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Menus and Stories for December 5 - 10, 2005

First things first

I need to start with an apology to a couple of folks who I inadvertantly neglected to mention in my last newsletter. I was in Seattle and I left out a couple of key folks here who were an essential part of making the hundreds of Thanksgiving dinners that we made. (Here's a shot of the bags, ready to be picked up.)

Molly is one of our shopsters. Ellen cooks. And Karen is the Karen-of-all-trades around here. Not only does she organize and present our parties, she is in charge of keeping the shop looking spiffy, AND she played a very active role in presenting Thanksgiving dinners. All three of these gals did. And I did not mention any of them.

I also did not mention Antonio and Fernando and Jacqueline who, between the three of them, keep the shop clean, the dishes washed, the boxes tossed into the box receptacle. We could not do what we do without these three.

I'm really sorry I did not mention these folks. We have a terrific staff and every single person matters a lot.

Welcome to the world!

Kris (who was our baker up until a short time ago) and John (who used to work here but who now owns Mama Cita's next door) had this sweet baby right before Thanksgiving. Here is Mason and his big, and very proud sister, Rosemary.

Mason is a sweet little blond bundle of warmth. Rosemary is already learning how to be a very good big sister. Kris is up and at 'em again, though she has her hands full of children, not cookie dough these days. And John, the proud poppa, radiates delight.

Congratulations to this lovely family.

Vermont Bears

Here's "Brrrton."

I mentioned him last week but did not have access to my camera so I could not include a picture. He is filled with Maple Syrup and is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. We also have his buddy "Bentley" who is a dapper looking snowman with a spiffyl top hat.

For the moment they are displayed up in our front window, but I feel pretty certain they'd be a fabulous host(ess) gift if you need one this season. I, for one, would be delighted with one. Hint. Hint.

Dinners to go (Free dinner drawing*)

Congratulations to Barry, winner of two dinners in November. Nancy won two in October. Both were very pleased. You could be next - read on...

* Every time you order a dinner to go you are eligible to enter our drawing. Just drop a card in our drawing jar (a business card works or fill out one of the cards that we have right here) and, at the end of the month, we'll pull one card which will be good for two free dinners-to-go. Inaugurated last month, our first winner was delighted! Maybe you'll win next month.

Order a lot? Enter a lot!
Good luck!!

Dinners come with a freshly-made green salad, salad dressing of the day, and made-right-here bread of the day. We take reservations until noon or so. Please order by phone (252-1500), by FAX (252-02002) or stop in to speak to one of us in person.

Here's this week's menu:

Monday December 5 Chicken Stuffed with Butternut Squash 9.75
Tuesday December 6 Greek Shrimp with Tomato and Feta 10.25
Wednesday December 7 Roast Maple Pork with Baked Apples 10.25
Thursday December 8 BBQ Ribs with Sweet Potato Salad 10.25
Friday December 9 Mustard-encrusted Wild Salmon 13.25

Our website

Casserole of the Week

We make a special casserole each week on Wednesday. Please give us a call by the end of the day on Tuesday and we’ll fix yours for you. Come by between 4:30 and 6:00. Get a half (for 4 appetites) or a full sized pan (for 9 or so.)

Wednesday, December 7
Traditional Beef Stew with Onions, Yukon Gold Potatoes, and Carrots
Full: 35.00
Half: 17.50

Gift basket time

Here are some really fun Lake Champlain chocolate-filled snowmen. The shop is FULL of really delicious and unsual and wonderful and, um, great, things to put in gift baskets. And this year we have red buckets too, if you want something different than a traditional basket. SO cute!

Come on in and browse around to see everything we have. There just is not enough time or enough room to show you everything in this short space. Come in, wander around, have some hot soup, think about who is on your list, and then, if you like, we'll help you make really nice presents.

We pack and ship too, by the way. Give us your business list and we'll take care of the whole gang. (Wow! What a great idea!)

Jo's Candies

Dark Chocolate.
Try a single and then, pick up a couple of boxes. These things are great!

There is a milk chocolate and caramel one too. Yum!

New Gnome gum

Can gnome people ever get enough gnomes? I don't think so.

I can only imagine how much fun the folks are who make these gums and magnets. Have you seen the "Boys are stupid" ones? How about the "Tastes like Chicken?" (I'm serious!)

They're silly. But then again, silly is good.

A Note From Laurey

December 3, 2005

And now, just like that, it is December. My neighbor’s Christmas light extravaganza is up and lit, filling the night sky just like Rockefeller Center. Have I mentioned this place? There, on a side road, the hillside is crammed full of bobbing Santas, nodding Reindeer, swaying singers. You sign the guest book and then drive through the displays. The holiday season, for me, must include a visit to these folks. It’s on my list.

In other news, my sister in Kentucky just announced that she is going to run for Family Court Judge there. I have not seen her this fired up since, well, I can’t even remember when. She’s been a lawyer for a long time, and, in the past few years, has transformed her practice to include a lot of mediation. She recently decided it was time to head in a new direction. My father (her father too) was a lawyer, and, once he moved to Vermont, he became a representative to the Vermont legislature, standing up for the 30 registered voters who then lived in Goshen. He was the one who got the Rutland Railroad running again. And, I am proud to say, he is the one who introduced the legislation to ban billboards in Vermont. Vermont, by the way, still has no billboards!

My middle sister, the one who still lives in Vermont, is one of the folks who runs her town, serving on the Select board in Rochester. The three “select men” there act like a city council, listening, moderating, enacting, running the place. Next year I will become the board chair for the Chamber of Commerce, here in Asheville. (It’s not really an elected position, but, well, it’s still in that category in a way.)

It occurred to me, when Lucinda told me that she was running for office, how much we three have been influenced by our father. Our mother was a force of nature, to be sure. She was a cook, an artist, an author, and the full partner of my father, whose ski area dream became a lovely and successful country Inn. But our father was certainly no slouch. He was a thinker, a dreamer, and, not incidentally, a doer. I often think of my mother as I cook and write and create. But my father’s influence was very strong too. Just look at these three daughters.

I’m sure Lucinda will win. I know that Rochester is better off now that Heather is helping run her town. And I hope to do a good job with our Chamber too. The three of us become, more and more each year, the result of these two strong influences. Even though our parents are no longer physically present in our lives I feel certain that, if they were, they’d be very pleased. Congratulations Lucinda!

A thought for the day.

Contact Info:

Laurey's "Gourmet Comfort Food" Eat In - Take Out - Catering 67 Biltmore Avenue Asheville, NC 28801 828-252-1500 Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 - 6:00 pm Saturday 8:00 - 4:00 pm

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