butter 12.25

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Casserole of the week - a favorite returns
We make a special casserole each week on Wednesday. Please give us a call by the end of the day on Tuesday and we’ll fix yours for you. Come by between 4:30 and 6:00. Get a half (for 4 appetites) or a full sized pan (for 9 or so.)

July 27
Chicken Pot Pie with a Fried Green Tomato Crust
half 16.50/ whole 33.00
(back by popluar demand!)

Local green delights
Here's a look at another box of things from Whistlepig (by the way, a "whistlepig" is a ground hog in our local dialect.)

Kale, Leeks, and much more hidden underneath.

Baby zukes, "zephyrs," and summer squash
Our buddy Frank showed up with these yesterday. I'm not sure what the cooks are planning, but it's sure to be good.

Beets - ready for roasting
Did you know that you can give fresh beets a squirt of olive oil and then bake them - no peeling required. The peels will come off with not much trouble after the fellows cool off, and the sweetness is unbelievable, so much more pronounced than when they get boiled.

We've been tossing them into a bowl, adding some fresh oranges, and, sometimes, tucking in a zest of lemon. Who's to say what you'll find at "Laurey's to go."!

A Note from Laurey
July 23, 2005

Summer summer summer.

I love this time of year here. Well, actually, it does get kind of hot, but, from a work standpoint, I feel rich and excited. (Lucky me, getting charged up by a box of zucchini – simple pleasures for simple folks, I guess.)

Since my return from Mexico a week ago, it has rained every single day. My lawn has turned into a field. Yesterday, FINALLY, the rain stopped at my house for long enough that I was able to mow. What a chore. The lawnmower screamed its displeasure with me and the wet, thick, long grass. I had to stop three or four times to scrape out the clumps of mud and grass collected underneath the blades. I was pouring with sweat when I finally finished. Sheesh!

Things at work are fine. We had noticed a considerable bottleneck in our help-yourself drink area, the place where people fix iced tea and coffee. People couldn’t maneuver their cup, plate, the ice bowl, and an ice scoop all at once, and there was no room to put anything while negotiating all of these parts. I am not one who likes to move things around very much, and I also see that I am not alone in this, so I was reluctant to just move things without figuring out where and how they were going to change. While I was gone, Karen gave it a first attempt, shifting “Basket World” (where we make gift baskets), up to the front, moving the iced tea and coffee to its own area, and reconfiguring the display of the products in the shop. It was a good start, but not exactly what we needed. So one day last week she and I tweaked and pushed and shoved and tried a second attempt, and everything is SO much better now. We still see a few people going over to where the tea USED to be, standing and staring in confusion at the empty shelf (which is now used for ready-to-go lunches), but, for the most part, everyone seems happier with the change. I know I am.

Take a look at the last article in the newsletter. We are putting together a new trip to Italy. We’re going to go in the fall this year, intending to be a part of the Olive Oil pressing and the wine harvest too. We just decided to go, so this is, we realize, fairly short notice. See if you can squeeze us in. We’d love to have you along.

And come visit if you’re in town.

A new "Delicious Expedition"
Have you had us on your list but haven't made time to join in on one of our small group culinary jaunts to Tuscany? We're announcing a special fall trip this year. (We know this is not giving you a whole lot of notice, but sometimes that's not so bad, right?)

This trip will coincide with the early olive harvest which means that we'll get a chance to see the olive presses in action. We'll also be there for the wine harvest. Fall in Tuscany is a lovely thing. Kids are back in school and most tourists are back at their desks. We love these off season trips, as we really get time to ourselves.

We're planning on October 14 - 22 this year. The price will be around 3250.00 (unless the Euro drops dramatically) which includes all cooking classes and excursions, housing - in a 1000 year-old villa!, transportation in Italy, and much more.

Interested? Jot a note (via e-mail) and we'll tell you all about it. We'll decide by the end of August if we have enough (8 - 10 people) to make this trip happen. Ciao!!!

Contact Info:
"Gourmet Comfort Food"
Eat In - Take Out - Catering
67 Biltmore Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801


Monday - Friday 10:00 - 6:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 - 4:00 pm

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