The Weekly Newsletter
Menus and Stories for December 24 - January 6, 2006 dog sled we went...!

...across frozen lakes...

...and then snuggled into our snowy beds...

Dinners to go (Free dinner drawing*)

Dinners come with a freshly-made green salad, salad dressing of the day, and made-right-here bread of the day. We take reservations until noon or so. Please order by phone (252-1500), by FAX (252-02002) or stop in to speak to one of us in person.

Here's this week's menu:

Monday January 2 Chicken and Savory Herb Dumplings 9.75

Tuesday January 3 BBQ Chicken and Southern Baked Beans 9.75

Wednesday January 4 Beef Brisket and Sauerkraut 10.25

Thursday January 5 Pork Chops, Corn Fritters, and Applesauce 11.25

Friday January 6 Shrimp and Scallop Risotto 12.25

* Every time you order a dinner to go you are eligible to enter our drawing. Just drop a card in our drawing jar (a business card works or fill out one of the cards that we have right here) and, at the end of the month, we'll pull one card which will be good for two free dinners-to-go. Inaugurated last month, our first winner was delighted! Maybe you'll win next month.

Order a lot? Enter a lot!
Good luck!!

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Casserole of the Week

We make a special casserole each week on Wednesday. Please give us a call by the end of the day on Tuesday and we’ll fix yours for you. Come by between 4:30 and 6:00. Get a half (for 4 appetites) or a full sized pan (for 9 or so.)

Wednesday, January 4
Beef Bourguignon
(French Beef Stew, that is)
Full 37.75

Half – 18.75

...the dining palace...

A Note From Laurey

Hi there,

I write this on the eve of the eve of Christmas Eve. (Got that?)

We're winding down around here, getting ready to do the final parties, the final baskets, the final push for the season. It has been a FUN one! I, for one, am pleased with all that we have done this year. Big parties, small parties, more seats in our cafe, new signs, new things planned. We've had one baby (well, Kris had him), one wedding (Adam and Emily) a couple of milestone birthdays (Melissa turned 30). We've had some triumphs, some challenges, and a lot of interesting, tale-telling experiences.

We'll be taking this coming week to stop for a bit. Some of us are staying put. Some of us are going away. I am heading to Vermont, excited to show my birth home to my sweetie for the first time. Both of my sisters will be there, not to mention my half-sister's family (and a hoarde of kids and dogs). I'll go visit Blueberry Hill, say hello to my mother's kitchen, my childhood haunts, my beloved hills and mountains. My sister has a big party planned - her partner is a percussionist and their living room is really just a big noise-making conglomeration of poundable things. They have a baby grand piano too, and a whole bunch of musical friends so we'll kick up some sounds. We'll cook and doze and read and make fires and visit people and go snow-shoeing too.

(A couple of years ago, you might recall, I had a fabulous time on a week-long dog sled adventure with some of my Outward bound buddies from here. These pictures are a few from our northern Minnesota trek. Can you believe we slept outside - comfortably! - at 26 below zero? The pictures are all from that trip.  Not exactly Christmas, but wintery, to be sure.)

We'll all be back, soup pots a-bubbling, in the New Year. 2006. Wow. We have some new thoughts, new ideas, new plans, big excitement. No sense telling you about them now - I know you're too excited about your own adventures at the moment. But do stay tuned.

Drive safely. Don't eat too much. And come see us in January!!!

...a Happy New Year!

Contact Info:

Laurey's "Gourmet Comfort Food"
Eat In - Take Out - Catering
67 Biltmore Avenue Asheville, NC 28801

Monday - Friday 8:00 - 6:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 - 4:00 pm

"Don't Postpone Joy!"(tm)

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